Sunday, June 13, 2010

There we are again!!!

Just when I thought, I was where I wanted to be, the games begin & a cloud of uncertainty prevails...

It amazes me how the past few years of my life have changed me... And now it can't seem to be undone...

Contradictions galore... The mind just can't seem to decide where it wants to go & what it's willing to shell out in the bargain... Everything comes at a cost, I know... But why???

Things do get lonely at times...

I've hardly believed in love... For me it is too ephemeral a feeling to go beyond a crush or a clumsy infatuation... Call me over-the-top pragmatic or whatever but I've realized that it takes a lot to see yourself in love... Maybe love is over-hyped or maybe it isn't meant for me... I do not know but I cannot ignore the value of companionship... I guess it is this yearn to be not alone that drives people to seek love... Often I've read that love is not about finding the perfect one, but in finding perfection in the one you love... too idealistic if you ask me... And yet I wonder at times when I'm alone if love would have filled this void... I remember when I wanted to know the difference between love & friendship, people quickly pointed out - it was s e x... So, if a person isn't interested in that or is getting enough of it; can friendship suffice for love? I'll never understand...

I'm seriously out of my senses, is all I can say...

I hate to push things... I believe they should take their natural course... This laid-back attitude has me cost me many times before but I can't seem to be otherwise... It takes a lot from me to move out of my equilibrium, to try & change... Yet somehow to fill in the gap between desires & reality, change is a must...

With immense effort...



  1. Wow,this particular post of urs virtually described the exact concept i had about 'love',even i so so believe that love is too over rated or shud i say too gud to be true n yet cant help flg the need for companionship at times...well sometime back i was trying to explain the same thing to a certain someone but didnt know how to put it across n i ended up confusing the other person too...if i had a chance i'd copy this particular piece of urs n show it to tat 'someone'...well anyways gr8 going Mr.ABHI

  2. Love comment frm ur side quite shocking

    but shi likha aisa hi sochte ho tum

  3. yeah the difference between friendship and love is sex...but see...the sex itself is a manifestation of the if u fall in love with someone, the sex is a natural extension of it. u can't just remove it and revert to simple friendship. doesn't work that way...Smile

  4. i dont know why people eargerly noticed the word sex. here is just a lil description about love . 2 more people gave some unusual comment which are senseless . here is only talk about mind strategy and thoughts ..nothing more then...always guys ask me " teri koi gf hai " if i said yes-den they put next quetion atonce " so tumhara relationa abhi tak kaha pahucha " kuch ....!! .Oh common guys the topic is senseless . dont be try to go in is just little discussion about love and it is first time when i wrote on my blog about love and etc . hope next time u will surely put some sensible comments .

  5. Kyu Ho GayA Na..... :p

    well Its Magic..........

  6. @vasundhra i m just describe about love ...i m not in love okk...its just a inner feel from my side nothing more views on sensetive topics

  7. so u havnt been in love ......ummmmmmm.....yet a mindblowing observation... quite amusing.....any ways very nicely done ....... hope next time wen u write u wil b in love wil gve u more gud thoughts.....enjyyyyyyy

  8. hmmm.....vry nicely said, i also think tht its all like tht....:-P