Friday, September 13, 2013


“Na thakenge, na rukenge, aur na jhukenge (We will not get tired, we will not stop and we will not bend),” says Narendra Modi in the latest advertisement followed by blowing of a conch shell.

Politicians are opportunists. They are characterized by a quest of power and desire to manipulate the majority. In the Great Indian Context, the most talked about politician, by the day is Mr. Modi!

As the people of Gujarat cast their vote there stands a dilemma in the mind of Mr. Narendra Modi. He knows, the time is right. And that his party stands in a dilemma today. They and everyone of us knows the Congress vote percentage would fall in 2014, thanks to 2G,CWG and RahulG .The BJP realizes that its chances lie in providing an alternative. And Modi knows that within the infighting, he would emerge the PM candidate. But in this very set-up hovers his dilemma.

To quote from a Hindustan Times column by Harinder Baweja “ Modi’s appeal was born out of anti-Muslim rhetoric that followed the 2002 riots. The ‘every action has a reaction’ justification of the mad violence that gripped Gujarat helped Modi in 2002 and even in the 2007 election.”

I do not wish to enter the debate over his role in the 2002 riots. I was an eight year old back then. One could of course read about it and so I did, but you cannot judge such events by what you read. For the writer, has a judgment of his own, which might trickle down to you.

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