Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates from last some days ...

A snapped internet connection, some work and lots of movies...
all these kept me away from blogs for almost a week... and no one's asked me "Where are you!!!??":((*puppy eyes and sad face!!*)
lolz.. :D hehe

Last few days have been good, all my best friends.. our core group are back in town... and I have been either on phone or in each other's houses for most of the time... anything and everything under the sun keeps getting talked about...including our age-old fav topic discussing who has/had/will have a crush on whom.. hehe...
it's really great coz it's not always masti or time pass.. we learn a lot from each other.. about our careers and who is doing what and what is the next best thing to do...

I m benefited the most as far as sharing collection on the pc is concerned.. my hard disk is doing a rounds of everyone's home. and in just a few days my collection of music/movies/software has more than quadrapuled!!!!

Oh i can go on like this forvever.. hope everyone's been fine and rocking and having lots of fun!!


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