Wednesday, February 25, 2009

jai ho.....................

After sweeping Golden Globe and BAFTA..the most talked about movie Slumdog Millionaire clearly emerged as a favourite at the oscars too. Bagging 8 academy awards is no small acheivement and clearly one man who deseaaaaaaaaarves all the credit is director Danny Boyle. Not only he lead the entire unit superbly but the way he translated a great plot by Vikas Swarup and excellent script by Simon Beaufoy into a visual delight is something only he was capable of doing.
A movie that was an underdog has created a history and the genius of A R Rehman and Gulzar has been today recognised by the hollywood. Though I would still believe that Gulzar Sahab is above any Oscars today and the work he has done over the past 50 years should have got him what he has got today.
Same goes for A R Rehman, "Jai Ho" according to me is not his finest job and he has also done some breathtaking work in the past that should have been awarded too.
Lets savour this moment and celebrate the achievements of Gulzar, Rehman and Rasul Pookutty.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009




Hey guys.. this is another disaster in our lives.. n our democratic country…
The mangalore incident has shook me..
Being a citizen of democratic and free india.. I hav started askin questions to myself “ Hav I to ask the political parties wat shud I wear, drink or eat??”

or me to girls.............or women ko yahi kahunga ki...........................

Well.. I hav tried to make women understand the importance of self defence.. cuz if such an incident happens.. wat can u do.. wat can be done.. cuz if the situation gets out of our hands we wud just be blamin those political parties n runnin after lawyers n media persons to help us.. so lets help ourselves FIRST..!!
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Ghar se bahar reh ke ghar ke khane ki yaad us yaad se bhi zada hai, jo devdas ke dil mein paro ke liye thi….sachhi!! in 3 YRS. mein I’v tasted almost everything possible in jaipur……ek lambi saas lo n then read on……

par ghar ka khaaanaaaaaaaa...............chahe sukhi roti hi kyu na ho..............tarasta hoo.......bhai..khane k liye.................
pata nhi pichle janam me kya paap kiye the se dur rehna padta hai.............or.............jaipur ka kachra khana padta hai.......................abhi ghar se aye hue ek din nhi hua.....................par.......................mummy ki yad.........................ane lagi

………n m still looking for ‘ghar ka khana’. Love u mom!!
Mummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of my friends who has few relatives in Mumbai
had written few words in respect to the ppl who hav
lost their lives during recent terrorist attacks there.
She wanted me to write her words in my that
they reach u..below are her words...

My Talk With Nature

When I'll be gone, the sun will shine ;
But it'll never shine on that tender grapevine.
When i'll be gone, the rains will fall ;
But it'll never fall, on that eucalyptus so tall.
When I'll be gone, the birds will sing ;
With a weird guilt on their wings.
When i'll be gone, the flowers will blossom ;
But they will never manage to look that awesome.

'Coz if it matters to none, I know it matters to one ;
I'm child of the nature and nature's dear one,
And it's the nature that'll miss me,
'Coz one day it came and on rosy cheeks it kissed me ;
And said, "No matter if I'm sad,
From the sound of guns in the air ;
And everybody knows thats its not very fair.
But My child, when u'll become My part ;
I'll miss you, miss your being apart."

What I cud say ;
Was this way,
"There is just one thing ;
That my dear one should know.
You'll find me at this place I show,
On the diamonds of the dew ;
I'll always glow.
And now my soul will be at ease ;
'Coz it merrily floats in the Eternal Peace."
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Yeh Jo World hai na World, issme bohat tarah ke log rehte hai. BIG B ka waasta inn se parha nahi warna woh 2 tarah ke log kabhi na boolte.Bohat tarah le log rehte hai... Ek toh woh jo ke Insaan hote hain... BAAKI LIST NEECHEY HAI.

1 Woh jo Apne se zyada samajhdaar kisi ko nahin samajhte bhale se woh ek number ke C#u?y@ ho.

2 woh jo samajhdaar toh hote hain lekin lekin doosre ko bilkul bewaqoof samajhte hain.

3 Woh jinke paas ek taang extra hoti hai, mera matlab apni dono taango par khade hokar har baat par apni teesri taang adaate hain.

4 Woh jinke paas Dimaag toh hota hai lekin ussi Dimaag se woh doosro ke Dil mai DIM AAG lagate hain( Halke se dil mai aag lagate hain)

5 Woh jo mera BLOG parh kar apna waqt gawate hain.....

Aapki nazar mai hain iss tarah ke log??????
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I love swati...on a second thought I think I love Stutee....yaar ek ghanta ho gaya sochte sochte mujhe lagta hai mujhe vaidehi se pyaar ho gaya. hai...

Abbey nahin yaar abhi abhi shilpy se baat hui ab I think I love shilpy...oops saamne Akriti khadi hai achi lag rahi hai...boss mujhe Akriti se pyaar hai...FINAL FINAL....

Nahin yaar semi final....I think not थिंक... I am sure now I love dimple mausi....kyonki pyaar andha hota hai wo umra nahin dekhta...par yaar kabhie kabhie mere dil mein khayal aata hai ki Abhinav aur sparsh ko patane mein kya jaata hai........................arrey nahin nahin YE TO LADKE HAIN....

Bahut ho gaya yaar ab aap hi meri confusion door karo aap hi mujhe batao ki mujhe kisey pyaar hai, main bahut pareshaan hoon yaar...BATAO MUJHE KISSEY PYAAR HAI

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Saturday, February 21, 2009


HOW R U....??????????

Last time when i was spenting my holidays at my home.....i hve more time for.....anything. so i started watching the daily shop show on starone "miley jab hum tum" and really wht a gr8 show which is touching my heart..... .Its first time when i am starting watchedout tv serials.
Its a first show on television which is completely different from .....all other saas bahu bak-bak..

"miley jab hum tum" is aromantic comedy show set in the most conductive enviroment of the big city college with five very dinstinct characters providing both the clash of
personalities and also a mix of cultures.

Woh pehla crush, woh ragging ka darr

Canteen ki cutting chai, lectures and professors ki hai hai

Exams ke din rona, aisa humare sath kyun hona?

Miley Jab Hum Tum showcases the spectacular journey of 6 young people, their anxieties, their insecurities, their apprehensions to fit in the college crowd. Above all, the show also gets the 6 new college goers to experience first love and the joy of being in such a situation. Love in college being the central theme of the show, the twist comes in with the clash of cultures and growing of love between the cool Mumbaite crowd vs. the modest small town crowd.
The story line begins with Dia, who is the diva of the college, finds out that her small town cousins Gunjan & Nupur are coming to Mumbai to join the same college as hers! The news is not taken well by Dia while on the other hand her two cousins are really excited and awaiting for the challenge of the big city. Little do they know that her cousin along with her brother Uday, are planning a different kind of welcome for them. Adding to the excitement, the cute boys of college fall in love with Gunjan & Nupur leaving Dia"s not only furious but very revengeful!

What will happen when the small town girls arrive to the city of dreams- Mumbai? How will they cope up with the snobbish behavior of their cousin? Will they be a fit in the college? Will they be allowed to share their affection with the boy?

Grab the excitement, dhamaal, masti, emotions on the brand new show Miley Jab Hum Tum. A story that brings out different elements that shapes the destiny of the 6 protagonists.


So, y will u go 2 watch this movie :

a) itne awards mil rahe hain, kuch to baat hogi
b) india ka brutal depressing side dekhna hai
c) dev patel's amazing
d) SM ka matlab pata lagana hai
e)isme chote jamal ka rol jis bacche ne kiya hai really wo mumbai ki juggi basti se hai....or itna gajab ka act kiya hai bande ne ki mera bas chale to use me oscar dedu....amir kaha adta hai yar..
Hello ji,how r u ?

I saw SM , and felt to share with u, that 1 scene which will make u weep is ,when this gang of bad guys make a liitle orphan boy blind, so this he gets more sympathy, therefore more beekh (alms).

I was torn to see the brothel business, the poverty, the under privileged kids, the mad bad people but what gathered my spirit was the power and strength to survive.

Watch SM to feel "V R BLESSED"
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Friday, February 20, 2009

ek vivah aisa bhi............sacchi bhai....bahut papad belne padte hai.....check out

They say marriages are made in heaven, I am sure they are..but the way they are 're-arranged' on earth is no less than going through hell..and I mean it..

If you are reading this blog you have either gone through this hell yourself which is so lovingly called ARRANGED MARRIAGE (in which case you have my deepest sympathies) or you are curious to know.. as to why have I picked up this topic today

Ok..maybe you have not noticed but my relationship status is single,but mom is looking..

And she is with her utmost sincerity

Just like any other daughter's and son's parent she also wants that the apple of her eye should be commited to somebody else's fruit basket and soon.. but the stories narrated by my friends scare the hell the out of me
If Yash Chopra and son misled us about love and romance.. Rajshri Productions and Suraj Badhjaataya are to be blamed for painting a rosy picture about arranged marriages..

In the movies comes a dashing young man-rich affluent and yet cultured enough to follow his parent's instructions with full dedication. His father sees the cultured beautiful decent looking daughter of his childhood friend (because how can the son look at the girl first in sooraj badjatya movies)and then and there decides to make her his daughter in law..son being the obedient baby says yes and no questions asked they get married without a hitch..

Now lets zoom out from the movie and focus on the real life shall we..this is not possible in real know why? I tell you why..because first the bio-data would be exchanged between the two families..if they like the girl on paper only then they would take the matter a step meeting the girl..if the girl is fortunate enough she would also get to meet the guy in question otherwise this is a major possibility that only guy's parents would come to check her out..

Cut to the day when a semi baaraat from the guy's family comes to visit the girl..

Everything from her looks to her education from her speaking skills to her hobbies would be tested by a volley of questions from one and all.. after that the girl can sit in any civil services interview and get selected with flying colors (after such a grilling practice session how can she not get selected duh!!)

Then they would ask all the questions from how much the girl earns..when is the next increment due..what are the she a religious..homely..professional and in short a superwoman.. if not..then the project would be terminated then and there..

If the girl clears this round..there is more to come..for weeks there maybe no answer from the boy's family because they are also 'considering' superwomen having greater powers..

And suddenly one fine day they will call up and insist on meeting the girl again..this time also with a semi baraat from the guy's family but ofcourse with different members..

The whole process again-volley of questions- superwoman test etc etc..

Again no answer for weeks and this time the girl should figure it out herself that "baat baithe nahi"..they would not have the courtesy and tell that themselves

Reason could as foolish as- ladki ke qualification theek nahi lagi..which by the way they knew even before they met the girl for the first time courtesy the biodata..

And the horrifying part is, that the girl and her family needs to go through this over and over again.. these were based on the experiences of some of my very close friends whose names have been purposefully kept under wraps..and here is my experience..

So to conclude I would request suraj badhjatya to make a movie about arranged marriage and this time based on wait if they intend to show the reality behind arranged marriages then the projects needs to handled by ramsay brothers the horror movies specialist

UR FAV.........MSGS

Once all the feelings decided to play hide and seek.
Madness started counting; all others were hiding.
Lie said he will hide near the tree but didn't do that.
Love hid in a rose bush.
Everyone was caught except love.
But envy told madness where love was hiding.
So madness jumped in the bush & dragged love out.
Because of the thorns in the bush love lost both the eyes
Hence God cursed madness and he was ordered to be with love forever..
Since then love is blind & madness always accompanies it.

This is one of my favourite messages

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I feel ki US President Obama apne bhaiband hain,,kyunki unko English merit holders ki nahi balki Indian languages k meriT holders ki zarurat hai jinhe wo bahut kimati cheez bole to"NAUKRI" dena chahte hain,,,

Ab tera kya hoga kaliya,,,aaj ka youth to English ki taang pakad k bhaagh raha hai,Marwar ra maarwari taabar Maarwari ro"M" bhi koni jaane hai,,,but I know we are very selfish and now we will start learning Maarwari,,,,,arey koi maatsaab n bula r lao maarwari seekhni hai bhaya,,,,,lets start knowing ourself and our city,,,, I think we must thanx to OBAMA
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It's a movie with a lot of irregularities..also it is guilty of being over the top..and is definitely illogical in more than one ways..
But still I loved the experience of watching Ghajini..if you haven't watched ghajini here are some reasons why you should watch it

1.although it seems an action packed movie for which aamir had to go through rigorous workouts to justify all the dhishum-dhishum..Ghajini is really a love story at the core of it..a very refreshing..soothing and pleasant love story

2. many people who have seen the movie would tell you that "bahut violence hai yaar" and they would be right..the violence is not only a big part of the movie..its also brutal and 'can't watch it' types also.. but once you understand the relationship between aamir's character and asin's character..the depth the sweetness of their believe that any person would get this mad after losing such a wonderful lover..i am not justifying the violence..but lets just say in filmy eshtyle 'movie ke demand the' :-) it if you are an Aamir khan fan..he is looking awesome..seriously it if you want to know why is everybody talking about the actress Asin it for the songs they look amazing in the film it to find out who or what is Ghajini after all

7.and once you watch it let me did you find the movie..I clearly loved it