Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Kal hum sabke saath khoob hase..
aur phir der tak udas rahe..

Sometimes when you think everything is fine around you.. you are healing at good pace.. and enjoying your today rather than crying over the past.. suddenly you wakes up one morning with a thought that.. that someone is no longer with you anymore.. that.. all those dreams and talks have no meaning now.. and then again you pity yourself.. you curse yourself why it happened to you.. and every joy of today fades away again..
Breaking up is not an one time act.. its a process which take its very own time.. and have many setback on the way.. its something you have to do everyday.. till you wont get used to of your present.. though intensity of pain depends on how much you were attached emotionally with that someone.. the deeper was the attachment the longer it'll take to get over.. that is the reason few of us moves on so fast and few like moi hang in there even for years.. but whatever it is one should realise that things take time.. emotions and feelings don't change overnight.. one becomes a big bunch of confused nerves.. happy in one moment.. lost in next.. and its ok.. to feel that pain now and then.. few people says ..hey!! you engaged now.. so things must be different now.. hmmm.. yes!! things are different.. now i have someone to care for.. someone to think about.. now i know life wont have only one season(rainy season).. but still sometimes i feel the loss.. the loss of that someone.. but missing someone doesn't mean that the present don't have any value.. if past was a good luck ..present is a blessing..
I know i should count my blessings rather than crying over lost luck.. and i know i will move over all this too.. if not sooner.. may be a bit late.. its just one of those mornings..

Beete lamhon ki parchayi se..
khud ko na juda kar pate hai..
door hue hum jinke dil se ..
unse sapno mei milkar rote hai..
palkein jab khulti hai to..
dono naina bheege hote hai..
na jaane kab kis khawaab mei..
aa jao tum saamne..
yahi soch kar kuch tohfe..
hum sirhane rakhkar sote hai..
subah ki pehli kiran ke saath..
khawaabo mei tum aa jaana..
kehte hai ki sapne subah ke..
aksaar hi sach hote hai..
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  1. the poem is really very beautiful....n its truly said tht 'mehandi rang lati hai sukh jane ke baad apki yaad ati h dur jane ke baad' i.e. u miss sumone more wen u realize tht he/she is not around u....

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