Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates from last some days ...

A snapped internet connection, some work and lots of movies...
all these kept me away from blogs for almost a week... and no one's asked me "Where are you!!!??":((*puppy eyes and sad face!!*)
lolz.. :D hehe

Last few days have been good, all my best friends.. our core group are back in town... and I have been either on phone or in each other's houses for most of the time... anything and everything under the sun keeps getting talked about...including our age-old fav topic discussing who has/had/will have a crush on whom.. hehe...
it's really great coz it's not always masti or time pass.. we learn a lot from each other.. about our careers and who is doing what and what is the next best thing to do...

I m benefited the most as far as sharing collection on the pc is concerned.. my hard disk is doing a rounds of everyone's home. and in just a few days my collection of music/movies/software has more than quadrapuled!!!!

Oh i can go on like this forvever.. hope everyone's been fine and rocking and having lots of fun!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


love it when people love me... i love it when I know I made someone smile, i love it when i hear someone patiently and try to help, try to make them feel better... I love it when someone smiles at me... i love it when they say i mean my words... yes, i love it all... but am I the person everyone thinks I am? am I the person who is genuine, sincere? If I am then why can I not share a word of what affects me?

I have always had this problem. I just can’t ask for help in distress... I can’t speak my heart when I am sad... I can’t cry... oh how I hate it... I just can’t cry... there come no tears in my eyes, no matter how excruciating d pain...


Hey guys, don't worry I am all right... sometimes d mind does conjure strange thoughts... this was one of them.
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Monday, October 18, 2010


Life is still the same... But situations and people are not.... You are often in a situation where you are unable to decide what to do... You cannot analyze what is correct and what is not... who is truthful and who isn't.... what is good for you and what is not....

Old memories haunt you... refuse to leave you... no matter whatever you do.... You are stuck in a weird situation and donno what to do..... You feel like running away to a place where you are all alone and nobody to bother you..... Always lost in thought... Alone even with people around you...

You are at CROSSROADS where you dont know which way to go.... LOST n ALONE.... Unable to decide which way to go ..... Never know where the path you have chosen might lead you to.... But you know, you have to go on.... coz LIFE goes on.... even if You dont want to.....
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

somethings stupid..

my experiments :)

* seeing the sunlight filtering thru a glass marble, a mesmerizing sight!
* seeing the fullmoon through a gold ring from the hostel terrace, the way the light disperses is fascinating!
* spending an hour beating coffee only with a spoonful of water, to check where the whiteness come from.. must be the sugar, coz it remained brown :(
* balancing a pencil on my finger, to check if the sharpened end is nearer to the center of gravity or is! (many a pre-exam night has been gainfully employed in this experiment)

more experiments underway, the results will be displayed as and when concluded... abhi phir se fun time , so plenty of opportunity to experiment :D
tab tak, scientist ABHI signing off... * bustling back into my den/lab*
*big STUPID grin*:D
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sorry Guys and Gals! Did not post anything for quite some time now. But am back from the hibernation.

Have lots and lots of things to write, but it would really take some time to express every thought in my mind right now. Also, there would be some lag while I catch up with my regular visitors.

This blog is very dear to me, and I really want to nourish it with my thoughts and ever-so-precious feedback that people provide on this. Thanks for regular support! I hope you would not let the support die...
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