Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My review about "Tere sang"

New Bollywood movie Tere Sang deals with Teen pregnancy !
by Rajiv Dutta

This one could be straight from the newspaper headlines.

In February this year, a 13-year-old girl in Italy was impregnated by her boyfriend and asked to abort the baby by the courts. The girl refused.

The sensational story bringing into global focus the question of teenage luv story and teenage mistakes by present youth .

Cast: Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Sheena Shahabadi, Satish Kaushsik, Rajat Kapoor, Sushmita Mukerjee, Neena Gupta, Anupam Kher

Director: Satish Kaushik
Fifteen year old Mahi (Sheena) is going to be a mommy, and seventeen year old Kukoo aka Kabir (Ruslaan) a daddy. The central idea has been stolen from ‘Juno’, bittersweet indie Hollywood hit about teenage pregnancy and parenthood and responsibility. If only Satish Kaushik had retained more of the honesty of the original, ‘Tere Sang’ would have been a revolutionary Hindi film.

In begning minutes of movie we see that the first pair of teenage indian kids(or may be call youth)who have make physical relation with the girl pushing( maaahi the actoress wants to realize of this experience so she push kabir to do this) and boy pulling.

maahi the actoress searching a love because she gets no attention from her ever-busy thats why she makes friendship with kabir(kuku) and try to see her desires love in kabir.
so after doing the mistakes(physical relation) kabir takes resposibility of maahi as a adult man and thinking for abortion of maahi. But maahi decides to give up birth to child.The parents are against them, so the only option to run away from home .

At the same time kabir and maahi leave their schools and turns towards home planning as a resposible indian married couples( like mom dad).
And the angry man mr.rajat kapoor( mahhi's daddy) a higher approach advocate charged on kabir as a teenage rapiest and kidnapper .
but in the end of movie there is a sensefull debating condition in court and mahhi's dady takes off all charges from kabir . by saying this" ye sab meri galti hai ki...maine maahi ko pyar nahi use dena chahiye tha". And also anupam kher playing a as usual fantastic perforance in judge charactor.
its giving really a nice social message to our indian youths.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random 'Thoughts'

I tend to get a little TOO immersed in my thoughts at times. I mean its almost like daydreaming...i continue whatever i'm doing, but when I snap out of my..umm...reverie, I sumhow don't remember what happened in the time that I had been thinking...
This is actually how I blog too...... as I've already mentioned, I almost never plan on what to write.... There are somedays when I'm just...inspired...and I sit in front of my lappy and start typing....its almost like i'm thinking with my fingers, so to say..... and when I fininsh my Bournvita cup.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

kursi ki teen tang bole to 1 .2 3

ha..ha..ha..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haa..haaaa!! padte hi rahoge ki hasoge bhi?? haso na.. Haa...haaaaaaaaaaa..haa.ha..haa.....!! Ab joke suno.
''Ek kursi teen tang par khadi dikhi, batao zara kaise khadi hogi??''

Will Power pe! ha..haa...haaa (lol)

Uff!! my stomach has started hurting laughing. Now on a second thought
I feel. How inspiring it is, If a nonliving thing can do that wonder den with the kind of control, power and brains..wat all can we do to our lives! We can conquer the world, to be specific we can solve that problem we faced yesterday... the desicion we never made last month... and the confidence we failed to display while facing the task . All's der at out feet. And what does it require?? YOU.

Conquer yourself to make the world ur slave..! How you do that??

Cheers and Good Luck!!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey! chalo main aapko wo dikhata hoon jo main roz dekhta hoon…. mere ghar area se hote hue.. kuch paper haath me liye… lost sa ek ladka (abhi) bhagata hua college area ki taraf jaata hai… kuch hairaan, kuch pareshan.. aur kuch subha jaldi uthne ki wajah se cheedha hua..! Lekin college se wapas aate hi… sab kuch badal jata hai… saamne ka nazara jaise hindi ki text book me muhawra padha tha – dekhte hi banta hai… he he he!! gar ki chat se, 4th floor house se… jaipur se baat karte kart eek baat to samajh me aagayi hai ki agar koi yahan aake jaipur ko dekhegea to bhool nahi payega!  seriously zara dekho to yaar! Ye apna hi jaipur hai, jahan tonk road par kuch gaadiyaan, cycles aur paidal log barish hone par bhaag ke kisi ped ko nai dhoondte.. balki ye dekhte hain ki humare alawa aur kaun bheeg raha hai??? Jahan log barish se bachne ke liye building ke basement me nahi balki building ki cchat pe khade ho jate hain… aur chai ki chuskiyon aur pakodon me kabhi kabhi apni baatein bhi kha jate hain! kasam se jab room me baithe baithe aisa mausam ho jata hai to mann nahi karta kuch aur karne ka.. lekin tabhi mann karta hai ki kuch baatein isi jaipur se karoon aur kuch acche gane play karke a khush hojata hoo…. Kyunki ABHI is always happy

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