Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...happy holi..........


Heyllooo range putte people wish you a really really happy and colourful holi!!! arz kiya hai " apki holi ho number one, or aap karo whole lotsaaaa fun!!!!hehe....

just got over with mine..halka phulka gulal not much of it...arey baba there was no regular water supply...paani ke lalle better bachaoo paani...thoda thoda bandar zaroor lag raha hu..hehe...hey all those people who played sukhiwali holi today unko apuun ka hats off kyaa!!!

i feel there is one feeling which remains common in all the festivals and it is 'the feeling of togetherness'...i simply love it yaaa!!!

chalojiii mez signing off....gazab wali neend aa rahi hai...hehe

bbyeeeee tc!!!!!
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