Wednesday, October 13, 2010

somethings stupid..

my experiments :)

* seeing the sunlight filtering thru a glass marble, a mesmerizing sight!
* seeing the fullmoon through a gold ring from the hostel terrace, the way the light disperses is fascinating!
* spending an hour beating coffee only with a spoonful of water, to check where the whiteness come from.. must be the sugar, coz it remained brown :(
* balancing a pencil on my finger, to check if the sharpened end is nearer to the center of gravity or is! (many a pre-exam night has been gainfully employed in this experiment)

more experiments underway, the results will be displayed as and when concluded... abhi phir se fun time , so plenty of opportunity to experiment :D
tab tak, scientist ABHI signing off... * bustling back into my den/lab*
*big STUPID grin*:D
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