Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well my travelling spree continued and went mom's home this week to attened my mama's weeding. As usual had lots and lots of masti... teasing the youngers, teasing mama ofcourse, taking up the responsibility of managing things, brining the whole family together.
But the high point was when an aunty came to me and ABHISHEK beta aa gaye tum ...... every body was asking the same question... abe samne khada hoon tu aa hi gaya honga na... aneways, i didn't recognize her and smiled away... then she begun... beta tumhari shakal mere bete se bahut milti hain... kyaaaaaaaa... was what I thought.... btea jab vo sham ko aayega to saath main photo jaroor khich vana.....
I was desparately waiting for this guy to arrive... when he did it was a moral booster... I was not as bad looking as I had thought before... he he... to be right, I didn't feel as if we looked similar but all others thought we did.... they sometimes mistook him for me... thats incredible... aneways the guy was nice... and mingled well with us... and had a gala time with him.
Finally the day of weeding i did alot dancing with all my relatives and lot of masti wid new mami and her sister and her frenzs. I saw the incredible love b/w my mama and my mami on the day of golden night. mama was looking crazzy for going inside the room and they completing all our order (like act like as godzilla) .After one hour they completed all task which was given buy us . what happen inside the room how could i tell u....:D
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  2. hehehe...:-)
    liked d post...tht beta tu aa gaya thing was mast....same happens with me tooo wen i go home...n i also tink d same....:-P