Thursday, October 20, 2011

conversation part 2 contd...

Aka X : But me to bhai nahi hoo...:P
Me : Ajkal log social network profile to banate hai but social hona pasand nahi karte. Only one question ? Why are you on social network?
Aka X :nhi social or prsnl m ajkl ek bhut thin line reh gyi hain  me use cross krna pasnd nhi karti
Ok lets start something interesting...
Aka X : HMM.. whats interesing and what to do start??
Me : replace me on your place and you on my place and lets talk
Aka X : Na ise rehne dete hai...n wo blog pr jo poem thi wo achi thi..
Me: na na muje dekhna hai how you talk with a girl if you were boy
Aka X : wid a grl???? ok lets c start..
Me :Yes..
but me start nahi karunga ku ki me ladki hoo or  ladki kabhi age hoke bat nahi karti :p
Aka X: nhi maine to kiya tha :P:P frnd request bejhi ...pic per cmnt bhi kiya..
Me : exception are avialable
Aka X : Thanku :d
Me : Now back to point and start conversation..
Aka X:  ok
    hi Aka ...actuly tis is so funny
Me : Yes, I know but dont break we will taste just 5 minutes and will find all answers...what a boy or girl think about each other when they start conversation first time...
Aka x : to y tis is wid me only...
Me : Sari ramayan upar hai why only with you...
Aka X : acha :D
Me : Daat ku nikal rahe ho abhishek
Aka x : aise hi ek jock yaad agya :P
Me :  oh, tum kisi joke se kam ho kya
or Ladke reply karne me itna time nahi be fast
Aka X :  oh tumhe kaise pata...mujhe kab sun liya tumne ??
Me : Sunna kya hai jagat jahir hai...
Aka X :  (main apne ek frnd s bhi chat kar rahi hu)
oh mere jagat main to tumne aj hi entr kiya fir jagat jahir kaise..
Me : acha mene tumhare bare me suna hai and added you in my list..
Aka X : acha vaise kya suna hai mere bare me...
Me: Yhi ki tum fb par ladkiya dundh rahe ho...LOL
ku apna time barbad kar rahe ho dude..
Aka X : Are fb to free time me use karte ho time barabd kaisa?
Me : acha but tum to pure din online milte ho jab bhi me online ati hoo.
 or kuch kam dham nahi hai kya tumhe...
Aka X : ha mera office wi fi h to on rakhta hu sare mail ac
Me : acha...aisa kaunsa office hai tumhara..
or office me fb use karte ho ya kam karte ho
Aka X : ajkal sare offices aise hi hote h...e1 houses..dont u know tis??
online hone ka matlab ye to nhi ki use karta hu
Me : ohh...I dont know it b4 thanx tumne bata diya aaj
Aka X :  welcome dear..
Me : acha or kitni ladkiyo ko bewkoof bana chuke ho aisi baate kar karke..
Aka X : tum ban gai kya ..
Me : acha ...tumhe kya lagta hai..
or tum itna bak bak kyu karte me bhi itna hi bolte honge..
Aka X: main bewkuf nhi banata bt ab tum ban gyi ho shayad tbhi tumhare mind m aayi bat..or rahi office ki bat to vaha mind bolta hai...
Me :  oh mind..acha vo hai kya tumhare pas ...
Aka X: acha c ye 5 min se jyada ho gaya hai ab...
Me : yes, break it now...
so I think now you realized that ek ladke ke pas kya kuch hota hai..bolne, puchne or kehne ko...
Aka X : Bahutt...kuch..

to be continued.........

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conversation and funny fight Part 1

A  funny conversation held between me and  Aka X ( female)  before two days ago. Aka X added me in her friend list by recommendation of one of my more thing Aka X and me belongs from same religion :

Aka X :  Hello
Me      : So lets intro first. I dont know abt you..
Aka X :   Vaise apne meri sarin info friend request accept karne se pehale dekh hi li hogi...I guess
Me : hehe LOL :D
Aka X : to fir ?? :(
Me : Ok back to tp ..tell me about your family background?
Aka X : Explained in 3 and 4 lines...
Me : Anything else which you want to tell me about your family...
Aka X : y humesha me hi apna family background bata chuki ur turn to say something abt u...
Me : I started to tell abt me...
Aka X :  (Beech me tokte huve) acha...waise ye sab kyun pucha or bataya ja raha h...mujhse shadi karne ka irada h kya :P
Me : Aisa mene kaha to nahi ki mera irada you se shadi karne ka hai ..
Aka X : Aaj tak fb par kisi ne mujse  family background nahi pucha...tum kaho to bio data or kundali bhijwau kya ??? 
Me : yahi to problem hai .. 
  • ladki ko bf ke bare me pucho to..use lagta hai ..ladka line mar raha ha
  • family ke bare me pucho to shadi ki soch raha hai.
  • padhai ke bare me pucho to lagta hai jealous ho raha hai..
    Aka x : or....
    Me : or kuch normal ya funny bat karo to...ladki ko lagta hai banda serious nahi hai...
    Aka x : or...
    Me : Ek no. ka luccha hai...fb par pakata hai..blah..blah...
    AKa X: or...
    Me: or kya mera sar or mera kan..
    Aka X : :D :D :D :D
    or tumhara muh jo bhi bhut chalta h :P
    Me: Use chalna hi chahiye...bhagwan ne muh diya hi do kam ke liye hai..
    1. Khane ke liye
    2. Bolne ke liye
    Aka X : acha..:P
    Me : Yes, Right to speech LOL
    Aka X : actuly...mujhe itni jaldi logo s opn hone ki adat nhi h...isliye..itni jaldi details dena kisi ko apne bare m ajeeb lagta h
    Me: To mene tumhe open hone ko kab kaha :D ?? par..muje to.. muje detail dena kuch jyada acha lagta apna biodata sath lekar chalta hoo :D :D
    Aka X: haan vo to samaj gai...
    ME :raste me har jagah jo bhi milta haiuse de deta hoo....
           le bhai...I am single Teri behan, sis, or beti kya milegi ready to mingle ...:D oh my god zukerberg sucks invented  facebook where people never face  books :D

    to be continued ....

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Scene 1:
At the local Shiva temple today, a 4-year old came face to face with a statue of Nandi (Bull). After staring at the statue for 5 minutes, he made some courage and touched the bull on the nose. He then ran back a few steps and stood scared looking at the bull, expecting it to follow him.

After 2 mins, he again approached the bull from the side, touched it and ran away. This continued for the next 10 mins, till his mother pulled him away. Evidently he was a little too slow to realize it was a statue :)

Scene 2:
On my way back home, saw my neighbors kid on the roof of a car. As I stared at him from a distance, he got down and stood silently at the side. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Kyun chade the upar? Gir jate to?
Kid: Bhaiya wo car aapki hai?
Me: Nahi
Kid: To aap kyun poochte ho

Me: Stunned :(

Scene 3:

On the way up the stairs, one 5-year old to another, “Hey kal chutti hai na. Thank God!!!”. And to say we grown ups are frustrated :D
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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to get the Facebook timeline (Awesum hack by me)

Get Facebook's New Timeline Beta Right Now

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a complete reconceptualization of profile pages on the popular social network with the introduction of Timeline. As Zuckerberg puts it, Timeline is the story of your life.

Gone is the single column wall of posts with the most recent updates telling '15 minutes of your story.' Instead, as the name suggests, you'll see a timeline of life events containing photos and other updates that stretches back to when you joined Facebook. Anyone viewing it can click back to any year where there are updates and see what was going on.
Facebook automatically selects the most important updates and highlights them with a blue dot. Grey dots represent hidden updates that might not be as important. Users can arrange their Timeline however they see fit by removing certain updates or highlighting others that might be important to them. The feature will begin rolling out to the public over the next few weeks, but developers can sign up for early access now. Here's how you can get it too:
1. Visit the Facebook Developer page and enable it for your account. 
 2. Click the 'Create New App' button on the top right. On the New App prompt window, give your app a display name and name space -- any name, it doesn't matter. Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy and click Continue. You will need a verified Facebook account so make sure you have either a credit card or phone number on file. 

3. After clearing the CAPTCHA verification you will then be taken to your new apps' settings screen (if Facebook doesn’t put you there automatically hit the Edit App button on the top right). Next, click on Open Graph link in the left column and define an action for your new app on the right pane. You can enter whatever you like; I wrote watch on the first field and chose video from the drop-down menu on the next one. Click "Get Started."

That's it! You may see an error telling you that something went wrong but just ignore that and head to your Facebook homepage, you should see an invitation to the new Facebook Timeline Beta (you may have to wait a few minutes). Once you are in you can take a short tour of the new timeline view or start editing your profile until you are ready to publish it.
The timeline functionality isn't compatible with the "old" Facebook, so most of your friends won't see your fancy new page just yet. Users will be migrated over the coming weeks as Facebook rolls out the update to everyone.
The new Facebook site looks gorgeous, but going beyond pure aesthetics, opening up more about your life to your social circle and potentially to the web?

 The top portion of the timeline features a configurable background picture called the Cover, and has personal information on the left along with your friends, photos, and Likes.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011


हंसते-हंसते अचानक रुका !
किसके साथ मैं क्यों हंसा !
ये मेरी शक्ल कैसे !
ये मेरी कलम कैसे !
ये मेरे मित्र कौन !
ये मेरा शरीर कैसे !
ये मैं ज़िन्दा कैसे !
ये मेरी आँखें कैसे !
ये मेरा घर कैसे !
मैं तो इधर गया था
हाँ इधर !
तो मैं उधर कैसे !!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

OHH Yes, I am Single..!


OHH Yes, I am Single..!    ..and so is my girlfriend is the debut novel of Neeti Rustagi. She co-authored the best seller writer Durjoy Datta.

About book What they Say:-  Not all love stories move linearly. Neither does this one. From a fat, ugly nerd who never had it in him to even stand close to anyone from the opposite sex to someone who gets dumped from breakfast and is in love again by brunch, this story traces the life and times of guy, who has the innate ability to fall in well as to fall out of it. He is the perfect picture of the imperfect romantic. Even a fling for him is a budding short relationship for him as his endless pursuit goes on for the one who will make the stars in the sky shine a little brighter for him. Or at least make the night better. :) So who's the girl of his dreams? The seven year old crush? The first girl he ever kissed? The first girl he ever slept with? The one who never really loved him? Or the one he never intended to dump? Which one of these always has him crawling back to her every time his heart lay broken in his palms? Which one of these faces will he never be able to push out his head? It's always been easy for him to decide who he doesn't love. Will Durjoy finally be able to decide who he really loves?

The book is in the same manner like Durjoy writes.He had made a different fan group who love reading his books and they will definitely enjoy OHH Yes, I am Single..!    ..and so is my girlfriend .

In this book Neeti is telling Durjoy story that how he met her girl.

Read Neeti Rahtugi's Blog here .

OHH Yes, I am Single..!    ..and so is my girlfriend is a really enjoyable book and I have finished it in  a single sit. kudos to Neeti & Durjoy for their attempt.

P.S.- 1. I hope that Neeti will also write her own solo book.
2.Guys who are missing my blog posts, don't worry I will  try to write more posts very soon.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Introducing the Jan Gun Pal bill, which proposes that everyone gets a free gun and when they meet a corrupt person, just shoot him/her.
This is based on the following logic:
1. Jan Lok Pal bill proponents say that:
"There is corruption -> Corruption is bad -> Our laws don't stop corruption -> Anna is saying his law will stop it -> Any law is better than no law -> So who cares if the law has problems.
2. As Anna Hazare himself said, it is time to put the matter in the hands of the people. ( )
Here's a point-by-point comparison of the JAN GUN PAL bill with the other two bills:
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Friday, September 16, 2011

अभी यहाँ...

अभी यहाँ
मैं बैठा हूँ
अभी यहाँ
तुम होती
अभी यहाँ
समंदर किनारे हम टहल रहे होते
और समंदर हमारी धड़कन सुन रहा होता
अभी यहाँ
ऊपर वो चाँद और तारों से सजा आकाश
हमारे संग दौड़ रहा होता
हमारा हाथ थामे
अभी यहाँ कोई नहीं होता
और मैं तुम्हारी आँखों में डूब जाता
और ये गाती गुनगुनाती ज़िन्दगी
यूं ही बीत जाती
अभी यहाँ
दुनिया ठहर जाती
सब कुछ धीरे धीरे हमारा हो जाता
ये दुनिया हमारी हो जाती
और हम एक दूसरे के हो जाते
अभी यहाँ
एक तारा टूटता
और हम एक दूसरे को मांग लेते
और वो तारा भी हमारा हो जाता
अभी यहाँ
तुम नंगे पाँव दौड़ती चली आती
और मैं तुम्हे देखता
और तुम सच्चे झूठे बहाने बना
मुझसे लिपट जाती
अभी यहाँ
मैं तुम्हे जगाता
तुम्हारी जुल्फों की लटों को सुलझाता
और तुम आँखें खोल
मुझे देखती
अभी यहाँ
मैं मर रहा होता
और तुम्हे अगले जन्म में फिर मिलने का वादा कर
मैं सुकून से तुम्हारी बाँहों में मरता
अभी यहाँ
मैं बैठा हूँ
काश यहाँ
तुम होती !
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Thought about Google+

Google+ is a refreshing alternative to Facebook and it is sure that Google+ will gain a lot of users especially since Facebook has a lot of Privacy issues. Google+ is easy to use and you choose what you share with others. Interface is intuitive and it is not cluttered unlike Facebook.

You have video chat, mobile app for Android (other platforms will follow), uploading photos and managing them is easy and sharing content with friends is much more interesting then on Facebook at least to me. With Google redesigning top bar, all services will integrate and will be more accessible to use.

Facebook has big advantage with 750 million users but Google will sure make a new path with Google+. I personally am looking forward to seeing how Google+ will evolve and what kind of improvements will be added.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big Question of Transparency- Disclosure of Answer Sheets

The passage of the Right to Information Act in 2005 promised to usher in the age of transparency in India. The new Act was expected to remove the veil of secrecy shrouding public offices. Such was the hope in any case. What has actually been achieved so far points to a different story altogether. The situation is especially bleak when it comes to the disclosure of answer-sheets by public services recruitment commissions, education councils and universities.

The universities and other agencies, who conduct examinations, oppose the move to disclose answer sheets on the ground that the entire examination system will collapse. They tried to find out ways and means in different provisions under Right to Information Act and even beyond to keep answer sheets outside the purview of the Act. On one occasion, one of India’s most prestigious universities, Delhi University, in reply to an application under Right to Information Act seeking copies of the answer sheets of an applicant, informed him that the answer sheets could not be disclosed as the same was exempted from disclosure under section 8(1) (a). Under this provision any information, which may affect the sovereignty, integrity, and security of India cannot be disclosed. It is still a mystery as to how the disclosure of the answer sheets to the applicant can affect the sovereignty and integrity of the country. How an innocuous answer sheet can cause security threat to the country is something the University did not care to explain.

The Information Commissions all across the country have also not been adopting a consistent and uniform approach on the issue of disclosing answer sheets under the Right to Information Act. Central Information Commission has adopted an approach that answer sheets of school examinations and some competitive examinations can be disclosed, but the answer sheets of university and board examinations can not be disclosed as it would result in rendering the system unworkable. This approach of the Central Information Commission was taken as a defence in a case in Calcutta High Court, when Pritam Rooj, an applicant sought copies of his answer sheets from Calcutta University.

The judgment in Pritam Rooj versus Calcutta University (AIR 2008 CAL 118) is a landmark judgment in this regard as it has rejected the contention of the university that the disclosure of the answer sheet will render the system unworkable and ordered the university to disclose the answer sheet to the applicant. The Court also rejected the approach of the Central Information Commission which allowed to disclose of the answer sheets of certain examination, but disallowed to disclose answer sheets of other examinations.

There are two important aspects on which the High Court has passed its judgment. First and foremost is the issue of disclosure of one’s own answer sheets to an applicant, and another, which is equally important, the duty of the Public Information Officer to give a reply in accordance to the Right to Information Act and to provide details of the Appellate Authority in its reply. Pritam Rooj, who was a very meritorious student, obtained only 28 marks in paper V of his final year examination of B. A. (Mathematics) Honours. As a result, he could not get admission in some higher education course. Aggrieved and not satisfied with the result, he filed an application under the Right to Information Act seeking inspection of the answer sheet and obtaining its copy. In its reply, the Public Information Officer informed him that the university “has decided not to allow inspection of the answer sheets”. In his reply, the detail of the Appellate Authority was also not provided. Pritam Rooj, instead of filing appeal/ complaint under the Right to Information Act, directly approached the High Court and filed a writ.

During the hearing of the writ petition of Pritam Rooj at Calcutta High Court, Calcutta University contended that as Pritam did not exhaust the remedy of appeal/ complaint under Right to Information Act, his writ petition is immature and cannot be entertained by the Court. The basic argument behind this was that the writ petition in any High Court cannot be filed, if there is any alternative remedy available to the applicant. Calcutta high Court held that under section 7 (8) of Right to Information Act, while rejecting the application of the applicant, Public Information Officer should communicate to the person making the request, the reasons for such rejection; the period within which an appeal against such rejection may be preferred; and, the particulars of the appellate authority. The reply of the Public Information Officer of the Calcutta University lacked on all these three counts. The communication from Public Information Officer only informed the applicant that the “it has been decided” that inspection of the answer sheets will not be allowed. In this way, the Public Information Officer has merely, communicated the decision of the university. Public Information Officer has not made any decision on disclosure or non- disclosure of the answer sheet. He also did not inform the particulars of the Appellate Authority and the period in which the appeal can be preferred by him. Court, therefore, held that the alternative remedy that would otherwise have been available to the petitioner herein is, in the present case, an illusory right. In not furnishing the particulars of the appellate authority, the Public Information Officer has acted in derogation of the command of Section 7 (8) (iii). It is not as if in every case that there is a fixed appellate forum that a person aggrieved by the manner of disposal of his request may otherwise be aware of. Section 19(1) of the said Act provides that an appeal will lie to such officer who is senior in rank in the public authority to the Public Information Officer who disposed of the request. The appellate authority would vary with each public authority and it is for such purpose that Section 7 (8) (iii) has been engrafted and assumes more significance than being a routine matter where there is a general appellate forum to receive appeals from all disposals of requests.

Furthermore the expression in the reply of the Public Information Officer, "it has been decided" betrays a general acceptance by the public authority (here, the University) of the principle that answer sheets do not fall within the definition of “information” for any request to obtain them being entertained from an examinee. Court also observed that in light of the decision of the Central Information Commission, that disallows the disclosure of answer sheets, usual process of appeal and complaint under Right to Information Act, would be an exercise in futility. Even if the decision of the Central Information Commission is not binding on the state Information Commission, the decision of the Central Information Commission can be seen to be of such persuasive value that would render the right of appeal and complaint, meaningless.

Thus, the Court allowed the appeal even without Pritam Rooj exhausting the appeal and complaint remedy available to him under Right to Information Act.

On the issue of the disclosure of the answer sheets, Calcutta University argued that the applicant is not required to know anything about the answer sheet, once he submitted it after the examination, except the marks obtained to him and in some exceptional cases, the break-up of the marks in the paper. Disclosing the answer sheet would open a floodgate of requests and lead to an unworkable situation and an undesirable lack of finality and timeliness upon the possible protests for half marks being missed out here and there. Further, the disclosure of the answer sheets, the university contended, would expose its examiners who the University ought to protect. The last substantial ground urged by the University is one under Section 8 (1) (b) of the Right to Information Act which provides that there shall be no obligation to furnish any information which has been expressly forbidden to be published by any Court of law or tribunal or the disclosure of which may constitute contempt of Court. The University argued that in the many pronouncements of the Supreme Court, there are observations that answer sheets should ordinarily not be made available to examinees and observations to the effect that examinees cannot be associated with the process of evaluation of their answer sheets.

Calcutta High Court rejected all these arguments. On the issue of floodgate of the requests, the Court observed that this argument appears to be an argument of desperation. While comparing with the right of judicial review available to all, the Court observed that only because there is a possibility of floodgate litigation, a valuable right of a citizen cannot be permitted to be taken away. This Court is bound to determine the respective rights of the parties. The Court, therefore, found no force in this argument of the University.

On the issue of applicability of section 8 (1) (b) of the Right to Information act, the Court observed that the disclosure of answer sheets was not considered, by Supreme Court, in the light of the Right to Information Act, which is the subject-matter of the present proceedings, even if it is accepted that the Right to Information Act only elucidates on the right originally guaranteed by the Constitution. Right to Information act, as a matter of fact, guarantees and enlarges the basic and fundamental right as guaranteed under the Constitution of India, and its primary purpose is to encourage transparency and curb corruption. Further, subject to the legislation being within the bounds of constitutional propriety, the legislature may bring an enactment to undo a view expressed by Court, for notwithstanding the contemporary fading demarcations of the functions of the several organs of State, the Court may have to yield to the legislature in the business of law-making as it is the vocation of the one and the subject of scrutiny and application of the other, the Court observed.

On the issue of protecting the examiners, the Court observed that as much as an examining body may owe an obligation to its set of examiners, it owes a greater fiduciary duty to its examinees. The examinees are at the heart of a system. The examining body and the examiners are there to cater the examinees. Striking a comparison the court observed that if it is the right of a voter, for the little man to have the curriculum vitae of the candidates who seek his insignificant vote; the right of the examinee is no less to seek inspection of his answer sheet.

Court also negated the contention of the Central Information Commission that disclosure of answer sheets would render the entire system unworkable. The Court observed that by this contention, the Commission has discovered an exemption not expressly provided for in the Right to Information Act to deny information despite accepting that the words used in the said Act could not be read to be a bar to the right asserted thereunder. Court observed that the disclosure of answer sheets and for that matter, any information, cannot be denied if the disclosure is exempted under section 8 of the Right to Information Act. As a rule, the Court further observed that the information has to be supplied unless it is exempted. If the information is refused, the reason for refusal has to be found in Section 8 and nowhere else.

Pointing out the benefit of disclosing answer sheets to the examinees, Calcutta high Court also observed that a look at his [examinees] evaluated answer script can serve the wonderful purpose of pointing out his mistakes − whether or not the evaluated paper marks such mistakes − clarifying his doubts and helping him to know once and for all, what he wrote and what he did not. Disclosure of answer sheets would help him in improving his quality of answers in future and make the examination system more beneficial to the examinees. An examinee, who has written hurried answers and solved problems under examination conditions sometimes several months before he gets the mark sheet, does not really "know" his answers. His memory of what he wrote will also not be complete or accurate. He may not even have a clear recollection of what he has recorded in his answers. Alternatively, he may feel that he has written something that he actually has not. His silly mistakes, graphical or grammatical errors and oversights may not be obvious to him. With the disclosure of answer sheets to him, it would be a great help for the examinee to point out his errors and omissions that he can improve upon, while appearing in future exams. Thus, by assessing the achievement of the student through examination and then disclosing the answer sheets to him would help him in understanding the areas where he need to improve to excel in his endeavours and foster meaningful proliferation of knowledge.

Further, the court also interpreted the disclosure of answer sheet as a constitutional right of the examinee. In the words of the court “If inspection of answer scripts is denied to the examinee, the spirit of the Constitutional right to expression and information may be lost. The knowledge-builder's -the University's bid to perpetuate the draconian, elitist, one-sided right to know and judge and rule without being open to question or accountable to the examinee cannot be encouraged. For a system to foster meaningful proliferation of knowledge, it must itself be crystal clear to its core.”

In final words of the Court, “Whether it is on the anvil of the legal holy trinity of justice, equity and good conscience, or on the test of openness and transparency being inherent in human rights, or by the myriad tools of construction, or even by the Wednesbury yardstick of reasonableness, the State Public Information Officer's rejection of the writ petitioner's request to obtain his answer script cannot be sustained. The University will proceed to immediately offer inspection of the paper that the petitioner seeks.”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Deleted my last post after reconsideration

I deleted my last post "Running after.......a dream" because i realized that this post was dont have any sense for people like me who have lot of Dreams in life. I was demotivated after unfair treatment by my University. Last night my friend lalit pinged me on chat the some parts of our conversation is here..
Lalit :blogger bhai
aaj tera blog padha
4 saal mein pehli bar after engineering
bada frustrate hua pada hai
Me: ku kya hua
yar samaj sakta hai tu
hard time for me
Lalit :are yaar
aayega tera time bhi aayega
Me: bas tu hai na ...tu bhi na...
tu khus karta rahega sale
3 idiot k Rancho ki tarah apne dosto ko
Lalit : What you wrote on your blog, I am not agree with your post. You are demotivating readers and your friends who love to read your posts.
Me: This post was just for .....
Lalit : What just for ..??
Me : Aiwee hi yar....
Lalit : What aiwee hi..after reading your blog my mind is blank now ..thinking about you.
Me : Its just a blog post...
Lalit : What just a blog post, you are demotivating people and its wrong ...i am not agree with you and your post. Even i was demotivated after reading.
Me : Wait 2 minutes ( Reading my last post again )
You are right i realized my mistakes accepting and deleting this post now.
Lalit : I am happy now. You are not only one who is puzzled with mismanagement of Education system. We all know about it. You need to move your minds towards different side. Dont waste your time to think about future. Do something good for be happy like watch movies, videoes, join gym do something extra and be happy. Dont care about people that what are they thinking about you. Live your life with hapiness.
Me : Lalit thanking you for motivating me...
Lalit : post something good like videoes , Jokes and anything happening which have source of smile ...

Conversation end here and i deleted my last post from my blog..

I found my self lost in thoughts and lost in time. when task is failed it seems like i am "losing the race of life".At time of failure i am rapidly losing control on myself , my mind and my soul and after reconsideration of my fault i have decided to kick the darkness of light till it bleeds in daylight everytime. Hope my life will take U turn and God will bless me for success in life.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bengalooroo... 2 words,  food and pubs.i know it for a fact that everybody here is sick of my "i dont like bangalore" song, and i am sure all of us will be so much happier if only i could go back to North !!*sigh* granted, that this place does have its good points too, and has accepted me with open arms, still, i cant help but miss home :( if asked to list out my anti-blr points, my top grudge is that this place has a serious dearth of party places, if u dont consider all the pubs dotting the streets.if u want to go out, and do some headbanging on good ol' rock numbers and come back. sounds fine for a week, but after that, someone like me really starts to miss the rocking bollywood and punjabi numbers, to which i could sing along and sway with abandon!
my second grudge is fm radio :( being the radio aficionado that i am(rather... was), it was a cultural shock for me to listen to Radio Mirchi in kannada (sakath hot's hot)!!all the stations i listened to rarely in jaipur form my main listening now, be it radio city or big fm. only fever is the same as before.. good 40 mins of non stop music :) hmm..ok, there is a new station here 91.9 fm, radio indigo does play international music , and is my favorite station for now.. so i guess i have actually nothing to complain about ;)

but i do so miss my Rajsathani  frens!! my bus/auto/pg/sec 10/jaipur circles.. endless fun :( ok, granted that i do have chits  frens also now, plus my Jaipur's frens whom i have met up with here, plus my Community  frens *grin*. Moreover, my Jaipur's frens are here   now mostly, and lot of drifted apart for higher studies .. so now instead of one phone call to talk to a whole group, i have to place so many calls(  )... in a way, it was good that i came when i did!!
in conclusion, i still vehemently "dont like bangalore" for all the reasons listed above, and no matter what all reasons are given to the contrary, i wont change my views!!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anwesha's bday !! 2/1/2011

Hello everyone ,
                        As i promised in last post i will be going to post about Anwesha's birthday celebration. Ok after new year night wakeup early in the morning on the date 1/1/11. Calling to anwesha's father ...jingle bell...jinge bell(caller tune)
Abhi bhaiya :Hello..who is speaking?
Me: Happy birthday to you Anwehsa .
He: dude anwesha have her  bday on next day. you are wishing in advance dont forget wishing my daughter next day. and make ur presence next day before 2pm. And will take lunch and dinner with us.
Me: Oh its ok. but my cellphone reminding me from last night for bday of anwesha and sorry i am unable to come for lunch.
He: dont make me fool  and dont try to reject my offer. Otw its against ur di's respect.I dont know anything you will be comming finally and no more exquses.
Me:Ohk i will try . But not giving commitment.
So made call to meenaxi di (Hey madhvi di is inviting me on anwesha's party for lunch and dinner. what to do? ).
Meenaxi di : you should to go. They are not others.
Me: But is it ok to be close very early .? what do u think? She is your friend and i am your brother.
she: whatever dont think so much go and enjoy. This is a good chance for you to meet people of bengalooroo. go go and enjoy.
Me: ok. Thanx.
Made call to dady . what to do ? should go for lunch or not?
dady: go.
so finally next day wake up 9'O clock . The phone is ringing . Rise up...rise up dont fall down again..(my cellphone ringtone).
Me: Hello who is speaking. Abhi tak soye ho kya.
she: Me madhvi . Me:yeah hello madhvi ( thinking like some one calling from job consultancy) .
she: i am madhvi di . uthja abhi. And come before 12'O Clock i need some help for managing party.
Me: ok . i will.
so finally took bath and purchased a present for Anwesha from "Mom & me" mall.
Now time is 1:30pm and finally in Anwesha's home sweet home. Di offered luch with tikkad(bazra+jo+chana=One type OF Rajasthani chapati) , dal and carrot halwa which was yummy and become more delicious due to their affection and love for me .
So now bhaiya asked me to download some theme and dancing music from internet for bday party .I did. And now di gave me a task that suggest some ideas for games for kids and for adults. I suggested musical race, truth and dare, exchanging game, baloon dance, bolly, spoon race etc etc. So finally started to decorate roof by baloons and ribbons after 1Hr roof is completely ready for bday celebration.
party started with kids games and some Rajasthani snacks samosa , kachori, waffers , chocos. After 8pm we decided for cake celebration. Anwesha did it with knife and now she is completed 6yr of her life. we all wished her with claps and bday theme  music. Anwesha offered cake (black forest ) pieces to eveyone. after celebration we offered dinner with dominos pizza and colddrinks. after dinner everyone started dancing on partymix music  which is downloaded by me ( call me, rise up, saturday night etc.)with baloon dance steps. The whole atmosphere become completely ryhtmic. finally party ends with ice cream and cold drinks. Return gifts are given to kids by madhvi di. In the end susmita di sung a song for kids. Everthing was well managed and everyone praising for this celebration. Party was awesome . Finally di packed some snakcs for me and bhaiya dropped me at my destination. Gave thanx to bhaiya for inviting me and make a part of this lovely family which was unexpectable for me in present. On that day i undestood that how social life have a importance in our life. Have to write lot of from bengalooro...but now i want to take bath.  thanx for appreciating me for my blog post...more experiments underway, the results will be displayed as and when concluded... abhi phir se fun time , so plenty of opportunity to experiment :D
tab tak, stupid  ABHI signing off...
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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Journey to dream city Banglore !!

Once again Sorry Guys and Gals! Did not post anything for quite some time now. But am back from the hibernation.

Have lots and lots of things to write, but it would really take some time to express every thought in my mind right now.
Ok so finally i am in banglore in hope of  full  of expecatation and  with lot of  desires. Planned to came here from past two month but due to corrupted indian Railway system failed to get reservation easily.

So after lot of frustration decide to choose different route from kota to Mumbai(Dadar) via Golden temple and from Dadar to Banglore by udyan express in adition to kota to mysore -Banlore route. so finally got reservation in waiting for 14th december 2010 which confirmed after lot of mindteasing on IRCTC system. Want to say thanx to MR. Raja shah jain  my jiju and Chits (Abhinav) my friend both who helped me for reservation.
SO from 14 noon to 16th morning i was in train cant express train expreince here.
Finally reached at madhvi di home from Banglore-SBC to jp nagar 5th phase via prepaid auto taxy (seems quite funny na!! prepaid auto taxi damned crazzy !!:D). But here in banglore this is system which managed by Railway police of karnataka for control the  spontaneous loot by auto union.
Ok after 11km travel finally i found out the home of madhvi di. Madhvi di whom i never meet before (Looks like a educated and higer class lady ) recieve me with affection. It was quite surprising for me that  i will gonna stay in banglore  tomadhvi di's house(who was not in my relation she was just only my sister's friend.)till then  i wouldnt found a suitable regidence like paying guest for me. finally entered in house Flat no. 203 which was well furnished everything was well  managed. Took bath and did little conversation with di met to  her cute baby samyak (6 months old). Everything was excited for me even you can say its my good fortune that i met to these lovely people. ok finally she offered me  yummy  and tasty lunch with full of affection . Before meeting to her i was lil bit afraid for there reaction on me (because i was similar like bin bulaya mehmaan , jaan na pehchaan). but feeling relief after meeting to her she was quite affectionable for me and treating me same like her lil brother. Oh thank you god for helping me and giving me such fortune. After eating food i took some rest for half an hour and become active atonce for finding a suitable pg for me because on the same day madhvi di and  Abhishek bhaiya ( her husband ) had reservation for 4 days trip to kodaknal hill station and rameshwaram thats why it was more necessary for me because i am hesitating to live alone in their house  ,Made Call to one of my senior and told them that i am in banglore please arrange a suitable  accomodation for me . He replied in my favour that come in jp nagar 5th phase i will show you pg. So finally meet to him and saw his pg accomodation which was in quite funny situation so decided to search out myself and started walkin on the roads of banglore and found some pumplets for mens pg made call them and saw some accomodation which was giving me imbalance feel (Dirty and room size like bathroom). Finally tired back to di's home drink water and told her to my exact situation. She suggested me for do google (Great idea by a educated and aware  lady ). So According to her suggestion did google find some accomodation made call them but all are once again quite funny because they didnt know hindi and english they only knew kannad a local language of karnatka. So once again decided to walk around streets once again made call by lookinf puplets which  was attached to light poles.
OK JOURNEY BEGUN.....tring tring with kannada ringtone like rama rama rama re....
Hello who is this ??
me: hello i am finding suitable pg for me . can you show me i am standing here.
A man came on spelender after waiting of some time....
Hello  me veeru tum pg search karta.....
ME: Yes sir.
He: ok lets come with me on byke. came to dollar layout .
(He shows me a good room which was well furnished  also he promised me for internet and tv in room which was 2 seater.I like rooms and decided to move here from dis house but still have some confusion like transportation, food and etc etc )
Veeru introduced me to some guys who were already living in pg. they told me about transporation and nearest restorant for food. so i asked veeru to drop me once again at di's home which was on only 1/2km distance. Veeru droped me at my destination seems like he was a gentle man (otw aaj k jamane me apna petrol kaun bigadata hai ).
Now in di's house told them that i m confused for pg.i  want to move for guest house. She replied me dont move stay here its your own home and when you will find then move. but i am forcing them to move. So after half and hour both husband and wife forced me to stay in house  alone . I am accepted  there proposal and stay hold to house in night. night was spent with good sleep because  i was tired from 4 days. in the morning i wake up 8 am and once again call to veeru to show me the pg again . The gentle man once again recieved me from my destination and i gave him fianal reply that i am comming in the evening . finally he told me rent and some conditions which was apply on all .
I was agree decide to move in evening . and then shifted to my pg in evening a destination of my dream and desires. Food was quite good for starting days after that i bored with these south indian dishes like idli, dosa, upma etc etc because i got smail of coconut oil from all these products which they made. Still eating same food. :D.
ok guys want to sleep now the time is 2.28 pm. soon updating one more post about anwesha's bday .
till then keep rockings...