Monday, June 21, 2010

two different people

Am I just writing cause I am bored?? Really don't know now. There was a time when I blogged like crazy. Am I going back to square one? Who knows .... maybe.

We are two different people
In very different worlds that never meet
And yet we like each other's company
And take care of each other's needs

How is that we understand each other so well
And no one has known me better than you
How is it that I have never felt happier
Than when you are beside me

You love to keep talking
I can spend all my time listening to you
You can be very moody
I have the patience to stand in the rain and let the storm pass

Sometimes you dress up like a gypsy
Something that is quite alien to me
But deep inside it makes me smile
Cause that's something I have always longed to do

I can't win an argument with you
Nor did I ever want to
But this is something I cannot take
That two different people cannot convene

It's like two sides of a coin
Very different, very apart
And yet really they are the same
And wouldn't the coin be useless, if both sides turned out alike ?
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ever wondered...

(And I'm not cribbing here, just stating a few observations;)

  • Why when you are waiting for Bus A, Buses B would come in every minute and when you happen to wait for Bus B, the Buses A would flow by, and when you catch an auto both will overtake you?

  • Why everybody comments just on the latest post of a blog? Even the last but one fails to get a new reader's attention...

  • Why we fight with the neighbourhood vegetable hawker over a rupee but gladly pay a premium in some restaurant without batting an eyelid?

    Had planned to stretch it to some more questions, but the mind refuses to think

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    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    There we are again!!!

    Just when I thought, I was where I wanted to be, the games begin & a cloud of uncertainty prevails...

    It amazes me how the past few years of my life have changed me... And now it can't seem to be undone...

    Contradictions galore... The mind just can't seem to decide where it wants to go & what it's willing to shell out in the bargain... Everything comes at a cost, I know... But why???

    Things do get lonely at times...

    I've hardly believed in love... For me it is too ephemeral a feeling to go beyond a crush or a clumsy infatuation... Call me over-the-top pragmatic or whatever but I've realized that it takes a lot to see yourself in love... Maybe love is over-hyped or maybe it isn't meant for me... I do not know but I cannot ignore the value of companionship... I guess it is this yearn to be not alone that drives people to seek love... Often I've read that love is not about finding the perfect one, but in finding perfection in the one you love... too idealistic if you ask me... And yet I wonder at times when I'm alone if love would have filled this void... I remember when I wanted to know the difference between love & friendship, people quickly pointed out - it was s e x... So, if a person isn't interested in that or is getting enough of it; can friendship suffice for love? I'll never understand...

    I'm seriously out of my senses, is all I can say...

    I hate to push things... I believe they should take their natural course... This laid-back attitude has me cost me many times before but I can't seem to be otherwise... It takes a lot from me to move out of my equilibrium, to try & change... Yet somehow to fill in the gap between desires & reality, change is a must...

    With immense effort...


    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Finally Came To Kno!

    Something in my life for the first time i felt,
    like taken aback from all my strength,
    Some feeling struck me for the first time i guess,
    like pushed down upon to the deepest darkness,
    Tears rolled down my eyes for the first time i knew,
    that made me almost cry not actually knowin what for they are,
    Joy abonded my days for the first time i've seen,
    that left me pain worsening my condition to death,
    Searching i sat all the day for the first time as never before,
    not even knowing for what i was searching for,
    Thinking i was all my way for the first time i think,
    not even knowing what to think about,
    Dreaming became my routine for the first time in my life,
    knowing even that they don't come true,
    Worrying i stay all throughout for the first time ,
    knowing nothing wrong will happen...

    Time slowly passed away,
    Days started going on,
    One by one leaving me all alone,
    once again bringing all these things back,

    i groped all my way,
    wishing to kno,
    why actually they happend
    what actually they mean

    Finally making me helpless,worried,lonely n hopeless...
    Came the answer from my heart saying...