Sunday, October 20, 2013

A letter -Chitthi- Wrote in 2nd class

Dear Ladki,
Lady's finger is my favorite vegetable and my recent learning from Gulmohar English language book tells me that you are also a lady.  How spicy? I like spicy but the rest of the girls in class are all about being sweet. I like them too. But I like you more - not more than Cricket though.
I see you because I like seeing you. I even see you when no one else is seeing you. I see you at School in the morning prayer assembly. People close their eyes and pray to God. I do that at my home itself - I pray for you to stand right beside me in the prayer assembly queue so that I see you while rest of the school pray. Your school dress is my favorite dress too. You look best in your school dress. Would you meet me someday near my house, one evening in your school dress? Please.
I followed you one day when you went out of the class, asking the teacher, 'May I go to toilet?'. I did the same and followed you until the end. But I am not sure why do you not go to the same toilet I go to. It breaks my heart. I think you shall explain me someday. How about coming Children's day? 
I like your mummy too. She cooks well. I tasted it one day when I secretly skipped P.T Period and browsed your bag. Will you share your tiffin with me? I'll give you a chocolate - one every Monday. My dad gives me two every Sunday and I can give you one. I like your dad too. I overheard you one day while you were explaining Madhuri how your dad gives you pocket money and all. I think we can share that as well. You can buy me an ice-cream. I will kiss you for that. The way they do it in movies.
I like writing. I write well, no? I will write you many letters like this. You can read it while sleeping and keep my letters below your pillow. Will you write me one too? If you do, please make sure that you do not make a grammatical mistakes. I don't like grammatical errors.
See you (in tomorrow's morning assembly).
Yours grammatically,
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