Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fulfillment in the New Year

Here’s to the outgoing year, 2009:
May the good times live on in our memories,
and may we learn lessons from the troubling times
that will make us stronger and better than ever.
Here’s to 2010:
For each and every one of you,
may it be filled with significant steps
toward the fulfillment of your fondest wishes.
In this coming new year,
let us focus on our goals and work toward our dreams,
and yet (smile)
let’s all try to go with the flow a little more
and stress a little less.
And most important,
(wave glass around to encompass the whole group)
here’s to all of you.
Appreciate yourselves and each other in the new year
as I appreciate all of you now.
Let’s focus on each other’s good points
and choose to overlook minor annoyances
to create mutual happiness and contentment in 2010.
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New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I resolve with the strongest intent
To be better this year than the last.
And I work very hard; the rules hardly get bent,
But this discipline gets old so fast!
But with this new year I just know I’ll win out,
Just watch how I do and you’ll see!
I’m not going to have yet another blowout;
I’ll be good as I know I can be.
But, if wicked things beckon, and I’m not so strong,
If I weaken and fall on my ast,
I’ll be thankful again that you’ll help me along
As you have during all new years past.
I’m so grateful that you’re my (title)! Happy New Year!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Life is full of sunsets,
Some rues and some upsets.
The darkness of night follows,
Bringing uncertainty and sorrow.
Yet we endure like zealots,
Sunrise is sure to come morrow.
Bringing with it a new hope,
Another day another chapter.
Life begins full circle,
As we follow the picture greater.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

baawra mann

baawrey se mann ki dekho baawri hain baatein
baawri si dhadkanein hain
baawri hain saans-ein
baawri si karwatonn se nindiya duur bhaagey
baawre se naenn-chaahe
baawre jharokhon-se
baawre nazaaro- ko


baawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna... True.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well my travelling spree continued and went mom's home this week to attened my mama's weeding. As usual had lots and lots of masti... teasing the youngers, teasing mama ofcourse, taking up the responsibility of managing things, brining the whole family together.
But the high point was when an aunty came to me and ABHISHEK beta aa gaye tum ...... every body was asking the same question... abe samne khada hoon tu aa hi gaya honga na... aneways, i didn't recognize her and smiled away... then she begun... beta tumhari shakal mere bete se bahut milti hain... kyaaaaaaaa... was what I thought.... btea jab vo sham ko aayega to saath main photo jaroor khich vana.....
I was desparately waiting for this guy to arrive... when he did it was a moral booster... I was not as bad looking as I had thought before... he he... to be right, I didn't feel as if we looked similar but all others thought we did.... they sometimes mistook him for me... thats incredible... aneways the guy was nice... and mingled well with us... and had a gala time with him.
Finally the day of weeding i did alot dancing with all my relatives and lot of masti wid new mami and her sister and her frenzs. I saw the incredible love b/w my mama and my mami on the day of golden night. mama was looking crazzy for going inside the room and they completing all our order (like act like as godzilla) .After one hour they completed all task which was given buy us . what happen inside the room how could i tell u....:D
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Main khush hoon khamakhan......

Last morning I woke up well in time before the class and can you guess what I did in the extra time... I danced... :D.... Dancing in morning sets the dude... try it sometime... then again in the night... I was virtually droozing off... I still wanted to dance.... but didn't had the tempo to get up.... but still the feeling was the same.....

I think sleeping on the right time and waking early gives you the right attitude... anyways I am enjoying my new found life.. do you too?

Current Music: Aap Close Up kyun nahin karte hain??? :D:D


*** S W I N E F L U A L E R T ***


If you wake up looking like this, don't go to work!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Me

I can't believe I am writing this. There had always been a fear in me to express out myself. Not that I never tried it or faced a failure attempting to express myself. But more than that it was due to a belief that one is responsible for his own actions and thus involving someone else in the process would unnecessarily violate the eternal law of universe. Yes, I actually believed in such things and thus created an air of loneliness around me. Trying not to complicate things I ended making things difficult for those who cared for me.

Its not that I have become an extrovert overnite but that I have realised the importance of expressions which are so inherently a fundamental to our existence as a social being. Hope I live up to the expectations of all the people who have stood by me through the rough times. I have always cared for you. But its just that I never told you. And thats what you will see in the new me.
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Mai aisa kyun hu?

Mai itna bada alsi hu ki chahta hu, bina aram kare hi aram ho jaye.
Mujhe sudharna hoga.
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Jeevan Deti Madhushala

Manna Dey's rendering of Pt. Harivansh Rai Bachchan's Madhushala has a method of taking a teatotaller to the proverbial madhushala and beg for those elusive drops. The following couplet forced yours truly to pay homage to the creative brilliance and sheer audacity of the poet given his times and the then dictums of Hindi poetry.

Dard nasha hai is madira ka
Vigat smritiyan saki hain
Peeda mein anand jise ho
Aaye meri madhushala

My two pence (All Disclamiers)-

Shabdon ki madira behti hai
Beeti par hasti roti hai
Gar jeena ho khud par hanskar
Aao meri madhushala

Jwala ko kya bhasm karoge
Antar ko kya shant karoge
Chingari ko surkh karati
Pavan meri madhushala

Hothon par rakhkar ek pyala
Jap le jeevan ki too mala
Yahi dharm hai, yahi karm hai
Kurukshetra yeh madhushala

Yaad agar aa jaye koi
Madira se kuch keh lena
Yahi sakha hai yahi saheli
Dard bantati madhushala

Kehne ko to char deewarein
Kuch botal kuch bheege pyale
Peenewalon se tum poocho
Mandir hai ya madhushala

Aankhon mein jab bhar laati hai
Chalak chalak jab tarsati hai
Us saki ke kayi pujari
Mook badhir yeh madhushala

Prem kaho ya peeda usko
Hriday wahi hai, bhav wahi
Ek bar mein ek ghoont hi
Jeevan deti madhushala
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Once again I am back to bloging


After a long time perioud i am back to my personal blog. last 2 months were not good for me. I got accident on the same day of diwali and my knee fractured and also i am busy with my family for some social kind of work. But now m once again back for writing on my blog but i dont have idea what to write at this time after 2 months . lets see..when my mind is wake up and giving me some special reason for new blog post..
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DIWALI CELEBRATION IN WHITE HOUSE PROVED THAT WE R POWERFUL AND STRONG AGAINST AMERICA back once again on bloging after diwali vacation. This diwali is like sour-sweet experience for me(why?? me bloging about after some time). Lets come on my topic ..first time diwali is celebrated in white house wid all traditional methodology by AMERICAN PRESIDENT MR. BARAQ OBAMA (NOBEL PRIZE WINNER 2009 IN PEACE).
For Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists in the United States, an epochal event transpired at the White House afternoon that should not slip notice.
Lead me from Untruth to Truth.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.
(from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad -- I.iii.28)

As the ethereal sounds of a Hindu priest's chanting of this Sanskrit prayer from ancient Hindu scripture filled the East Room, President Obama lit the ceremonial White House diya --and he used this Sanskrit word for lamp--with dozens of Asian, Indian and Hindu Americans in attendance. Never before had a sitting U.S. President personally celebrated the Diwali holiday, and with that one gesture, two million Hindu Americans felt a bit more like they belonged--one more reason to feel at home. Maybe that cliche' that all of our diversity adds unique patches to the American quilt is not as tired as we thought.

Diwali is among the most widely celebrated festivals in India and spans all of the Dharmic religious traditions. Rows of diyas, or earthen lamps, line the homes of celebrants as prayers are offered, and for many, a New Year on Hindu calendars is marked. For the seeker, the spiritual significance is clear: the lamps symbolize the quest for knowledge and goodness that mimics the inner Divine and eradicates the darkness of ignorance and false values. As the President said in his address, of course, one does not forget the joyous merriment Diwali celebrations entail: fireworks light up the dark skies of a new moon night, gifts are exchanged and sweets savored
Jains mark the holiday as a time of contemplation when the last of their Tirthankaras, the great teachers of dharma, attained liberation. Sikhs celebrate Diwali as the day that their sixth founding Guru, or teacher, was released from the captivity of a Mughal emperor five centuries ago.

The White House Diwali celebration tradition began during the George W. Bush Administration. And while the day was always a boisterous affair, despite years of requests, President Bush never attended the event, consigning the task to cabinet members or close assistants. But for President Obama, hope was high that he would attend the event this year--and he delivered.



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Monday, October 12, 2009

jaisa kal tha,vaisa hi love aajkal

Imtiaz Ali se ton umeed hi ehi si…kya fillum banayi hai yaar!!!!

Enjoy ta bahut kiti, but this movie has also set me thinking. Love aaj ho ya kal, iss vich koi farak nahi painda. In the olden times, saal beet jande si, pyaar ho gaya par ikk dooje di shakal nahi dekhi.

Hun…internet te chat ta 24 ghante hundi hai, par shakal sirf Katrina Kaif di nazar aundi a. Kudi apni asli pic dikhandi hi nahi.. HO GAYA NA LOVE- JAISA AAJ, WAISA HI KAL!!

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Friday, October 9, 2009


aj kal ki movie mein Maa Ka dialogue “

arey mujhe zyada pareshan mat karo, agar tum nahi hate to main papa ko btaungi, wo phir bahut maarenge”.

Aur pehle ke movies mein maa ye nahi kehti thi, ki papa aayenge, wo maarenge, main btaungi, khud hi do teen zor se tha tha tha…bacha poori movie mein nahi bolta.

2.)Aajkal ki maa bache ko doctor, eng, vakeel banana chahti hai

aur pehle ki maa.... problems hi itni khadi kar deti hain ki bache ko daaku ya chor banna hi padta tha.

Kaise.....aagey pado...

Maa apne sharabi pati se ladai karti hai, pati maarne aata hai, phir bacha bechara kab tak dekhe, haar ke wo bachane aata hai, baap par haath uthata hai, maa ko agar pta hai ki pati sharabi hai, usne peeni hi peeni hai, phir kyun panga leti hai usse, aur sabse badi baat pehle ki maa ko pta hai, khane ko ghar mein kuch nahi hai aur dawai ke kharche ke liye agar uska poora parivaar raat din kaam kare phir bhi saal ke 15 ya 20 rupye ikkathe honge, phir bhi wo bimar hoti hai, usko kisne kaha tha ki baarish mein kaam karein, aur raat ke 2-2 baje tak, roti ke pone ko si si kar bimaar ho.

Ab panga to bechare bache pe aa gaya. Wo dawai ki dukan par jayega, bolega mujhe dawai de do, meri maa bohut bimaar hai. dawai wala bolega koi bimaar hota hai, tabhi humare paas aata hai, kundliyan milvane thode aata hai. hain.. paise do, dawai lo… bacha bolta hai, paise to hai nahi, wo use bhaga deta hai. bacha usi dukaan se dawai ki botal utha leta hai, aur dekho bacha kitna samjhdaar hai ki use pta hai, ki yahi dawai chahiye.

Aur dukaandar dekho, 20 rupye ki dawai ke peeche, lakhon ki dukaan chodh kar bhagta hai, uske peeche, chor chor kehta hua bhagta hai.

aur bache ki wajah se hi maa kai baar swarg sidhaarti thi, maa ko normal khansi hoti thi aur wo navratna tel dawai samajh kar utha kar bhag jaata hai. aur us sheeshi ko bina chamach ke sidha maa ke muh mein laga ke kehta hai, “Pi maa Pi” aur wohi jakar maa ke kidney mein reaction karta hai.

Iske ilaava, aapko jo lagta hai, vo comment karo or btao kiss tarha bache ko chor banane mein ma ka kya yogdaan tah

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bacche man k sacche

Na Bache mann k sacche Na Parents iss game main kache !!

You know what I mean.. We think we are so smart, so clever, so shaitaan.. and our parents realize NOTHING ?

All the time you bunk college and say you are the most sincere student !!!!

All the time you are on the phone till midnight !!!!! WINK ;-)

All the time you go on a date and tell ur parents you went to a friends house .....( watta joke;-) ) !!!

All the time you are depressed after a break up and when caught crying you say u have a cold ...( LOL) !!!!!!

Dude!! wake up! your parents know everything ! everything ! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HIDE.. (rite)!

But they are sensible enough to ignore certain things and only interfere when they think is absolutely essential !!

Now tell me... Are you scared? Which is that secret you never want your parents to find out ??

Keep It Wicked ( thats ABHI'S funda) :-D
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Monday, September 28, 2009


usually successfully avoid writing self obsessed blogs..but then once in a blue moon its ok..

so as the title suggests i am about to tell you the 10 things i hate..

1. well educated, polished people littering in public..CCD ki coffee peene ke baad paper mug ko apni honda city ki khidki se JLN marg par phenkna is just so disgusting

2. people pretending to be humble but actually not losing a single moment or opportunity to massage their own egos..grow up and let others help you out in this dept.

3. jo log mandiron, kirtano, jagraaton mein jaatein hain yeh dikhane ke liye woh dharmik hain, aur wahan baithkar all they discuss is kareena kapoor saif ali khan duo..come on yaar..mandir mein ho show some respect or get out

4. healthy food that besides being zero fat and low on carbs is also zero taste and low on temptation scale

5. Double standards..people who have a seperate yardstick for themselves and others..cheating cheating!

6. People with zero sense of humour, jinke saamne har baat sambhalkar bolni padti hai, pata nahi kis baat ka bura maan jayein

7. the human broadcasting machines..people who talk to you only to get some information out, manipulate it and spread it like mad forest fire..beta kisi din bure phansoge..your past victims will surely have the last laugh

8. Random people asking personal questions, a very very weird and bad must know their limits

9. I am always right attitude..tumhe kya bhagwaan ne kaan mein aakar bola tha ki jo bhi bologe woh bhagwaan ki aawaz hogi, hain bolo bolo

10. roz roz college jana
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

confusion ...confusion ...confusion

Some times i go in critical condition. Some times m thinking about situational drama.
Now a days m passin through a critical condition which is very big problem of mine from my childhood ..its only name "confusion ka keeda". Yes this confusion ka keeda always making me seek. M always confused ..when i decide to do soomething new, at the last last time m reaching at the condition where i have two solution of my problem and m really confused for choosing better one.What to do ..i know..."right time pe right decision making ....make a man perfect and success" .But m not a Mr. perfectionist . M a mango people "aam janta" ..who waste his time in thinking..
god plz help me....plz give me the suitable solution of this kind of problem.(vaise maine ajkal sochna band kar diya hai...implemet karna suru kar diya hai sochne k "jo hoga so dekh jayega")

something like happen wid u den tell me...m waiting for ur comments . Before two days ago some one mail me a poem for abt confusion which m pasting lets check out..

How far is confusion-night from Illumination-light ?
It is as far as man's doubting mind and man's loving heart.


You want to escape the confusion
That you see before you.
I tell you, you will never be able
To escape the outer confusion
Unless and until
You have escaped the inner confusion.
And the inner confusion
Is your continuous doubt-indulgence.


Confusion-night boasts,
Aspiration-day cries.
Realisation-sun destroys confusion-night
And manifests God-Height
On earth.


All live in the selfsame


If you want to solve
All the confusion-problems
Of your mind,
Then resolve to live
Inside the illumination
Of your heart-sky.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(स्थायी पता)permanent address

कुछ नई दीवारें
एक नई छत
कुछ नई खिड़कीयाँ
उस साइज के नए परदे ।

साथ मे कुछ नए कपड़े
एक जोडी़ नई चप्पल
कुछ नए
कुछ पुराने यार-दोस्त ।

ज़िन्दगी की मियाद यहां बस ग्यारह महीने की
फिर एक नया पता
इस शहर में जब से आया हुँ
“स्थायी पता” के आगे जगह खाली छोड़
देता हुँ ।
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

school jaisa kool kuch nahi...m scared wid my college

yar .really i dont know what happen to m scared wid my college life. from past 3year i am in same college .same teacher,same girls, same boring (bakwas)lecture, everything is same ,nothing is changed. Only one thing changed college demanding more money always...(bole khau colleg no.1.).But dont worry people this is my last year in this college ...(katte kat jayega ye bhii) .But m missing my school days very much from last 10 days...
I still remember my first day at school...tensed... excited...but at the same time nervous.

My new blue colored school bag, my new Reynolds/Rotomac pen, Oh god those were the days when life was more exciting.

Two lines for the golden school days...

Pehle waqt kat ta tha hasne hasane mein...

Aaj waqt guzarta hai kagaz ke chand tukde kamane mein...

Now a days kids hate school but gradually when they grow up they will
realize what is the real meaning of those golden school days...

Yaar school ki baat karu to i have a lot to say...I will go on n on n request to all of them who are in school...ENJOY UR SCHOOL

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Monday, September 14, 2009

pum pum pum ...

Hello People, Aj to maine subah subah morning walk par 1 dogy ko 1 cycle wale ke sath race lagate dekha, Aur By God mujhe yaad aa gaya vo din jab raat ke 8.30 par meko 1 nahi 2- 2 Dogy ne daudaya tha, By God, Jaan hath par aa gayi thi.

I am sure apko b kabhi na kabhi to road par ghumte awara Animals ne, ya Dogy ne Pareshan to kiya hi hoga, I know hota hai, hota hai. But take a chill pill.

yar sachi pe jab dogy daudate hai asa lagta hai...mano me olympic k sare record tod dunga daudne me.......or jab dogy peecha karna chod deta to asa lgta

jaan bachi so lakho ..agar kabhi apne bhi face ki hai ye muje comments deke batao....

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey... itne dino baad AAJ SUBAH ko jo barsaat hui.. usne dil ko khush kar diya.. I remember main apne desk par baith kar net surfing kar rahaa tha... aur achanak kisi ne chillaya!! "arrey kya qaatil mausam ho raha hai"... I have a window just behind my desk.. kabhi kisi din uska bhi pic bataunga... lekin abhi i'll just share the pic of the awsome mausam look frm my desk... kyun nai hoga pyar mujhe iss mausam se... and for all those who're wondering that this is similar to the pic I had put earlier in one of my previous blogs... the room and my desk is in exact same line!! :) enjoy and fall in love with the mausam!! :)

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Monday, September 7, 2009


Hmm.... Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai... (ha ha ha... acchi line hai, kisi pe style maarne ke liye) lekin kabhi kabhi ye line baat ki gehrai ko bhi batati hai... aur jab bhi main ye line ke bare me sochti hoon to mujhe mera ek school frn yaad aata hai... jo bada hi sad types tha.. super intelligent, super kitaabi keeda lekin…ek dum udaas! Hum use chidhate they “rotle ram, bigade kaam” se…. hmm… ab ye line mujhe uski yaad kyun dilati hai kuch to clear hua hoga… its because… jab bhi wo koi baat chalu karta tha, kehta tha… “kabhi kabhi mere dil me khyaal aata hai” ha ha ha aur hum apne kaan band kar lete they… kyunki pata tha ki wo ye kahega.. ki yaar meri koi nahi sunta, mummy pappa apna hukm chalate hain… aur mujhe iss duniya me koi nahi samajhta.. lekin ek baat thi jo wo nahi samajhta tha.. ki hum… jo log uske saath they… uske classmates hi sahi… uska dost they, use samajhte they… use apne saath aane ko kehte they.. chahe rote hue hi sahi uski saari sad baatein sunte they… use kabhi akela nahi cchodte they… par use apni lyf me kisi special ladki ki talash thi… kyunki use banani thi ek g/f jo use ‘I love you’ kahe….. school ke sare saal usne yun hi guzaar diye doston ki talash me lekin kabhi apne aas paas apne buddies ko nahi dekha.. aur kehta raha.. main dukhi hoon ki mera koi dost nahi… and after years!! Still we’re frens.. and still wo kehta hai ki koi use nahi samajhta…
“Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayaal aata hai.. hum sare important tym pe andhe kyun ho jate hain??”

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My review about "Tere sang"

New Bollywood movie Tere Sang deals with Teen pregnancy !
by Rajiv Dutta

This one could be straight from the newspaper headlines.

In February this year, a 13-year-old girl in Italy was impregnated by her boyfriend and asked to abort the baby by the courts. The girl refused.

The sensational story bringing into global focus the question of teenage luv story and teenage mistakes by present youth .

Cast: Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Sheena Shahabadi, Satish Kaushsik, Rajat Kapoor, Sushmita Mukerjee, Neena Gupta, Anupam Kher

Director: Satish Kaushik
Fifteen year old Mahi (Sheena) is going to be a mommy, and seventeen year old Kukoo aka Kabir (Ruslaan) a daddy. The central idea has been stolen from ‘Juno’, bittersweet indie Hollywood hit about teenage pregnancy and parenthood and responsibility. If only Satish Kaushik had retained more of the honesty of the original, ‘Tere Sang’ would have been a revolutionary Hindi film.

In begning minutes of movie we see that the first pair of teenage indian kids(or may be call youth)who have make physical relation with the girl pushing( maaahi the actoress wants to realize of this experience so she push kabir to do this) and boy pulling.

maahi the actoress searching a love because she gets no attention from her ever-busy thats why she makes friendship with kabir(kuku) and try to see her desires love in kabir.
so after doing the mistakes(physical relation) kabir takes resposibility of maahi as a adult man and thinking for abortion of maahi. But maahi decides to give up birth to child.The parents are against them, so the only option to run away from home .

At the same time kabir and maahi leave their schools and turns towards home planning as a resposible indian married couples( like mom dad).
And the angry man mr.rajat kapoor( mahhi's daddy) a higher approach advocate charged on kabir as a teenage rapiest and kidnapper .
but in the end of movie there is a sensefull debating condition in court and mahhi's dady takes off all charges from kabir . by saying this" ye sab meri galti hai ki...maine maahi ko pyar nahi use dena chahiye tha". And also anupam kher playing a as usual fantastic perforance in judge charactor.
its giving really a nice social message to our indian youths.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random 'Thoughts'

I tend to get a little TOO immersed in my thoughts at times. I mean its almost like daydreaming...i continue whatever i'm doing, but when I snap out of my..umm...reverie, I sumhow don't remember what happened in the time that I had been thinking...
This is actually how I blog too...... as I've already mentioned, I almost never plan on what to write.... There are somedays when I'm just...inspired...and I sit in front of my lappy and start typing....its almost like i'm thinking with my fingers, so to say..... and when I fininsh my Bournvita cup.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

kursi ki teen tang bole to 1 .2 3

ha..ha..ha..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haa..haaaa!! padte hi rahoge ki hasoge bhi?? haso na.. Haa...haaaaaaaaaaa..haa.ha..haa.....!! Ab joke suno.
''Ek kursi teen tang par khadi dikhi, batao zara kaise khadi hogi??''

Will Power pe! ha..haa...haaa (lol)

Uff!! my stomach has started hurting laughing. Now on a second thought
I feel. How inspiring it is, If a nonliving thing can do that wonder den with the kind of control, power and brains..wat all can we do to our lives! We can conquer the world, to be specific we can solve that problem we faced yesterday... the desicion we never made last month... and the confidence we failed to display while facing the task . All's der at out feet. And what does it require?? YOU.

Conquer yourself to make the world ur slave..! How you do that??

Cheers and Good Luck!!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey! chalo main aapko wo dikhata hoon jo main roz dekhta hoon…. mere ghar area se hote hue.. kuch paper haath me liye… lost sa ek ladka (abhi) bhagata hua college area ki taraf jaata hai… kuch hairaan, kuch pareshan.. aur kuch subha jaldi uthne ki wajah se cheedha hua..! Lekin college se wapas aate hi… sab kuch badal jata hai… saamne ka nazara jaise hindi ki text book me muhawra padha tha – dekhte hi banta hai… he he he!! gar ki chat se, 4th floor house se… jaipur se baat karte kart eek baat to samajh me aagayi hai ki agar koi yahan aake jaipur ko dekhegea to bhool nahi payega!  seriously zara dekho to yaar! Ye apna hi jaipur hai, jahan tonk road par kuch gaadiyaan, cycles aur paidal log barish hone par bhaag ke kisi ped ko nai dhoondte.. balki ye dekhte hain ki humare alawa aur kaun bheeg raha hai??? Jahan log barish se bachne ke liye building ke basement me nahi balki building ki cchat pe khade ho jate hain… aur chai ki chuskiyon aur pakodon me kabhi kabhi apni baatein bhi kha jate hain! kasam se jab room me baithe baithe aisa mausam ho jata hai to mann nahi karta kuch aur karne ka.. lekin tabhi mann karta hai ki kuch baatein isi jaipur se karoon aur kuch acche gane play karke a khush hojata hoo…. Kyunki ABHI is always happy

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


In today's fast moving life, everybody want's instant success. It is this madness of "winning at every point" thought, that has made the young generation negative in their approach. The rising sucide cases of students in the recent times, have made it clear, that the youth are losing their self belief and confidence in themselves. They consider success only as their "cup of tea". They need to be reminded that failure is a part of life. Infact, it is an important phase, as students come to know their weaknesses and can perform better the next time if they have confidence in themselves. Remember "There are no failures in life, only lessons".
Youth and ambition have always gone hand in hand. Everyone has the desire to achieve both proffessional and personal goals. As a result the younger generation is bending towards spirituality and is being more religious. Worshipping god, celebearting festivals is not a problem, but people are mixing religion and superstition together. The result of which can be seen in the rising craze for tv programmes featuring astrology. The youth is more concerned for their future than their present. The so called religious baba's are also very popular nowdays. People believe them to be the messengers of god, and consult them for their problems. They forget that every problem can be solved by right and positive approach, but not by wearing religious necklaces or rings. They have become so much astray that they even think, that not wearing this stuff would result in failure in the exams or poor performance in the job line.... As a result the Youth are becoming more negative.
At last I would like to say that performing rites and rituals, doesn't makes a person successful but believing in yourself and lots hard work does because god only helps those who help themselves.

Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind.You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair.The way to keep young is to keep your faith young.Keep Your self-confidence young.Keep your hope young.
- Luella F. Phean
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something ridiculous about me..

Ok so wat can possibly happen that im finally adding posts? well as usual NOTHING. Im so bored in life that I can count how many mosquitoes bit me( 46?). So I have exams coming up in like 1 week and being the same loyal person when it comes to studies I am totally unprepared.and what happen in exam ...let see..! god i want some munnabhai tricks....plz help me
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These some days have devastated my inner soul and the only conclusion that I came to going through all the turmoils in my life was that "EDUCATION" has killed "HUMANITY" in all its forms.

I don't carry any dreams like traveling around world and earning lots of money now. I met people hugely educated and richly rich but with a heart which just beats without any rhythm. It was thoroughly surprising for me to see people running away from the help that they can render just to spend some more time to work so that they could increase their bank balance and further more the greatest excuse nowadays... "RECESSION"... It was an economic recession I think, but now I find a crisis of humanity.

The economic recession may improve but the lack of humanity can never be. EDUCATION HAS KILLED THE SOUL OF BEING A HUMAN BEING.

What will I gain joining a big multinational company?

If this is how my life will be structured then I need to get out of the dreams of working high and earning higher. Better to stay in a small village with few people around and have humanity alive so that I could provide help to anyone in need.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Rain n all thats...

The weather in Jaipur's gotten so amazing.... a huuuge relief from the heat....however the roads are full of traffic jams and now it takes me double the time to get home from work :((

Rains and I have a history ...I don't remember if I've already discussed that...
Ever since I can remember, I used to HATE rains.... seriously.... Rains made me so gloomy...and so lonely, as I grew up....
that changed, however, and I don't really know when or why...
I would assume that it was because of a certain romantic association.... but Its not so, I hated rains then too.... but all of a sudden, I started to like it when it was drizzling....I started to enjoy standing in the rain and looking up at the sky...
even today, when it wasn't raining so heavily, I went outside my room and bought a 'bhutta' a( roasted corn )...its really popular in north India...
but then I remembered that the corn fibres always get stuck in my teeth, and I hate that! So I ate the thing really carefully, but to no avail... the taste is amazing, but it gets so yeeuch afterwards, with the fibres ..anywho, the status now is:
I don't hate the rains...although I don't love them either.
I do enjoy a light drizzle, though.
Rains no longer make me gloomy.... but oddly, when it rains, I kinda feel that I WANT to be sad..... that I want to feel what I felt earlier....a memory maybe? ..I just can't understand why....
Rains also make me want to sit next to a window, with a hot cup of coffee... with a good book perhaps...
Its amazing when the water's streaming down the glass....almost beautiful..

Have to end abruptly.....gotta wake up early tom....

Monday, May 25, 2009

miss u very much....

i miss my sister. i know she miss me too. This is for you my di, to tell you that I love you, to tell you that I would always be there for you, to tell you that you are never alone.

we might be miles apart, alone, on our own
but the distance cant steal away our love
so smile all day and never feel lonely
for I love you and I would always do.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aakhon mein....

In aankhon mein khaab hain...

kuch sadiyon se soye nahin...

kisike khayalon mein khoye hain...

simat ke bhi bikhre se hain yeh khaab

aankhon mein dard chipaye rakha hai...

fir bhi yeh aankhein roye nahin
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How about this one?? Man ,,never thought about it before. The idea just came storming towards my braincells when they were busy finding a way out for themselves to get rid of the oh-so-boring thing…..what do we call that ah yes..paDhAi. God, have never been in this hell of a situation before. For the first time, in the history of my living have I been through such a circumstantial disaster. Well am sure by now you'd be high on guessing but I bet if you could get it right or even half-way.

Keeping no more surprises, its simple,, no no no its ironical. I got my summer holidays on but I m by no means' free'. Confused? So am I and so are the thousands of others who are a part of my university.. My exams are postponed for about a month & the newspaper says that we gotta observe summer vacations with immediate effect. Yeah, how about enjoying a one month vacation & then getting back to your senses realizing you wasted it all & have no clue of what to write in the exams. Hell , no don't wanna even think about this. Then what, get back to work, get serious, get to study.Oh man! If this is the better option then I'd be better left without any options.

Now in case you are wondering why did I of all the things go for the title TechtOOn which seems so irrelevant , so out of line with reference to my text then, lemme plz throw some ROshNI over this………

I am an engineering student pursuing my B.Tech. with my 3rd year goin on. Now that I am in the technical line &what these people have made of us is no less than a cartoon…so I guess,,,,we can be so mercifully called as the…..

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With i-pods rocking in our ears and moblie phones buzzzzzzing in our pockets we think we are the GEN-X. Riding a cool bike with a hot girlfriend we think we are the GEN-X. Wearing low waisted levis jeans with an adidas tee we think we are the GEN-X. But unfortunately a poor boy doesn't wears an adidias tee but barely manages a shirt without patches. A poor boy doesn't rides a cool bike but walks barefoot on the roads, his future leading to nowhere. Should'nt we be ashamed of ourseleves. But no, we arent, infact we proudly call ourselves "YOUNGISTANIS"... Aping the western world we have become so much selfish that we don't even have regards for our own culture. Trying to fit in the shoes of the west is not a big deal but we should keep in mind that we are indians after all. In earlier india a woman had an undue respect, but today she is seen nothing more than a "thing" for enjoyment. The rising rape cases have put a question mark on the freedom of women... And what's the reason for this?? The younger generation women feel that wearing short skirts, see-through tops and all that stuff will make them look modern and fashionable.No doubt, we should move with world... we have every right to look modern..but everything has a limit. There is no road after a deadline. And not only the gals but we guys should also know one thing... " Ek ladki ek khoobsurat phool ki tarah hoti hai, usko saraho par khuclo mat"
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My confession

Nor any poem neither a love song ..
But it is my confession..
My love was always there ..
But always needed an expression.
Today you passed by me again..
My heart was happy and my heart is still insane.
Every time u were there..
I wanted to see u..but pretended i don't care.
Its not the matter of only this time... Ive always missed u and i don't think its any crime. In a few days this journey too will end..
But i ll always miss u.. as a special friend.
This last time i will say..
And will not regret..
U were the one ill never forget.
One more fact ..some more light... "All the things my friends said were right".
i Called u one night..
But could not say these words on "phone".
to whom ill say these words when ur gone.
I was always scared of wat u'll think..
But never thought this fast ,time will shrink. So finally i say..
Ur the missing element
Every hour every day..
your hapiness forever,
is all that i can pray.
In a few days this journey too will end..
But i ll always miss u.. as a special friend.
can we sail our ships together..
really want to be ur friend forever.
Now im relaxed and my heart is releived..
coz i said to u all wat MY HEART believed.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Berang titli

Ek din bheed main mein .
Chala ja raha tha ,
Khush nahin tha jyada.
Hans raha tha ?
Ya shayad dikhla raha tha .

Bheed main ek titli mili,
Udi chand faasle tak fir mudi .
Rang mujh pe fenk ,
Jor se hassi .

Kuch bikhare rang ,
Muthi mai lekar main age bada.
Woh hasti titli dekhne ko,
Main fir wapis muda.

Hatheli pe baitha kar use,
Maine fir ek baar fir hassa.
Ek kahani maine sunai ,
Ek woh sunaati gayi.

Hawa ko pakad ,
Baarish se khel .
Yunhi muskura raha tha .
Goom tha kahin main ,
Na jane kahan ja raha tha.

Ek pal ka sapna tha shayad ...

Neend khulne pe khada tha wahin ..

Pakrne ko aasman main,
Hatheli faila raha tha .
Sookhi si baarish main bheega,
Berang titli uda raha tha.

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Hieeeeeeee dear!!!!!!!!

most of us hav now begun our summer vacations..... n i jus wanted 2 remind u that these can be really interesting..
these days there's a lot of craze 4 summer camps.... certainly they help u grow up n hone ur talents.... but also add a lot of confidence tooooo.

but m actually talking bout, those students... and / or proffessional... who 2 r psending their time @ home wa8in 4 d recession 2 get over!!!!!

i think , let us not allow these days jus pass by coz we probbly make a lot of addions to our resumes and profiles by doing some summer jobs, doing some extra courses, by learning some add on skills. this 'll not only help u get better options after this dark span is over but also u'll b able to fight back d depression if ne... though i think it is not required.another advantage would be the smart answer u'll have as to how creatively n positively u have utilysed ur time.

m i rite???????????
wat say????????

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Friday, May 15, 2009

"jawab jinke nahi hote wo sawal hote hai, jo dekhne main kuch khaas nahi la jawab hote!!!!

ji haan................

"jawab jinke nahi hote wo sawal hote hai, jo dekhne main kuch khaas nahi la jawab hote!!!!"

what a lines from a famous gazal.....mere sath to aisa humesha hi hota hai. me apne frenzs k sath jab converasation karta hooo to sabhi muje bolte hai ki abhi tu sawal bahut karta hai.....ab yar...baat karne k liye sawal to karne hi hote hai, bina sawal k conversation nhi ho sakta....lekin sabhi yahi bolte hai ki tum aise sawal karte ho jinka na sir hota hai और na pair......"ye baat to galat hai actually mere sawal kuch aisi bato pe depends hote hai...jinka jawab dete log soch nhi pate ki kase kya kahe ise...unke pas koi perfect answer nhi hota...or jab perfect answer nhi hota to sawal par sawal ...or sawal k sawal...sawal ki khal...or khal..k bal....tak nikal ate hai..."
or us baat par wo log aise react karte hai jaise unhe kuch maloom hi na ho...ek hi jawab hota hai...unke pas...."pata nahi" ya i dont know.... un logo k liye to me yahi kehta hoo...... ki "खिसयानी बिल्ली खम्बा नोचे "......actually merer sawal sense less dikhai dete hai.....yani ki dekhne me khas nhi hote... par bejawab or lajawab hote hai.......................

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

its too difficult mange myself....

The time seems like passing just doing nothing at all. I don't know how to utilize my time , sometimes i become so much frustrated by myself that i begin to hate myself. It is very difficult for me be organized. I can't do things like machines do. But i know that i have to be managed to get succeeded in life. I hoping to get some positive changes in myself with time, as i know i can do many things much better.

Planning is fake
when it comes to
to reality , it happens
which is made to happen
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सच है, ये इश्क नही आशां।

सुना था बहुत, ये इश्क नहीं आशां
बस इतना समझ लिझे, इक आग का
दरिया है और डूब के जाना है।
हंसा था इस पे बहुत मैं,
कैसी आग और कैसा दरिया?
आह! जब गुजरी ख़ुद पे,
तो हँसी नही, आया रोना।
सच है, ये इश्क नही आशां।
शायरों ने भले ही लिखा कुछ
बढाकर, पर लिख दिया वो,
जो मुमकिन नहीं
बयां लफ्जों में करना आशां!!!!!!!!!!
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sab mere dimag ki virtual image hai....kuch bhi sach nhi hai......

मेरी टीचर मेनू कहन्दी है आंदा नही मेनू कुछ भी
पापा मेनू कहंदे है तू मेरा नाम दुबायेगा ,मेरी अम्मा मेनू
कहेंदी है एक सोनी कुडी मेनू मिलेगी तेनु मेरे यार कहेंदे है
तू मुंडा कमाल है। मेरे पहले टेस्ट की तेयारी की मैंने ऐसे
सारे सुब्जेक्ट्स के नाम मेनू अब है याद। अचानक आया
मुझे ये ख्याल छोडू ये सब बातें, सुनो ये कहानी नई रात को
जब में छत पर बैठा था, देख रहा था मैं आसमान को
पता नही क्यूँ आँख मैं मेरे आँसू आ गए , मैंने देखा ख़ुद को रोते
मुझे लगा कुछ अलग सा ...की क्या हूँ में अकेला
दिन भर कॉलेज मैं फिरता हूँ शाम होती है तो सोचता हूँ
शाम क्यूँ हुई अब मैं सोचता हूँ उन दिनों के बारें में, सब कुछ इतना
जल्दी जल्दी हो रहा है की क्या बताऊँ जैसे कल की हो ये बात
अब तो रोंदा हूँ मैं पर पता नही क्यूँ , न समझेगी वो, न समझूंगा
मैं कभी, इधर भी वो उधर भी वो बस वो ही वो .....
मेरे जानने से या न जानने से क्या होगा, जानता हूँ मैं पर वो नही
जानती, इतने दिंनों से पता नही क्या कहूं पर जब भी देखता हूँ उसे
लगता है जैसे धड़कन रुक सी गई, जानता हूँ की हूँ मैं बर्बाद इन्सान केसा , पर पता
नही क्यूँ सोचता हूँ मैं ऐसा, गाना लिखना आता नही पर फिर भी लिखता हूँ मैं
इधर भी वो उधर भी वो जिधर देखू बस वो ही वो (she)! पता नही कब मिलेगी वो.....
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गिरता गिरता गिर ही गया....

hello ji......
how r u????? i know sab maje hi honge apke....

some time i m feeling so weak and negative to my personality disorder....some time i m feeling nurvous.....some time i think that i m failure in life....some i think that i m fall in mud...some time i m feel that people are laughing on me....some time i think that i m fool in present condition....sometime i m boired with my life....some time i m feeling a lot of pain...some time i m
very tensed to think about my future.....

अरे बहुत हो गया...सम टाइम..........मुझे तो बस इतना सा लगता है की.....में दुनिया से कही ज्यादा पीछे हूँ ...और मेरे सामने बस एक गड्ढा है कीचड़ से भरा जिसमे में डूबकर मरने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ ... उसमे गिरता ही जा रहा हूँ.....पर ....कम्बखत मौत भी मुझे गले नही लगाती.....

गिरता गिरता गिर ही गया
उठने की कोशिश की तो
फिर गिर गया, दरवाजे तक
तो पहुँच गया पर भीतर जाने को न हुआ।

उठता उठता फिर गिर गया
सोचता रहा औरों ने मुझे गिराया है,
पता चला मैं तो खुद ही गिर गया।
शीशे मैं देखा तो दंग रह गया,
न मैं था न मेरा प्रतिबिम्ब था,
अपनी नज़रों से भी गिर गया था मैं
शीशे मैं देखा न मैं था
न मेरा प्रतिबिम्ब था।

रोज रोज वही कहानी दोहराता गया
सुबह को प्रण लेता, रात होते होते
भूल जाता गया। अपनी नाकामी का
इलजाम औरों पे लगाता गया, पता चला
अपना गुनाहगार तो खुद हूँ मैं।

इतना गिरा हूँ की गड्डे में भी
आबाद हूँ शर्म और हया से
अनजान हूँ मैं, मौत भी मुझे
गले न लगायेगी
इसीलिए शायद जिंदा हूँ मैं
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Friday, May 8, 2009


its amazing the things life throws at you. Wat is it tht they say.. when life throws lemons at you, u can either plant a seed or jus make urself lemonade...!to date, all i hv been doing is looking at teh easier, faster way out.and now, i realise, it can never be tht with relationships. they are long. All consuming. Demanding. and as addictive as a drug could be. even more so.and this has to do with all kinds of relationships. with parents. with siblings. with frdns.and rite now, i guess i am toiling away at my hardest to date... and its amazing teh strenght the person has to put up with all my bull shit, stay wid me unwavering, spoil me rotten - stay inspite of my attempts to push them away, watch me be an ungratefull little wench and still come hug me... and make me love them all teh more.i dont know how my mum does it. but i love her for doing it. truly.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ye dunia azeeb hai, dunia ke dustoor azeeb hain. hum to azeeb the hi, janab aap bhi azib hain. kitna achha ho agar hum sab ek dusre ki baat maane. par nahi hum to hum hain. apni marzi karenge. Duryodhan agar apni family ki baat maan leta to ye Mahabharat ka yuddh hi na hota. koi kisi ki nahi maanta. mai bhi, or aap bhi. ji haan ! aap bhi kisi ki nahi maante. hairaan ho rahe hain? mai subut de sakta hun. ab dekho aap nahi mane, or padh hi liya aur apna time waste kiya na?. arey yaar isiliye maine heading ye di thi ki...Ise mat padho!!!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Some one some where made for U to mje kyu nhi dikhta to thak kar kar ke...

shayad kahi padha ya dekha tha....."some one some where made for u"....haan kyu nhi.....hehehehhe....hasi ati hai....are bana hai to dikhai kyu nhi deta....chalo chodo dikhai ni deta to koi bat nhi...sunai kyu nhi bhi chodo....hawa ki tarah mehsoos kyu nhi hota..........are kaha chupa baitha hai mere "someone"bahr nikal.....tumhe mere lye hi banaya gaya hai to samne kyu nhi ata....mujse kyu nhi milta.....mje to bahut bar....aisa lagta hai.......jab bhi kisi beautiful girl ko dekhta lagta hai...hann yahi hai mera someone.....par agle do minute me uska someone ake use le jata hai......are batao yar......kisne banaya is sentence ko.....wo to bana gaya or logo ka dimag kharab kar to
ye baat logo k muh se sun sunke pareshan ho gya.............for my some lines yad aa rahi hai one of my fav song by lata mangeshkar
tere bina jiya jaye NA,.........tere bina jiya jaye Na, bin tere ,tere bin sajnaaaaa saas me saas aye naa,..tere bina jiya jaye na..!!!.jab bhi khayalo me tu aye.....mere badan se khusboo aye....
mehake badan me raha na jaye......rahaaaa jaye na............

bahut jyada imotional hi hoo me......
yar.....mera some one agar mje milega to uske....liye perfect song to yahi hoga.....
kaise mje tum mil gyi......kismat par aye na yakeen.....
kyuki.....dundh dundh k thak gya......kismat se hi agr mila to...isliye
prepration karni padti hai kyu k me mere someone ka welcome.....ase hi karne wala hoo....akhir......badi muskil se milta hai...........koi ksi ko.......shayad.....apko lag rha hoga ki me to pura kalidas hoo......par....yar ...isme galat kya hai....kalidas hona b chahiye.....wo apke or apke bina na reh pao...aisa to hona hi chahiye
akhir.....wo hume....pura karne ayi hai.....hum shayad ab tak adhure the......

mje kai bar logo ki mentality par....bada gussA ATA HAI....bolte hai ki.....yar...tera some one hath pe hath dhare baithe rehne se nhi milega.....sab par try tere liye bana hoga wotje haan kar dega.......kabhi kabhi lagta hai sahi bolte hai shayad..........par.............yar............jab wo mere liye hi bana mje hi jaldi kya hai..........use bhi pata chale ki hum...bhi unhi k liye bane hai..........akhir....kismat connection jab hona hoga tab ho jayega..........abhi kyu soch soch kar dimag ka dahi to pakka na hai.............are........koi baat nhi bhi mila to........ajkal or bhi option available hai......................hehehehhehe........................ok...bahut bakwas ho gyi.......tata bbye cu..


CHEERS.........................ZIGZAG ABHISHEK
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akhir wo ek hito hai jo mere bina sense k sawalo k bhi jawab deta hai.

hello ji hw r u????
its some personal abt me.....really kewal ek hi insan hai jise me sab kuch bata deta hoo...yaha tak ki meri email id ka password bhi....jab bhi wo banda(he/she)ol
hota hai me use...bina sense ke sawal jababo se pareshan kar deta hoo...fir bhi wo mujse pareshan nhi hota or puri koshis karta hai ki meri problem solve ho jaye....
yes....ab kya kahu uske bare me....problem koi bhi ho jab uska solution kisi k pas nhi to uske pas to milega hi milega...he/she is my last my any kind of trouble...wo kinda sweet hai yar....
uspe me bahut bar gussa bbhi ho jata hoo.....par....yar..uske bina rehna impossible.....nav bina patwar k chal to nhi sakti....mere hisab se patwar jyada important hai......recently use...kuch aisa achievement mila jo shayad muje to kabhi nhi mil paye...par mila use khus me hoo.....pata nhi kyu.....may be in future me...wo kuch aisa karega ki...mje batana nhi padega apko ki wo hai kon............akhir jo bhi hai..pehchan kaun?????? khud dundho....pata lag jayega....itna to kar hi sakte ho..... shayad wo male hai ya female...iske bare me kuch mat puchna plzz...........thoda sa personal hai....kabhi kabhi sochta hoo kash m
mene ache karm kar liye hote me aaj shayad us jaisa hota......mje kabhi usse jealous nhi hota jabki log hum dono me kafi comparison dete hai.....par mje acha lagta hai ki...akhir usme kuch aisa ho jo mjme nhi...akhir log bhi to joot nhi bolte....kuch to jarur use me bhi pasansd karta hoo....ab aap confuse mat hona k....wo khusnaseeb ladki kaun ho sakti hai.............aap apne dimag k gode...mat daudao....bas..
believe me...yar....i love he/she very much......
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

abhishek ki ...special summer recipes.....

Kaccha Keri Raita :

Dahi - 300gm
Kacchi Keri - 1 medium size
Cooking oil - 1 tsp
Methi Dana - 1/4 tsp
Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Khadi Laal Mirch - 1
Cheeni - 2 tsp

Sabse Pehle Kacchi Keri ko cheel ke uske tukde karke namak laga ke uska paani nikal jane tak alag rakhiye, Issi tarah dahi ko malmal ke kapde me bandhkar pani nikal jane tek taang ke rakhiye. Jab paani acchi tarah se nikal jaye to Dahi, Kacchi keri, cheeni aur namak (according to taste) milakar rakhiye
Abe k pan me oil leke, thodi se khadi laal mirchi, urad daal, methi dana ka tadka dijiye aur isme dahi wala raita ka paste daal dijiye… bas ho gaya khatta meeta kacchi keri ka raita tyaar!!

Nariyal Ki Mazedar Chutney:

Ingredients :
Nariyal Grated - 1/2
Hari MIrchi - 3 small
Fried Chana Dal- 3 tbsp
Adrak (chopped) - 1/2" piece
Imli – Thodi si
Salt to taste

Tempering :
Oil - 1 tbsp
Rai - 1 tsp
Curry Patta – 8

Method :
Grated Nariyal, hari mirchi, fried chana dal, pisa hua adrak aur Imli ko taste ke hisaab se namak mila ke pisiye
Ek Pan me tel garam kar ke, thodi si rai, curry patta dal kar tadka dijiye aur lijiye aapki cool nariyal chutney tyaar!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

ye confusion ka keeda.kbhi khatam hi nahi hota...

Hello People.......Ki hal chal? Yar I am really confused, what to do? I mean, NANO aa gayi na! Aur abhi tak maine Colour bhi decide nai kiya, kaun sa colour mere ko jaminga, ye pata kaise chalinga? Arre ap bataoge na! But yar seriously, jab nano aai bhi nai thi, bas iske ane ki baatein hi ho rahi thi, tab se hamari naina(eyes), iske liye pareshan hai, But ab jab ye finally aa gayi hai, to mera bhi lene ka pakka pakka man kar raha hai........... Meko batao ki mai kaun sa COLOUR lu? Rply.......

Abhi........Vd lotz of LUV.........
inside view of nano
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Friday, April 3, 2009

ppt(pre politician test








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nano sab kuch jaldi hoga....

1.)hummmmmm aaj bhi traffic jam se nhi darte ...darte hai to.sirf....nano k bap tata se.......

2.)after gurjar ..aarkashan...khud hi dekhlo.naya mudda kya hoga............akhir india..hai........

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nano nano....nano ki mat suniyo re ...nano thag lenge

Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu.............itna intezar to kabhi girlfriend /boyfriend ka bhi nahi kiya hoga jitna NANO ka kar rahe hai...............I think nano should be given the best debut award......yaar an actor n actress ki bhi jab tak movie release hokar hit nahi ho jaati no one pays attention to them but NANO launch hone se pehle hi itni popular ho chuki hai.

Everywhere people are talking about NANO....Advantages, disadvantages, even Vital statistics for that matter and what not!!!!!

I am equally crazy about it!!! so gonna share some interesting funny things on nano.....but before that let me clear that NANO IS OUR PRIDE AN WITH DUE RESPECT TO THAT I M
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what's the reason????

Hello How R? I Mean wassup? Actually, I am Low today? But Reason kya hai, ye nahi pata....Hota hai na! kabhi kabhi.... Jab bat bat par gussa ata hai, Kisi se baat karne ka man nahi karta, Irritation hoti hai, Sab kuch bura lagta hai, I am Feeling the same....
I dont know Y I am dull, But kuch to hua hai....Apko bhi aisa hota hai kya? I mean kabhi to aisa hua hoga? Jab koi bhi cheez, koi bhi baat apko satisfaction nahi deti ho, Kya karte ho aise me? Plzzzz Plzzz Plzzz
Tell me? What should I do? Yar kuch aisa bata do ki sab changa lagne lag jaye....Aur mere dil ko chain aa jaye....
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so what...........??????????

do u ever curse urself for wat happened?? do u ever feel..wat yaar y did dis happened to me?? do u ever let others perception pound on u to the extent u just don't like life anymore?? do u ever think dis way.........
yaar mujhko lagta hai..sab aisa karte hain..sochte hain kabhi na kabhi in life... but wats in cursing oneself?? pata hai kitni energy barbaad hoti hai?? kitni negativity a jati hai apke andar.... I say when u feel dis way......say to urself, dude.."SO WAT??" .. wat..if dis happenend.. so wat , if someone think dis abt wat??? u can't change everthing in a wink.... all u can do is be more cautious n say..So WAT... I'll handle it anyway..........!! Chanelise ur energies in doing ur work with faith n believe in urself... maybe double the belief u had in urself earlier.... for sure u'll be a happy person soon enough....
Wat's more important is - wat u think about urself ..truly..!!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Make me child once again

really....i missed my childhood............and this is for all of my little frenz..

Running in the circles ,
Digging feet in the ground.
Playing on the seashore,
mama ,look what i have found.
some toys so broken ,
and white pebbles so round.
a whistle of plastic ,
now makes no sound .

In a haste to run ,
forgot first steps to my walk.
speaking on the phone ,
forgot how to face and talk.
Looking for the shimmer ,
i'm lost into this dark.

Mama , hold my hand,
and make me child once again.
rub a towel thru my hair ,
when i come drenched in the rain.
Tear pages from notebook ,
ill make 2 ships and a plane.

Im still runnin in the circles,
trying to fly the paper plane.
praying to my god,
make me child once again .
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

new vista tool....check out

This one's a little about technology... I personally found this tool really cool and thought i'd tell you If that's not your thing, scroll down to the next article . Anyhow, I'm not sure if this tool's in earlier versions of windows or not.... Its called "Snipping Tool" What u gotta do to access it: 1) click on the start button (bottom left corner) 2) type 'snipping tool' in the search box. 3) Voila! there u have it What this tool essentially does is takes a snapshot of any open window... be it a webpage, your 'my computer' page... whatever ... and has the option of storing it in more than one format (jpg, gif, png, html) . Also, 1) you can choose whether you want a part of the page, or the entire window. 2) you can edit the created picture by writing on it with a kind of paintbrush I think this is another one of life's lessons: The answers are ALL there... you just have to know the right people! To present my best side ;) little discoveries the ideal convo what if?
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

ye kare...or wo kare...are kya kya kare....

hello ji.....
life is too short for doing anything as like as one of my frenz write this for me...check out....

Ye Kare Aur Wo Kare Aisa Karen Waisa Kare,
Zindagi Do Din Ki Hai Do Din Mein Hum Kya Kya Kare

Jee Mein Aaata Hai Ki Dein Parde Se Parde Ka Jawaab,
Hum Se Wo Parda Karen Duniyaa Se Hum Parda Kare

Sun Raha Hoon Kuch Lutere Aa Gayey Hain Shehar Mein,
Aap Jaldi Bandh Apne Ghar Ka Darwazaa Karen

Is Puraani Be-wafa Duniya Ka Rona Kab Talak,
Aaiyey Mil-jul Ke Ik Duniya Nayee Paida Karen
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...happy holi..........


Heyllooo range putte people wish you a really really happy and colourful holi!!! arz kiya hai " apki holi ho number one, or aap karo whole lotsaaaa fun!!!!hehe....

just got over with mine..halka phulka gulal not much of it...arey baba there was no regular water supply...paani ke lalle better bachaoo paani...thoda thoda bandar zaroor lag raha hu..hehe...hey all those people who played sukhiwali holi today unko apuun ka hats off kyaa!!!

i feel there is one feeling which remains common in all the festivals and it is 'the feeling of togetherness'...i simply love it yaaa!!!

chalojiii mez signing off....gazab wali neend aa rahi hai...hehe

bbyeeeee tc!!!!!
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colours of life....

what does your color say about you! its about your fav color... take a pick and know about your personality!

Black denotes an aggressive personality or someone who's an outsider or rebel.

Silver indicates someone who's cool, calm and slightly aloof.

Green can often be chosen by people with hysterical tendencies.

Yellow signifies someone who is idealistic and novelty loving.

Blue is chosen by the more introspective, reflective and cautious people.

Gray represents those who are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.

Red denotes those who are full of zest, energy and drive and who think, move and talk quickly.

Pink is chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate people.

White represents status-seeking extrovert people.

Cream is the least likely to be involved in troubles and denote self-contained and controlled people.

Orange denotes fun loving and vibrant people

Blue says that you're neat and nive, people who love to be organised

Golden says that you're showy, vibrant and zany! Yoy like being treated as a star!

Keep your life colorful.... just like me... Happy holi from Abhi!
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.......बात निकलेगी तो फीर दूर तलक जायेगी..........

I am listening to a very very BEAUTIFUL & SITUATIONAL gazal by jagjeet sing and i want to dedicate this post to by these gazal.........
  1. बात निकलेगी तो फीर दूर तलक जायेगी
लोग बेवजह उदासी का सबब पूछेंगे
ये भी पूछेंगे की तुम इतनी परेशां क्यों हो
उँगलियाँ उठेगी सूखे हुए बालो की तरफ़
एक नजर देखेंगे गुजरे हुए सालो की तरफ़
चुडियो पर भी कई तंज किए जायेंगे
कापते हाथो पे भी फिकरे कसे जायेंगे

लोग जालिम है हर एक बात का ताना देंगे
बातो बातो में मेरा जिक्र भी ले आएंगे -२
उनकी बातो का जरा भी असर मत लेना
वरना चेहरे की तासुर से समज जायेंगे ..

चाहे कुछ भी हो सवालात न करना उनसे
मेरे बारे में कोई बात न करना उनसे

बात निकलेगी तो फिर दूर तलक जायेगी...............

2. ) ......... जुकी जुकी सी नजर...............

जुकी जुकी सी नजर दिल बेकरार है की नही......
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है की नही ......

तू अपने दिल की जवां धड़कनों को जिनके बता......
मेरी तरह तेरा दिल बेकरार है की नही.......
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है की नही....
जुकी जुकी सी नजर.......

वो पल जिसमे जवां मुब्बत होती है
उस एक पल का तुजे इन्तेजार है की नही....
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है की नही....
जुकी जुकी सी नजर.......

तेरी उमीद पे ठुकरा रहा हूँ दुनिया को...
तुजे भी अपने पे ऐतबार है की नही....
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है की नही...
जुकी जुकी सी नजर..........


.....................चिट्ठी कोई संदेश............
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश .................
हो...चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश
जाने वो कौनसा देश जहा तुम चले गए....
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश....
जाने वो कौनसा देश जहा तुम चले गए...
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश.....
जाने वो कौनसा देश जहा तुम चले गए...

एक आह भरी होगी हमने न सुनी होगी.....
जाते जाते तुमने आवाज़ तो दी होगी....
हर वक्त यही है गम,उस वक्त कहा थे तुम....
कहा तुम चले गए...
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश ....
जाने वो कौनसा देश जहा तुम चले गए.....
इस दिल पे लगाके ठेस जाने वो कौनसा देश...
जहा तुम चले गये..........

हर चीज पे अश्को लिखा है तुम्हारा नाम....
ये रास्ते घर गलिया तुम्हे कर न सके सलाम ...
है दिल में रह गई बात,जल्दी से छुडा कर हाथ...
कहा तुम चले गए....
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेश जाने वो कौनसा देश...
जहा तुम चले गये....
इस दिल पे लगाके ठेस , जाने वो कौनसा देश.....
जहा तुम चले गये...........

अब यादों के कांटे इस दिल में चुभते है
न दर्द ठाहेरता है न aanson रुकते हैं
तुम्हे दूंद रहा है प्यार, हम कैसे करें iqraar
कहा तुम चले गए
चिठी न कोई संदेश जाने वोह कौन सा देश
जहा तुम चले गए जहा तुम चले गए
इस दिल पे लगाके ठेस जाने वो कौनसा देश....
जहा तुम चले गए....

हो....कहा तुम चले गए...२

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Friday, March 6, 2009

kamar tod kam ...or khud ki dhulai.....

kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai..

ke agar humare paas din mein kuch waqt aisa bhi hota jisko humne already kaam se book na kar rakha hota to shayad dil ko thodi raahat mil bhi sakti thi..

yeh chehre par jo kaam ke bojh ke wajah se udaasi chaayi hai..woh udan choo ho bhi sakti thi..

yeh dimag jispar zindagi mein aage badhne ka bhoot sawaar hai, har cheez mein perfect hone ke zid hai, uske beyond zindagi ke khoobsurati dikh bhi sakti thi..

magar yeh ho na saka..

magar yeh ho na saka..

aur ab yeh aalam hai..

ke kaam he kaam no aaram..

weekend par kapdon ko dhone ka aur weekdays mein khud ke dhulai ka pura set hai program..

kyunki spare time/free time is highly underrated
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

jai ho.....................

After sweeping Golden Globe and BAFTA..the most talked about movie Slumdog Millionaire clearly emerged as a favourite at the oscars too. Bagging 8 academy awards is no small acheivement and clearly one man who deseaaaaaaaaarves all the credit is director Danny Boyle. Not only he lead the entire unit superbly but the way he translated a great plot by Vikas Swarup and excellent script by Simon Beaufoy into a visual delight is something only he was capable of doing.
A movie that was an underdog has created a history and the genius of A R Rehman and Gulzar has been today recognised by the hollywood. Though I would still believe that Gulzar Sahab is above any Oscars today and the work he has done over the past 50 years should have got him what he has got today.
Same goes for A R Rehman, "Jai Ho" according to me is not his finest job and he has also done some breathtaking work in the past that should have been awarded too.
Lets savour this moment and celebrate the achievements of Gulzar, Rehman and Rasul Pookutty.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009




Hey guys.. this is another disaster in our lives.. n our democratic country…
The mangalore incident has shook me..
Being a citizen of democratic and free india.. I hav started askin questions to myself “ Hav I to ask the political parties wat shud I wear, drink or eat??”

or me to girls.............or women ko yahi kahunga ki...........................

Well.. I hav tried to make women understand the importance of self defence.. cuz if such an incident happens.. wat can u do.. wat can be done.. cuz if the situation gets out of our hands we wud just be blamin those political parties n runnin after lawyers n media persons to help us.. so lets help ourselves FIRST..!!
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Ghar se bahar reh ke ghar ke khane ki yaad us yaad se bhi zada hai, jo devdas ke dil mein paro ke liye thi….sachhi!! in 3 YRS. mein I’v tasted almost everything possible in jaipur……ek lambi saas lo n then read on……

par ghar ka khaaanaaaaaaaa...............chahe sukhi roti hi kyu na ho..............tarasta hoo.......bhai..khane k liye.................
pata nhi pichle janam me kya paap kiye the se dur rehna padta hai.............or.............jaipur ka kachra khana padta hai.......................abhi ghar se aye hue ek din nhi hua.....................par.......................mummy ki yad.........................ane lagi

………n m still looking for ‘ghar ka khana’. Love u mom!!
Mummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of my friends who has few relatives in Mumbai
had written few words in respect to the ppl who hav
lost their lives during recent terrorist attacks there.
She wanted me to write her words in my that
they reach u..below are her words...

My Talk With Nature

When I'll be gone, the sun will shine ;
But it'll never shine on that tender grapevine.
When i'll be gone, the rains will fall ;
But it'll never fall, on that eucalyptus so tall.
When I'll be gone, the birds will sing ;
With a weird guilt on their wings.
When i'll be gone, the flowers will blossom ;
But they will never manage to look that awesome.

'Coz if it matters to none, I know it matters to one ;
I'm child of the nature and nature's dear one,
And it's the nature that'll miss me,
'Coz one day it came and on rosy cheeks it kissed me ;
And said, "No matter if I'm sad,
From the sound of guns in the air ;
And everybody knows thats its not very fair.
But My child, when u'll become My part ;
I'll miss you, miss your being apart."

What I cud say ;
Was this way,
"There is just one thing ;
That my dear one should know.
You'll find me at this place I show,
On the diamonds of the dew ;
I'll always glow.
And now my soul will be at ease ;
'Coz it merrily floats in the Eternal Peace."
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Yeh Jo World hai na World, issme bohat tarah ke log rehte hai. BIG B ka waasta inn se parha nahi warna woh 2 tarah ke log kabhi na boolte.Bohat tarah le log rehte hai... Ek toh woh jo ke Insaan hote hain... BAAKI LIST NEECHEY HAI.

1 Woh jo Apne se zyada samajhdaar kisi ko nahin samajhte bhale se woh ek number ke C#u?y@ ho.

2 woh jo samajhdaar toh hote hain lekin lekin doosre ko bilkul bewaqoof samajhte hain.

3 Woh jinke paas ek taang extra hoti hai, mera matlab apni dono taango par khade hokar har baat par apni teesri taang adaate hain.

4 Woh jinke paas Dimaag toh hota hai lekin ussi Dimaag se woh doosro ke Dil mai DIM AAG lagate hain( Halke se dil mai aag lagate hain)

5 Woh jo mera BLOG parh kar apna waqt gawate hain.....

Aapki nazar mai hain iss tarah ke log??????
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