Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates from last some days ...

A snapped internet connection, some work and lots of movies...
all these kept me away from blogs for almost a week... and no one's asked me "Where are you!!!??":((*puppy eyes and sad face!!*)
lolz.. :D hehe

Last few days have been good, all my best friends.. our core group are back in town... and I have been either on phone or in each other's houses for most of the time... anything and everything under the sun keeps getting talked about...including our age-old fav topic discussing who has/had/will have a crush on whom.. hehe...
it's really great coz it's not always masti or time pass.. we learn a lot from each other.. about our careers and who is doing what and what is the next best thing to do...

I m benefited the most as far as sharing collection on the pc is concerned.. my hard disk is doing a rounds of everyone's home. and in just a few days my collection of music/movies/software has more than quadrapuled!!!!

Oh i can go on like this forvever.. hope everyone's been fine and rocking and having lots of fun!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


love it when people love me... i love it when I know I made someone smile, i love it when i hear someone patiently and try to help, try to make them feel better... I love it when someone smiles at me... i love it when they say i mean my words... yes, i love it all... but am I the person everyone thinks I am? am I the person who is genuine, sincere? If I am then why can I not share a word of what affects me?

I have always had this problem. I just can’t ask for help in distress... I can’t speak my heart when I am sad... I can’t cry... oh how I hate it... I just can’t cry... there come no tears in my eyes, no matter how excruciating d pain...


Hey guys, don't worry I am all right... sometimes d mind does conjure strange thoughts... this was one of them.
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Monday, October 18, 2010


Life is still the same... But situations and people are not.... You are often in a situation where you are unable to decide what to do... You cannot analyze what is correct and what is not... who is truthful and who isn't.... what is good for you and what is not....

Old memories haunt you... refuse to leave you... no matter whatever you do.... You are stuck in a weird situation and donno what to do..... You feel like running away to a place where you are all alone and nobody to bother you..... Always lost in thought... Alone even with people around you...

You are at CROSSROADS where you dont know which way to go.... LOST n ALONE.... Unable to decide which way to go ..... Never know where the path you have chosen might lead you to.... But you know, you have to go on.... coz LIFE goes on.... even if You dont want to.....
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

somethings stupid..

my experiments :)

* seeing the sunlight filtering thru a glass marble, a mesmerizing sight!
* seeing the fullmoon through a gold ring from the hostel terrace, the way the light disperses is fascinating!
* spending an hour beating coffee only with a spoonful of water, to check where the whiteness come from.. must be the sugar, coz it remained brown :(
* balancing a pencil on my finger, to check if the sharpened end is nearer to the center of gravity or is! (many a pre-exam night has been gainfully employed in this experiment)

more experiments underway, the results will be displayed as and when concluded... abhi phir se fun time , so plenty of opportunity to experiment :D
tab tak, scientist ABHI signing off... * bustling back into my den/lab*
*big STUPID grin*:D
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sorry Guys and Gals! Did not post anything for quite some time now. But am back from the hibernation.

Have lots and lots of things to write, but it would really take some time to express every thought in my mind right now. Also, there would be some lag while I catch up with my regular visitors.

This blog is very dear to me, and I really want to nourish it with my thoughts and ever-so-precious feedback that people provide on this. Thanks for regular support! I hope you would not let the support die...
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life is Good

Hi Life

I know you've been doing good, so won't ask you the perfunctory questions as in "how be you" et al... I also know nothing much has been happening at your end, but that is what has surprised me... I am amazed to see that contentment finally creeping into you... I honestly don't understand how suddenly you've come to even like things which you earlier thought you didn't have the capacity or the will to do... But yes, I see a change... A change that really makes me more happy coz I know it will benefit you in the long run...

Looks like finally you seem to be learning, gaining a focus which is so required at the crossroads you currently are... I am happy to see you move, shift your priorities to where they should be... You still have a lot to learn & you sure will... But I am glad that today you accept your problems & are willing to counter them...

But, I know you through & through, I just hope you don't loose interest as you usually do... I've seen you do that on many occasions before, wish this time you are willing to go that extra mile & ready to accept criticism for what you do wrong & don't depend much on others for making yourself feel good about you... Things don't always go the way you want them to... So try & savour whatever comes your way, it's worth the experiment...

Anyways, there's a long way to go... I am there with you... Wish you a successful journey...
Take Care
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How life changes...

A while ago,
just a while... I was with you
& now here I am
a thousand miles away,
away from what was life to me...
and yet I live...

Dear Jaipur,
You've been my city for the past four years... You adopted me, kept me in your folds... I lived a full life while I was there... Savoured your flavours old & new... Your feel, those meandering roads up & down the hills, will stay with me... And so will many other things which for now won't find a space here...

Memories are strange... Took you for granted when I was part of you... But when I am no longer with you, you form part of so many fond memories... Like all other things, I realize the value of the good times I had when they are past...

Today I am closer to things that I wanted to be with... But you win some, you loose some... And so I sit here typing, the dense fog invites me outside...

Can I say, I am back to where I belong... I do not know this... But all I can say is that this step is in a direction closer to my dreams... Wish me luck...

With immense effort, ABHI
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Monday, June 21, 2010

two different people

Am I just writing cause I am bored?? Really don't know now. There was a time when I blogged like crazy. Am I going back to square one? Who knows .... maybe.

We are two different people
In very different worlds that never meet
And yet we like each other's company
And take care of each other's needs

How is that we understand each other so well
And no one has known me better than you
How is it that I have never felt happier
Than when you are beside me

You love to keep talking
I can spend all my time listening to you
You can be very moody
I have the patience to stand in the rain and let the storm pass

Sometimes you dress up like a gypsy
Something that is quite alien to me
But deep inside it makes me smile
Cause that's something I have always longed to do

I can't win an argument with you
Nor did I ever want to
But this is something I cannot take
That two different people cannot convene

It's like two sides of a coin
Very different, very apart
And yet really they are the same
And wouldn't the coin be useless, if both sides turned out alike ?
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ever wondered...

(And I'm not cribbing here, just stating a few observations;)

  • Why when you are waiting for Bus A, Buses B would come in every minute and when you happen to wait for Bus B, the Buses A would flow by, and when you catch an auto both will overtake you?

  • Why everybody comments just on the latest post of a blog? Even the last but one fails to get a new reader's attention...

  • Why we fight with the neighbourhood vegetable hawker over a rupee but gladly pay a premium in some restaurant without batting an eyelid?

    Had planned to stretch it to some more questions, but the mind refuses to think

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    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    There we are again!!!

    Just when I thought, I was where I wanted to be, the games begin & a cloud of uncertainty prevails...

    It amazes me how the past few years of my life have changed me... And now it can't seem to be undone...

    Contradictions galore... The mind just can't seem to decide where it wants to go & what it's willing to shell out in the bargain... Everything comes at a cost, I know... But why???

    Things do get lonely at times...

    I've hardly believed in love... For me it is too ephemeral a feeling to go beyond a crush or a clumsy infatuation... Call me over-the-top pragmatic or whatever but I've realized that it takes a lot to see yourself in love... Maybe love is over-hyped or maybe it isn't meant for me... I do not know but I cannot ignore the value of companionship... I guess it is this yearn to be not alone that drives people to seek love... Often I've read that love is not about finding the perfect one, but in finding perfection in the one you love... too idealistic if you ask me... And yet I wonder at times when I'm alone if love would have filled this void... I remember when I wanted to know the difference between love & friendship, people quickly pointed out - it was s e x... So, if a person isn't interested in that or is getting enough of it; can friendship suffice for love? I'll never understand...

    I'm seriously out of my senses, is all I can say...

    I hate to push things... I believe they should take their natural course... This laid-back attitude has me cost me many times before but I can't seem to be otherwise... It takes a lot from me to move out of my equilibrium, to try & change... Yet somehow to fill in the gap between desires & reality, change is a must...

    With immense effort...


    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Finally Came To Kno!

    Something in my life for the first time i felt,
    like taken aback from all my strength,
    Some feeling struck me for the first time i guess,
    like pushed down upon to the deepest darkness,
    Tears rolled down my eyes for the first time i knew,
    that made me almost cry not actually knowin what for they are,
    Joy abonded my days for the first time i've seen,
    that left me pain worsening my condition to death,
    Searching i sat all the day for the first time as never before,
    not even knowing for what i was searching for,
    Thinking i was all my way for the first time i think,
    not even knowing what to think about,
    Dreaming became my routine for the first time in my life,
    knowing even that they don't come true,
    Worrying i stay all throughout for the first time ,
    knowing nothing wrong will happen...

    Time slowly passed away,
    Days started going on,
    One by one leaving me all alone,
    once again bringing all these things back,

    i groped all my way,
    wishing to kno,
    why actually they happend
    what actually they mean

    Finally making me helpless,worried,lonely n hopeless...
    Came the answer from my heart saying...


    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    once again

    oh no!! it seems like just yesterday  that our exams got over,and already v hv the new datesheet in hand..wonder when all this is going to end..or even more importantly..if i m going to last that long! as one of my fren says.."exams hi to hain,kaun-sa kumbh ka mela hai jo 12 yrs baad aata hai.." y worry, and btw this time is our final sem and have only 4 papers ! then again..there's the father's of all positive sayings.. "examiner marks hi to katega, gala to nahi!" (the examiner can do only so much as cut marks, not our throats!!) hmm..that's another positive way of looking at exams! hope i can just remember all this when the D-day does arrive!

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    optimism ...(continue post 99)

    HELLO ,

      last time i wrote a post on "OPTIMISM ,REALISM  and PESSIMISM..." and one of my frenz or blog visitor swati suggest me for more explanation so i am writing here more..not sure that this is too much good ..i love when visitors read my post and mail me for expecting more from me for write better ..

    Am in search of!!!

    Its absolutely situational and short lived. The art of positive thinking they say, and at times the art of consoling n lying to ones own self –that’s what I say.
    Ask those optimists, have they tasted the bitter failure, if yes then must have experienced the joy of success as well.

    What if u find yourself in dark unending tunnels.
    Of course you’ll try to tunnel out of the dark; but how long …there’s a limit to everybody’s patients …………
    I’ve been trying though haven’t yet succeeded
    But yeah!! The dark has tunneled through me, turning me into a pessimist.

    CHANGE- that I’ll never was what I was determined of…
    Though outwardly I haven’t yet ; the same old happy-go-lucky natured, confident, strong, ever smiling character for those around me, but I can feel changes cropping inside me.
    One, who never believed in luck, destiny, has now stopped believing in hard work ‘cause hard work is rewarded at-times n not always. It’s your fate….how long it takes to journey till you reach that one desired end…
    What matters is not talent but luck, what matters is not dedication but the final result.

    EXPECTATION-is the root cause of all heartbreaks,
    I being an ordinary man can’t stop expecting though.


    - A philosophical statement with not an inch of practicality in it.


    Being of a technical field, am into the habit of categorizing everything into distinct sections…………so are OPTIMISTS, exactly of 3 kinds-

    First are those- born in luxury, riches, for them SUCCESS is a thing to be bought.
    Second, being the luckiest ones (in my view), their life has been a perfect balance of bright summers to gloomy autumns to romantic monsoons. It’s they who say-keep faith and you’ll surely get it…everything will someday be fine…

    I envy you, your fate my friend…

    Third being the liars, sad at heart…. knowing nothing’s going to be fine but still consoling self saying goal is hiding behind the next U-turn.

    I won’t lie, and the first two categories isn’t for me…

    Pessimism (as you’ve termed me to be) gives me happiness, yes it gives!!!…’Cause it has taught me the way to live life to the fullest in no matter how small the triumph be…

    PESIMIST-one who looks to the darker side of everything, every happening, but then the little success that they get gives them eternal bliss…this one hope gives me the inspiration to continue counting the shadows………..there again I’m hoping, expecting………….

    Yes, I can’t stop expecting, but I’ve changed …I’ve started expecting the worst ……that’s the reason they call me pessimist…
    WILL YOU TOO?????

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    post no.100 and a question to myself

    The most important things with this post is that i completed 100 posts on my blog  and this is a great achievement for my self . i never thought that i can write ..and people will  read my posts . But from 2008 many peoples support me for writing ..and appreciating me with there ideas and comments . thanx to all of u and i love u alot .

    A recurring question??
    Why do I write a blog? Why should I waste my time writing, when I am not sure whether nebody will read this? Why, at all?
    Is this wastage of Mental Effort? No, not at all.
    Reason being......

    " A Blog a day,
    keeps the psychologist away;
    since writing a blog,
    clears the smog and does not let your mind clog;
    of the ideas that are crazy,
    and this makes your day as lovely as a "daisy"!!

    Hope this answers the question :-)

    Will keep on writing more!!!!!!!

    Till next time,
    Good Bye
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    Saturday, May 8, 2010


    "Think positive and be optimistic"...a very oftenly used phrase..isn't it...but then sometimes i ponder upon one thing and that is does being optimistic drags me away from being realistic...or being a little realistic makes me a little pessimistic...because...reacting in certain situation..any hard u try to be optimistic u r bound to be affected by certain factors that force u to think negative and it effects u ...some say this is being realistic..but i have never been able to judge is it realism or is it some sort of pessimism..overcoming the optimism...
    I am a very optimistic boy..but when i really want someone who is talking to me to feel positive about things...i get the statement u r not being realistic...ofcourse i dunot want to live away from reality but what i want is whenever i want to think what can happen in a certain situation i want myself to just imagine a positive outcome and that too without ignoring the actual situation or certain real life factors..there drags in a little pessimism..when u cannot simple put away the thought"agar aisa na hua aisa ho gaya tou" what is it exactly...pessimism or a little realisation of the things around....well i think i cannot really conclude about it because i am surrounded by all sorts of people so the best way out is judging everything and then making some sort of prediction and trying to make it a positive one...
    living in fantasy world is ofcourse not welcomed but then living in a real world and still thinking that whatever happens happens for our own good and just putting in true efforts is what is right that is what i feel....:)


    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Hppy Marriage Anniversary to mom dad

    Love and marriage
    has been a long and difficult road.
    Faith has been your carriage,
    God has lightened your load.

    Together you have progressed
    to your 29th year,
    with the words of God
    whispering in your ear.

    Your one life together
    has you both united,
    but the joys to come
    have just been sighted.

    I love you both
    for being young at heart
    and making an oath
    never to depart.

    You belong
    side by side,
    your passion strong
    with nothing to hide.

    God bless you two,
    Mom and Dad.
    Happy Anniversary!

    song of the moment : dil ku mera shor kare ..idhar nahi udhar nahi , teri or chaley 

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    No Title

    I am thinking – when i can go for a long vacation and roam the world doing random things, a new day, a new routine , that way i'll never be bored
    I said – a lot but I don't quite remember anything
    I want – the best. If you aim for something then it better be the best or don't aim at all
    I wish – for the impossible.
    I miss – school
    I hear – the ringing in my ears, the keyboard and a lot more
    I wonder – about mathematics and why I couldn't be better at it.
    I regret – sometimes.
    I am – a genius.
    I sing – to myself, all the time.
    I dance – slowly to begin with and then through the night.
    I am not – a compulsive talker but you may get the feeling at times.
    I write – because I want to be express myself .
    I hate – people who think they know everything.
    I confuse – emotions.
    I should – stop being so lazy.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010



    well.. dunno why  am feelin all paranoid... i just feel i cant understand myself at times- my thoughts or my moods..or anything.. at times thou.. i think i understand others pretty well, but when it comes to me at times... i just dont know.. ya, i know am makin no sense.. anyways..heres a poem i adore ..dat i wrote fcorz ;) no i dint rite it now.. jus felt like readin it.. it kinda comforts me...

    Here, alone, I stand by the sea,
    Thinking, who's really there for me.

    In moments of triumph,I'm surrounded by many,
    But, in sadness, I just can't find any.

    Sucess and riches, is this what all the
    world wants?
    Gold and money, how long do they last?

    Alone we come into this world, alone we
    Does it mean we should be alone, as long as
    life lasts?

    Lonely here I am, I wonder alone-
    Why is not anyone here?, when I really need

    Engulfed in the waves of sadness and misery,
    My heart cries and bleeds, heard by no one...

    Because, all I was and will be, is
    alone... alone... as long as life lasts.

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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    bichde dost

    Yesterday I went  to Vibhuti and Gaurav home , my best friend and my neighbour  from school day. After so so many years. Ever since we not passed  skool, we were not in touch for various reasons. vibhuti  is  also into engineering in jaipur  from some other college and Gaurav preparing for CA. Then there was a phase for about  8 yrs in between when I had no clue about them . And now thanx to facebook which helps us to meet once again . 
     Was so damn nice to talk to them. Talked about a lot of things ranging from skool days, to our lives in college and to our present scenarios. And gaurav  was pretty happy abt the fact I cared to find his number and call him for a nice meet . Hopefully, atleast we will be in touch from now on.

    A big thanku to facebook  - Wouldn't have been possible without it !! :)

    current track:Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
    Tu hai toh, I’ll be alright
    (I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright)
    Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
    (yeh, yeh ,yeh)


    ~SATISFACTION(desires never ends)

    A thought..... isn't it weird that we always want something that does not seem to be coming our way. We crave... we hungry for something that we do not have..... but i guess that's the logic of it... we don't have it so we crave for it and if we had it... would we want more of it or the more we have of somethin.. the less we want to have the more of it?

    Strange! don't you think? Why are we never satisfied? The more we get.. the more we want.. or we want something different.

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    mOODy ,unhappy mOODyI

    I am really unhappy really moody about my body, my health...
    I dunno why? I just feeling unwell feeling something wrong on my body almost a week !!

    Fever, last Saturday but gone.

    But still............. WHY????

    WHY, I still feeling dizzy??
    WHY, I still feeling extremely tired??
    WHY, I still feeling extremely sleepy?? some more can sleep almost 24 hours! (excessive! really excessive!!)
    WHY, I " wee wee" and " big big" bleeding lot???

    What's wrong actually happening inside my body??
    "Doctor", the person I scare the most to visit. I gotta checking body but no dare to accept what doctor got to tell me... ><
    I crying hard. Because I feeling that I lost my way... ... ... ...
    I need someone beside me to accompany me! I no dare to do my ownself, alone... That's really scary~

    I dunno what else could I share on my blog, but I got to stop here.. ;(

    GOD BLESS! take care....~

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    My Brain and its ideas

    Hi kaise ho ji ...

    I was just thinking that now that I have started my blog post , there should be things that make it a good read. My mind kept coming up with weird ideas.
    1. Write book reviews! - For that Ill have to keep reading many books. Rejected.
    2. Write Bollywood Masala and gossips - too common on blogs! Rejected.
    3. Write latest Political updates - If they read what I write, they will do my encounter. Rejected.
    4. Put Beautiful Natural Pictures - Boring. Rejected.
    5. Write my feelings and emotions - I dont think anybody else, except me would be interested. Rejected.
    6. Write my daily routine in detail - Will take lot of time.Rejected.
    7. Put in pictures of cockroach (yes that did come to my mind). Eeeuu.... Rejected.
    8. Write something interesting that I did today. umm.... well...... ok..... done. Accepted.

    So from today onwards, I will write say about 5 lines on something interesting that I did in the day and if i dont get anything interesting to write i will write something computer suffs! hee hee! At least it will add to my archive of daily activities for my own future reference. So my next post is on what I did today. Have not really thought about that as yet. Anyways enjoy reading!


    ye hosla kaise juke ...(dor)

    I have been listening this music motivation from morning . I like it

    A Ray of Hope
    Beautiful movie and a beautiful song ...
    Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
    Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke - 2
    Manzil Muskil to kya,
    Bundla Sahil to kya,
    Tanha Ye Dil to Kya
    Ho Hooo
    Raah Pe Kante Bikhre agar,
    Uspe to phir bhi chalna hi hai,
    Saam Chhupale Suraj magar,
    Raat ko ek din Dhalana hi hai,
    Rut ye tal jayegi,
    Himmat rang layegi,
    Subha phir aayegi
    Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
    Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke - 2
    Hogi hame to rehmat ada,
    Dhup kategi saaye tale,
    Apni khuda se hai ye Dua,
    Manzil lagale humko gale
    Zurrat so baar rahe,
    Uncha Ikraar rahe,
    Zinda har pyar rahe
    Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
    Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke - 2
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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    The Smile..

    why, oh! why do i smile without a reason?
    need there a reason for a smile to bloom?
    it jumps, it dances, it turns n twists
    around the corers of my lips
    n whoa! thers a smile as big as any I've seen
    that shines on my lips n twinkles in the eyes.
    a smile from the inner self, a smile from the divine
    a smile that unites my heart n soul as one..........

    wel, smile... cos life is beautiful, even thou v do not always acknowledge the fact. as u can c, my poems r eithr very sad or very happy n dats cos dat is wen a poem flows out. its like, wen im all blue, i jus write a poem, anywhere... n anythin i can find to write it on, n then my sadness n glum disappear... im all smilin again. n wen im jumpin wid joy, its time fr a poem again. the beauty of poems is amzing.. they express more than mere words ever can. i may nt b a gud poet or anythin, but i dont care, i write cos i luv to... n i luv wat i write...
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    Friday, March 26, 2010

    My girlfriend is suffering from cancer.

    I was talking to her suddenly she fainted. I ran and brought some water and sprinkled over her and she got up. She was in a terrible shape. She kept fainting every fifteen minutes or so. I was so scared ,though I am not a doctor I tried to give her some medicines which barely worked. She started fainting every minute or so now. I now brought my tools and started operating her only to find that a her left lung was not working. I changed her lung with my neighbor's girlfriend but she still wasnt able to get up. She probably went into a coma. After some ten hours I again tried to use my surgical skills played around with the lungs and stuff and suddenly an idea struck me I took out and replaced some veins and there she was talking to me .... barely a few moments passed and she went back to coma again ... there were some important things about my term paper she remebered so I took out her brain and implanted it in my neihgbor's girlfriend's head and was able to trace that info. Now I am really busy and have given up on my medical skills... so after my  final sem  I plan to call a doctor to see my girlfriend o.She is still in coma. I dont feel like getting into my room where she is resting. And its because of this I was not able to update my blog all these days. Pals please pray for my girlfriend.
    ( Hope u had fun reading it ... my girlfriend= my computer(lappy),
    lung=RAM(1gb WITH 2 OS , brain=harddisk(allmost overflow with data), veins=jumpers )
    My comp is all messed up :((
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    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    thanx alot!!

    this post is just 2 thank all those ppl who hv taken the time 2 go thru this blog ..splly those who hv encouraged me with all those comments..some of them hv posted it on this page itself..and some of them gave me their feedback either personally or thru messengers n mails..and thanx r also due in large measure 2 my dear roomies and my familiy who allow me 2 hv the lion's share of time on the sys........ all this gives me more confidence 2 voice my thoughts, and b more true 2 myself....thanks again!!
    vaise, surfing generally, at least i formed the impression that there r mainly 3 types of professionals who r majorly into blogging.. ppl related 2 journalism,advertising n s/w professionals...mayb it's just coz i hv been 2 only such blogs..but i hv yet 2 come across a doctor's / scientist's / painter's / advocate's/engineer's blog...... i mean..there r sooooo.... many professions ... then how come all bloggers turn out 2 b from one of these 3's not as if these ppl r "vella/lukha"(--> free,with no work 2 do, that's what T told me this word means ) hmmmm... reasons..anyone?? :)
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    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Networking not Networking

    Social networks are the order of the day. Since the time internet fever caught up and broadband connections were made available in common households the world has found a need to connect (which is good!). So the social network sites became very powerful. You found some, some found you, and before you knew, almost everyone you knew and perhaps would you smile at when you meet, was on your friend’s list. But then you started noticing that you were getting repeated scraps from people who are on your friend’s list but not exactly “friends”, asking the same “hey! How are you?” How many times do you want to answer the same question when you know they are more concerned about the number of scraps they can boast of (apparently commensurate with popularity quotient) than any concern to your good health or the lack of it? And then you get automatically logged on to some messenger and then someone wants to chat too. You have matured (“aged” was the first choice of word) a little, have no patience for chatting, so-what if you accepted a friend request from the person in question. So then you found out there is a brahmastra available which you took pretty long to figure out - the life savior “invisible” mode. Now you can log on with ease without the fear of getting caught and do all the browsing you want.
    You are basking in the glory of having fooled this world and in some time you realize if you are ignoring the world, the world is not taking any particular interest in you either. Out of sight out of mind you see. Ah! This is not working too well now. So you start writing into scrapbooks here and there, comment on photos that were uploaded like six months back. You don’t even get immediate responses. You are perplexed why every one has decided to close doors on you. You avoided some but you did not really avoid most. So the prized answer finally comes out in someone’s reply - “by the way I don’t come here too often. FB is much better”. When you get a similar answer from three different people, you know where the world is concentrating these days. So you too try to go to FB. But then the realization strikes, not the entire world this time. Be careful. Since you consider yourself quite a techno savvy person, you know account creation is just a few steps. You immediately create an account and click on all the buttons that appear and will create no delay. So your account is ready, but by then accidentally, since default was checked, you ended up announcing your arrival and sending invites to your entire contact list in the mail service you are using. So everyone in the world not only is aware of your arrival, also has a request from you to add them as a friend. They oblige, and you have more than a hundred friends before you remember logging on next time. Good job, lucky you.
    By the way FB is complicated.

    Sunday, March 14, 2010


    Hello people.!!
    IPL aaya re bhago re bhago... err ye hume nahi sare serials ko kehne chahiye!! Aaj main IPL ke bare me net surf kar rahA thA, to I got to know ki IPL ne pichle saal, with a TRP of 8.21, sare serials & TV shows ka tyre puncture kiya tha!! Yani mere Jaani, ye bacchon ke khelne ki cheez nahi hai lag jaey to badi zor ki lagti hai... IPL is a new form of crickte all together with 20-20 jisse zyaada suspence nahi hote, glamour - bollywood stars, SRK, Juhi, Preity,shilpa,katrina .... and NOW Miss WOW... Deepika in opening ceremony! Paisa - IPL bidding me sare rich log baap re baap and thumkas by apne Cheer Leaders!! and what not yaar, I must say IPL is one huge total masal movie... what say??

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Wo roye toh bahut ..(Guest post )

    A young generation my close friend  . So, it is also first guestpost on my blog

    Wo roye toh bahut par mere samne roye..

    Tod kar chale gaye dil kuch aaisa, ke fir kabhi laut ke na aaye..

    Mere saamna na kar paye woh mere tasveer ke tukde,

    Par meri tasveer ka orkut,facebook,kodakgallery,picaasa, har jagah se namo
    nishan mitta ke chale gaye..

    Padha tha ek fwd mail, ke orkut ki khoj kuch isstarah hui..

    Kissine apne pyar ko pane ke liye aakhi website bana dali..

    Roj dhundte hai hum apne pyar ko..

    ussi website pe kabhi iss friend ke profile mein ja kar, kabhi uss friend ke
    profile mein jhak kar..

    Par unhe toh jaana tha, woh chale gaye..

    aaise gaye ke dubara contact karne ka jariya bina chode chale gaye..

    Khud ki tasveer ka orkut,facebook,kodakgallery,picaasa, har jagah se namo
    nishan mitta ke chale gaye..
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    UP Movie Review( Animated)

    fantastic movie

    The 70 year Old man ties thousand of balloons to his house and sets to experience the wilds of South America for her sweet heart wife.

    In this journey he is accompanied by a small Scout of 7 years.

    Humour, love and affection all packed in this 2 hour journey..

    A must watch...

    A scene in Telephonic Interview


    Is kahani ke saare paatra "real" hain.Inka vastavikta ke saath "poora"
    sabandh hain.

    Satya Ghatna par adarit.

    Interviewer: So Abhishek, How Will you rate yourself in core Java.
      Abhishek: 6.
    Interviewer was astonigh at his reply, he though what a confident candidate
    out of 5, he is rating himself 6.

    Interviewer (Impressed) :Abhishek so you rate yourself 6 out of 5 inCoreJava.

    Abhishek(Quicly) : I rate myself 6 out of 10.
    Interviewer(relieved) : Why Abhishek, why so less.

    Abhishek(Immediately) : Abe pehe question to pooch, yeh less bhi tujhe more hi lagega(man me bola)

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    NO. 8 AND ME

    It's about me again..(yes! I love myself and I love tags :P) this time tagged by Abhishek.. So here we go..
    Friends.. (makes life worthwhile..)
    Love.. (born to be loved :) ..)
    Chocolates.. (aah! yummy..)
    Music.. (what's life without music..)
    Footwear.. (stylish boy mostly canvas shoes :P)
    Key rings.. (just like that.. I like them..)
    caps..(Denim , and wollen round)
    Small small gifts given by some ones.. (Yes! I save them all for years to come.. )

    To live in a silent corner of her heart and make her smile..
    To have a charming boy *smiles*
    To live..
    To love..
    To travel around the world..
    To laugh till my tummy pains..
    To spend time with her.. doesn't matter if its after 10-15 years down the line..
    To learn how to make a round chapati.. ;P

    ..chal phut.
    ..sacchi muchhhi

    Tere bina jiya jaye na(lata)......
    kal ho na ho(sad version).. ..
    Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho.. kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho..
    Tum bin jaoo kaha.. ki duniya mei aake.. kuch bhi na chaha sanam tumko chah ke..
    Lagan lagi tumseman ki lagan ..lagan lagi tumse man ki lagan..
    pyar ka pehla khat likhne me waqt to lagta hai...
    chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko ..najar nahi churana sanam.....
    dikhai diye yun bekhud kiya ..hume aapse fir juda kar chale..
    Jab koi bat bigad jaye..jab koi mushkil pad jaye tum dena sath mera... *smiles*

    Song of the moment: goonja sa hai ek tara ..ek tara(wake up sid)
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    A beautiful day!!

     The sun is playing hide and seek with clouds.. leaves were dancing with the wind.. flowers smiling and gazing at the sky waiting for the rain drops to kiss them.. looks as everything was new and fresh today.. full of life.. just like me.. brimming with joy.. yes!! I am happy today.. sometimes you feel smiling just like that no..? some days are just so special to take away all your tears.. and no matter how lonely you are in that moment.. you still feel happy and wishful.. you feel like singing your heart out.. tumhae aur kya doo es dil ke siva.. tumko hamari umar lag jaye.. my heart whispers.. as I celebrates life silently... *smiles*

    song of the moment : aaj din chadeya

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    Monday, January 25, 2010


    Thoda gumsum sa.. thoda chup chup sa..
    chui mui ke jaise.. sehma hua sa..
    ghadi ki tik tik ko.. dekh raha tha..
    jate palo ki goonj sun raha tha..
    panchi ban pal uad chale..
    yaadon ke kaarva ban chale..
    uadta waqt kab haath aata hai..
    lekin yaadon ko kaon juda kar paata hai..
    aaya jo mehmaan banke uske aangan mei.
    faila di baahein usne unke swaagat mei..
    mehmaan bankar aaya to..
    mehmaan bankar hi rehna..
    meri zindagi par tum..
    phir saaya na karna..
    mushkil se maine ye hosla paya hai..
    khud se nazre milayi aur..
    zindagi se ishq ladaya hai..
    na doonga apni takdeer ab..
    mei tumhare haath mei..
    savaroonga har pal..
    ab apne hi andaaz mei..

    Song of the moment: Bhooli hui yaadon.. ab itna na satao.. ab chain se mujhae rehne do.. mere paas na aao.. *smiles*

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    They were looking at eachother.. without uttering a single word.. as thoughts were hitting her hard.. slowly she held her hand and they sat like that for hours.. a pin drop silence.. listening to eachothers heartbeat.. enjoying the rhythm of togetherness.. after a long pause.. she said i understand.. and hugged her tight.. and they smiled.. she was feeling better now.. a happiness of being understood was glowing her face..

    When most people cant even understand your words .. there are few who can understand your silence.. and we call them our friends.. a true friend.. who not only understands what you say but also knows what you dont say at times..

    And she was none other than her best friend.. the one with whom she can talk for hours without uttering a single word.. *smiles*

    Song of the moment: Humne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehakti khushboo.. haath se chooke use rishto ka ilzaam na do.. ek ahsaas hai ye rooh se mehsoos karo.. *smiles*
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    They were best of friends.. a lovely.. healthy friendship.. so many people used to envy them.. so many wished for same.. they say.. both are blessed in special way.. time passed by.. days changed into years.. and one day the one told the other a wish.. to take a right turn at a crossroad of life.. the other denied.. and took a different road.. but the one kept walking beside.. in a hope that one day things will change.. and after a long wait.. came the day when they were at another crossroad again.. and the one asked.. so you still wanna take a different road.. or we can take a right turn now.. or should we keep walking straight.. the other thought for a moment and just held one's arm and they turned to the right... *smiles*

    Song of the moment: yaaro dosti badi haseen hai...
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    Wednesday, January 6, 2010


    Kal hum sabke saath khoob hase..
    aur phir der tak udas rahe..

    Sometimes when you think everything is fine around you.. you are healing at good pace.. and enjoying your today rather than crying over the past.. suddenly you wakes up one morning with a thought that.. that someone is no longer with you anymore.. that.. all those dreams and talks have no meaning now.. and then again you pity yourself.. you curse yourself why it happened to you.. and every joy of today fades away again..
    Breaking up is not an one time act.. its a process which take its very own time.. and have many setback on the way.. its something you have to do everyday.. till you wont get used to of your present.. though intensity of pain depends on how much you were attached emotionally with that someone.. the deeper was the attachment the longer it'll take to get over.. that is the reason few of us moves on so fast and few like moi hang in there even for years.. but whatever it is one should realise that things take time.. emotions and feelings don't change overnight.. one becomes a big bunch of confused nerves.. happy in one moment.. lost in next.. and its ok.. to feel that pain now and then.. few people says ..hey!! you engaged now.. so things must be different now.. hmmm.. yes!! things are different.. now i have someone to care for.. someone to think about.. now i know life wont have only one season(rainy season).. but still sometimes i feel the loss.. the loss of that someone.. but missing someone doesn't mean that the present don't have any value.. if past was a good luck ..present is a blessing..
    I know i should count my blessings rather than crying over lost luck.. and i know i will move over all this too.. if not sooner.. may be a bit late.. its just one of those mornings..

    Beete lamhon ki parchayi se..
    khud ko na juda kar pate hai..
    door hue hum jinke dil se ..
    unse sapno mei milkar rote hai..
    palkein jab khulti hai to..
    dono naina bheege hote hai..
    na jaane kab kis khawaab mei..
    aa jao tum saamne..
    yahi soch kar kuch tohfe..
    hum sirhane rakhkar sote hai..
    subah ki pehli kiran ke saath..
    khawaabo mei tum aa jaana..
    kehte hai ki sapne subah ke..
    aksaar hi sach hote hai..
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