Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DIWALI CELEBRATION IN WHITE HOUSE PROVED THAT WE R POWERFUL AND STRONG AGAINST AMERICA back once again on bloging after diwali vacation. This diwali is like sour-sweet experience for me(why?? me bloging about after some time). Lets come on my topic ..first time diwali is celebrated in white house wid all traditional methodology by AMERICAN PRESIDENT MR. BARAQ OBAMA (NOBEL PRIZE WINNER 2009 IN PEACE).
For Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists in the United States, an epochal event transpired at the White House afternoon that should not slip notice.
Lead me from Untruth to Truth.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.
(from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad -- I.iii.28)

As the ethereal sounds of a Hindu priest's chanting of this Sanskrit prayer from ancient Hindu scripture filled the East Room, President Obama lit the ceremonial White House diya --and he used this Sanskrit word for lamp--with dozens of Asian, Indian and Hindu Americans in attendance. Never before had a sitting U.S. President personally celebrated the Diwali holiday, and with that one gesture, two million Hindu Americans felt a bit more like they belonged--one more reason to feel at home. Maybe that cliche' that all of our diversity adds unique patches to the American quilt is not as tired as we thought.

Diwali is among the most widely celebrated festivals in India and spans all of the Dharmic religious traditions. Rows of diyas, or earthen lamps, line the homes of celebrants as prayers are offered, and for many, a New Year on Hindu calendars is marked. For the seeker, the spiritual significance is clear: the lamps symbolize the quest for knowledge and goodness that mimics the inner Divine and eradicates the darkness of ignorance and false values. As the President said in his address, of course, one does not forget the joyous merriment Diwali celebrations entail: fireworks light up the dark skies of a new moon night, gifts are exchanged and sweets savored
Jains mark the holiday as a time of contemplation when the last of their Tirthankaras, the great teachers of dharma, attained liberation. Sikhs celebrate Diwali as the day that their sixth founding Guru, or teacher, was released from the captivity of a Mughal emperor five centuries ago.

The White House Diwali celebration tradition began during the George W. Bush Administration. And while the day was always a boisterous affair, despite years of requests, President Bush never attended the event, consigning the task to cabinet members or close assistants. But for President Obama, hope was high that he would attend the event this year--and he delivered.



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Monday, October 12, 2009

jaisa kal tha,vaisa hi love aajkal

Imtiaz Ali se ton umeed hi ehi si…kya fillum banayi hai yaar!!!!

Enjoy ta bahut kiti, but this movie has also set me thinking. Love aaj ho ya kal, iss vich koi farak nahi painda. In the olden times, saal beet jande si, pyaar ho gaya par ikk dooje di shakal nahi dekhi.

Hun…internet te chat ta 24 ghante hundi hai, par shakal sirf Katrina Kaif di nazar aundi a. Kudi apni asli pic dikhandi hi nahi.. HO GAYA NA LOVE- JAISA AAJ, WAISA HI KAL!!

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Friday, October 9, 2009


aj kal ki movie mein Maa Ka dialogue “

arey mujhe zyada pareshan mat karo, agar tum nahi hate to main papa ko btaungi, wo phir bahut maarenge”.

Aur pehle ke movies mein maa ye nahi kehti thi, ki papa aayenge, wo maarenge, main btaungi, khud hi do teen zor se tha tha tha…bacha poori movie mein nahi bolta.

2.)Aajkal ki maa bache ko doctor, eng, vakeel banana chahti hai

aur pehle ki maa.... problems hi itni khadi kar deti hain ki bache ko daaku ya chor banna hi padta tha.

Kaise.....aagey pado...

Maa apne sharabi pati se ladai karti hai, pati maarne aata hai, phir bacha bechara kab tak dekhe, haar ke wo bachane aata hai, baap par haath uthata hai, maa ko agar pta hai ki pati sharabi hai, usne peeni hi peeni hai, phir kyun panga leti hai usse, aur sabse badi baat pehle ki maa ko pta hai, khane ko ghar mein kuch nahi hai aur dawai ke kharche ke liye agar uska poora parivaar raat din kaam kare phir bhi saal ke 15 ya 20 rupye ikkathe honge, phir bhi wo bimar hoti hai, usko kisne kaha tha ki baarish mein kaam karein, aur raat ke 2-2 baje tak, roti ke pone ko si si kar bimaar ho.

Ab panga to bechare bache pe aa gaya. Wo dawai ki dukan par jayega, bolega mujhe dawai de do, meri maa bohut bimaar hai. dawai wala bolega koi bimaar hota hai, tabhi humare paas aata hai, kundliyan milvane thode aata hai. hain.. paise do, dawai lo… bacha bolta hai, paise to hai nahi, wo use bhaga deta hai. bacha usi dukaan se dawai ki botal utha leta hai, aur dekho bacha kitna samjhdaar hai ki use pta hai, ki yahi dawai chahiye.

Aur dukaandar dekho, 20 rupye ki dawai ke peeche, lakhon ki dukaan chodh kar bhagta hai, uske peeche, chor chor kehta hua bhagta hai.

aur bache ki wajah se hi maa kai baar swarg sidhaarti thi, maa ko normal khansi hoti thi aur wo navratna tel dawai samajh kar utha kar bhag jaata hai. aur us sheeshi ko bina chamach ke sidha maa ke muh mein laga ke kehta hai, “Pi maa Pi” aur wohi jakar maa ke kidney mein reaction karta hai.

Iske ilaava, aapko jo lagta hai, vo comment karo or btao kiss tarha bache ko chor banane mein ma ka kya yogdaan tah

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bacche man k sacche

Na Bache mann k sacche Na Parents iss game main kache !!

You know what I mean.. We think we are so smart, so clever, so shaitaan.. and our parents realize NOTHING ?

All the time you bunk college and say you are the most sincere student !!!!

All the time you are on the phone till midnight !!!!! WINK ;-)

All the time you go on a date and tell ur parents you went to a friends house .....( watta joke;-) ) !!!

All the time you are depressed after a break up and when caught crying you say u have a cold ...( LOL) !!!!!!

Dude!! wake up! your parents know everything ! everything ! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HIDE.. (rite)!

But they are sensible enough to ignore certain things and only interfere when they think is absolutely essential !!

Now tell me... Are you scared? Which is that secret you never want your parents to find out ??

Keep It Wicked ( thats ABHI'S funda) :-D
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