Wednesday, October 20, 2010


love it when people love me... i love it when I know I made someone smile, i love it when i hear someone patiently and try to help, try to make them feel better... I love it when someone smiles at me... i love it when they say i mean my words... yes, i love it all... but am I the person everyone thinks I am? am I the person who is genuine, sincere? If I am then why can I not share a word of what affects me?

I have always had this problem. I just can’t ask for help in distress... I can’t speak my heart when I am sad... I can’t cry... oh how I hate it... I just can’t cry... there come no tears in my eyes, no matter how excruciating d pain...


Hey guys, don't worry I am all right... sometimes d mind does conjure strange thoughts... this was one of them.
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