Monday, May 25, 2009

miss u very much....

i miss my sister. i know she miss me too. This is for you my di, to tell you that I love you, to tell you that I would always be there for you, to tell you that you are never alone.

we might be miles apart, alone, on our own
but the distance cant steal away our love
so smile all day and never feel lonely
for I love you and I would always do.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aakhon mein....

In aankhon mein khaab hain...

kuch sadiyon se soye nahin...

kisike khayalon mein khoye hain...

simat ke bhi bikhre se hain yeh khaab

aankhon mein dard chipaye rakha hai...

fir bhi yeh aankhein roye nahin
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How about this one?? Man ,,never thought about it before. The idea just came storming towards my braincells when they were busy finding a way out for themselves to get rid of the oh-so-boring thing…..what do we call that ah yes..paDhAi. God, have never been in this hell of a situation before. For the first time, in the history of my living have I been through such a circumstantial disaster. Well am sure by now you'd be high on guessing but I bet if you could get it right or even half-way.

Keeping no more surprises, its simple,, no no no its ironical. I got my summer holidays on but I m by no means' free'. Confused? So am I and so are the thousands of others who are a part of my university.. My exams are postponed for about a month & the newspaper says that we gotta observe summer vacations with immediate effect. Yeah, how about enjoying a one month vacation & then getting back to your senses realizing you wasted it all & have no clue of what to write in the exams. Hell , no don't wanna even think about this. Then what, get back to work, get serious, get to study.Oh man! If this is the better option then I'd be better left without any options.

Now in case you are wondering why did I of all the things go for the title TechtOOn which seems so irrelevant , so out of line with reference to my text then, lemme plz throw some ROshNI over this………

I am an engineering student pursuing my B.Tech. with my 3rd year goin on. Now that I am in the technical line &what these people have made of us is no less than a cartoon…so I guess,,,,we can be so mercifully called as the…..

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With i-pods rocking in our ears and moblie phones buzzzzzzing in our pockets we think we are the GEN-X. Riding a cool bike with a hot girlfriend we think we are the GEN-X. Wearing low waisted levis jeans with an adidas tee we think we are the GEN-X. But unfortunately a poor boy doesn't wears an adidias tee but barely manages a shirt without patches. A poor boy doesn't rides a cool bike but walks barefoot on the roads, his future leading to nowhere. Should'nt we be ashamed of ourseleves. But no, we arent, infact we proudly call ourselves "YOUNGISTANIS"... Aping the western world we have become so much selfish that we don't even have regards for our own culture. Trying to fit in the shoes of the west is not a big deal but we should keep in mind that we are indians after all. In earlier india a woman had an undue respect, but today she is seen nothing more than a "thing" for enjoyment. The rising rape cases have put a question mark on the freedom of women... And what's the reason for this?? The younger generation women feel that wearing short skirts, see-through tops and all that stuff will make them look modern and fashionable.No doubt, we should move with world... we have every right to look modern..but everything has a limit. There is no road after a deadline. And not only the gals but we guys should also know one thing... " Ek ladki ek khoobsurat phool ki tarah hoti hai, usko saraho par khuclo mat"
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My confession

Nor any poem neither a love song ..
But it is my confession..
My love was always there ..
But always needed an expression.
Today you passed by me again..
My heart was happy and my heart is still insane.
Every time u were there..
I wanted to see u..but pretended i don't care.
Its not the matter of only this time... Ive always missed u and i don't think its any crime. In a few days this journey too will end..
But i ll always miss u.. as a special friend.
This last time i will say..
And will not regret..
U were the one ill never forget.
One more fact ..some more light... "All the things my friends said were right".
i Called u one night..
But could not say these words on "phone".
to whom ill say these words when ur gone.
I was always scared of wat u'll think..
But never thought this fast ,time will shrink. So finally i say..
Ur the missing element
Every hour every day..
your hapiness forever,
is all that i can pray.
In a few days this journey too will end..
But i ll always miss u.. as a special friend.
can we sail our ships together..
really want to be ur friend forever.
Now im relaxed and my heart is releived..
coz i said to u all wat MY HEART believed.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Berang titli

Ek din bheed main mein .
Chala ja raha tha ,
Khush nahin tha jyada.
Hans raha tha ?
Ya shayad dikhla raha tha .

Bheed main ek titli mili,
Udi chand faasle tak fir mudi .
Rang mujh pe fenk ,
Jor se hassi .

Kuch bikhare rang ,
Muthi mai lekar main age bada.
Woh hasti titli dekhne ko,
Main fir wapis muda.

Hatheli pe baitha kar use,
Maine fir ek baar fir hassa.
Ek kahani maine sunai ,
Ek woh sunaati gayi.

Hawa ko pakad ,
Baarish se khel .
Yunhi muskura raha tha .
Goom tha kahin main ,
Na jane kahan ja raha tha.

Ek pal ka sapna tha shayad ...

Neend khulne pe khada tha wahin ..

Pakrne ko aasman main,
Hatheli faila raha tha .
Sookhi si baarish main bheega,
Berang titli uda raha tha.

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Hieeeeeeee dear!!!!!!!!

most of us hav now begun our summer vacations..... n i jus wanted 2 remind u that these can be really interesting..
these days there's a lot of craze 4 summer camps.... certainly they help u grow up n hone ur talents.... but also add a lot of confidence tooooo.

but m actually talking bout, those students... and / or proffessional... who 2 r psending their time @ home wa8in 4 d recession 2 get over!!!!!

i think , let us not allow these days jus pass by coz we probbly make a lot of addions to our resumes and profiles by doing some summer jobs, doing some extra courses, by learning some add on skills. this 'll not only help u get better options after this dark span is over but also u'll b able to fight back d depression if ne... though i think it is not required.another advantage would be the smart answer u'll have as to how creatively n positively u have utilysed ur time.

m i rite???????????
wat say????????

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Friday, May 15, 2009

"jawab jinke nahi hote wo sawal hote hai, jo dekhne main kuch khaas nahi la jawab hote!!!!

ji haan................

"jawab jinke nahi hote wo sawal hote hai, jo dekhne main kuch khaas nahi la jawab hote!!!!"

what a lines from a famous gazal.....mere sath to aisa humesha hi hota hai. me apne frenzs k sath jab converasation karta hooo to sabhi muje bolte hai ki abhi tu sawal bahut karta hai.....ab yar...baat karne k liye sawal to karne hi hote hai, bina sawal k conversation nhi ho sakta....lekin sabhi yahi bolte hai ki tum aise sawal karte ho jinka na sir hota hai और na pair......"ye baat to galat hai actually mere sawal kuch aisi bato pe depends hote hai...jinka jawab dete log soch nhi pate ki kase kya kahe ise...unke pas koi perfect answer nhi hota...or jab perfect answer nhi hota to sawal par sawal ...or sawal k sawal...sawal ki khal...or khal..k bal....tak nikal ate hai..."
or us baat par wo log aise react karte hai jaise unhe kuch maloom hi na ho...ek hi jawab hota hai...unke pas...."pata nahi" ya i dont know.... un logo k liye to me yahi kehta hoo...... ki "खिसयानी बिल्ली खम्बा नोचे "......actually merer sawal sense less dikhai dete hai.....yani ki dekhne me khas nhi hote... par bejawab or lajawab hote hai.......................

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

its too difficult mange myself....

The time seems like passing just doing nothing at all. I don't know how to utilize my time , sometimes i become so much frustrated by myself that i begin to hate myself. It is very difficult for me be organized. I can't do things like machines do. But i know that i have to be managed to get succeeded in life. I hoping to get some positive changes in myself with time, as i know i can do many things much better.

Planning is fake
when it comes to
to reality , it happens
which is made to happen
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सच है, ये इश्क नही आशां।

सुना था बहुत, ये इश्क नहीं आशां
बस इतना समझ लिझे, इक आग का
दरिया है और डूब के जाना है।
हंसा था इस पे बहुत मैं,
कैसी आग और कैसा दरिया?
आह! जब गुजरी ख़ुद पे,
तो हँसी नही, आया रोना।
सच है, ये इश्क नही आशां।
शायरों ने भले ही लिखा कुछ
बढाकर, पर लिख दिया वो,
जो मुमकिन नहीं
बयां लफ्जों में करना आशां!!!!!!!!!!
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sab mere dimag ki virtual image hai....kuch bhi sach nhi hai......

मेरी टीचर मेनू कहन्दी है आंदा नही मेनू कुछ भी
पापा मेनू कहंदे है तू मेरा नाम दुबायेगा ,मेरी अम्मा मेनू
कहेंदी है एक सोनी कुडी मेनू मिलेगी तेनु मेरे यार कहेंदे है
तू मुंडा कमाल है। मेरे पहले टेस्ट की तेयारी की मैंने ऐसे
सारे सुब्जेक्ट्स के नाम मेनू अब है याद। अचानक आया
मुझे ये ख्याल छोडू ये सब बातें, सुनो ये कहानी नई रात को
जब में छत पर बैठा था, देख रहा था मैं आसमान को
पता नही क्यूँ आँख मैं मेरे आँसू आ गए , मैंने देखा ख़ुद को रोते
मुझे लगा कुछ अलग सा ...की क्या हूँ में अकेला
दिन भर कॉलेज मैं फिरता हूँ शाम होती है तो सोचता हूँ
शाम क्यूँ हुई अब मैं सोचता हूँ उन दिनों के बारें में, सब कुछ इतना
जल्दी जल्दी हो रहा है की क्या बताऊँ जैसे कल की हो ये बात
अब तो रोंदा हूँ मैं पर पता नही क्यूँ , न समझेगी वो, न समझूंगा
मैं कभी, इधर भी वो उधर भी वो बस वो ही वो .....
मेरे जानने से या न जानने से क्या होगा, जानता हूँ मैं पर वो नही
जानती, इतने दिंनों से पता नही क्या कहूं पर जब भी देखता हूँ उसे
लगता है जैसे धड़कन रुक सी गई, जानता हूँ की हूँ मैं बर्बाद इन्सान केसा , पर पता
नही क्यूँ सोचता हूँ मैं ऐसा, गाना लिखना आता नही पर फिर भी लिखता हूँ मैं
इधर भी वो उधर भी वो जिधर देखू बस वो ही वो (she)! पता नही कब मिलेगी वो.....
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गिरता गिरता गिर ही गया....

hello ji......
how r u????? i know sab maje hi honge apke....

some time i m feeling so weak and negative to my personality disorder....some time i m feeling nurvous.....some time i think that i m failure in life....some i think that i m fall in mud...some time i m feel that people are laughing on me....some time i think that i m fool in present condition....sometime i m boired with my life....some time i m feeling a lot of pain...some time i m
very tensed to think about my future.....

अरे बहुत हो गया...सम टाइम..........मुझे तो बस इतना सा लगता है की.....में दुनिया से कही ज्यादा पीछे हूँ ...और मेरे सामने बस एक गड्ढा है कीचड़ से भरा जिसमे में डूबकर मरने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ ... उसमे गिरता ही जा रहा हूँ.....पर ....कम्बखत मौत भी मुझे गले नही लगाती.....

गिरता गिरता गिर ही गया
उठने की कोशिश की तो
फिर गिर गया, दरवाजे तक
तो पहुँच गया पर भीतर जाने को न हुआ।

उठता उठता फिर गिर गया
सोचता रहा औरों ने मुझे गिराया है,
पता चला मैं तो खुद ही गिर गया।
शीशे मैं देखा तो दंग रह गया,
न मैं था न मेरा प्रतिबिम्ब था,
अपनी नज़रों से भी गिर गया था मैं
शीशे मैं देखा न मैं था
न मेरा प्रतिबिम्ब था।

रोज रोज वही कहानी दोहराता गया
सुबह को प्रण लेता, रात होते होते
भूल जाता गया। अपनी नाकामी का
इलजाम औरों पे लगाता गया, पता चला
अपना गुनाहगार तो खुद हूँ मैं।

इतना गिरा हूँ की गड्डे में भी
आबाद हूँ शर्म और हया से
अनजान हूँ मैं, मौत भी मुझे
गले न लगायेगी
इसीलिए शायद जिंदा हूँ मैं
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Friday, May 8, 2009


its amazing the things life throws at you. Wat is it tht they say.. when life throws lemons at you, u can either plant a seed or jus make urself lemonade...!to date, all i hv been doing is looking at teh easier, faster way out.and now, i realise, it can never be tht with relationships. they are long. All consuming. Demanding. and as addictive as a drug could be. even more so.and this has to do with all kinds of relationships. with parents. with siblings. with frdns.and rite now, i guess i am toiling away at my hardest to date... and its amazing teh strenght the person has to put up with all my bull shit, stay wid me unwavering, spoil me rotten - stay inspite of my attempts to push them away, watch me be an ungratefull little wench and still come hug me... and make me love them all teh more.i dont know how my mum does it. but i love her for doing it. truly.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ye dunia azeeb hai, dunia ke dustoor azeeb hain. hum to azeeb the hi, janab aap bhi azib hain. kitna achha ho agar hum sab ek dusre ki baat maane. par nahi hum to hum hain. apni marzi karenge. Duryodhan agar apni family ki baat maan leta to ye Mahabharat ka yuddh hi na hota. koi kisi ki nahi maanta. mai bhi, or aap bhi. ji haan ! aap bhi kisi ki nahi maante. hairaan ho rahe hain? mai subut de sakta hun. ab dekho aap nahi mane, or padh hi liya aur apna time waste kiya na?. arey yaar isiliye maine heading ye di thi ki...Ise mat padho!!!
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