Monday, March 23, 2009

Make me child once again

really....i missed my childhood............and this is for all of my little frenz..

Running in the circles ,
Digging feet in the ground.
Playing on the seashore,
mama ,look what i have found.
some toys so broken ,
and white pebbles so round.
a whistle of plastic ,
now makes no sound .

In a haste to run ,
forgot first steps to my walk.
speaking on the phone ,
forgot how to face and talk.
Looking for the shimmer ,
i'm lost into this dark.

Mama , hold my hand,
and make me child once again.
rub a towel thru my hair ,
when i come drenched in the rain.
Tear pages from notebook ,
ill make 2 ships and a plane.

Im still runnin in the circles,
trying to fly the paper plane.
praying to my god,
make me child once again .
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  1. arreee ye kaam to hum lecture k samay kaarte hai jo kaam ye ladka kar raha hai