Saturday, March 21, 2009

new vista tool....check out

This one's a little about technology... I personally found this tool really cool and thought i'd tell you If that's not your thing, scroll down to the next article . Anyhow, I'm not sure if this tool's in earlier versions of windows or not.... Its called "Snipping Tool" What u gotta do to access it: 1) click on the start button (bottom left corner) 2) type 'snipping tool' in the search box. 3) Voila! there u have it What this tool essentially does is takes a snapshot of any open window... be it a webpage, your 'my computer' page... whatever ... and has the option of storing it in more than one format (jpg, gif, png, html) . Also, 1) you can choose whether you want a part of the page, or the entire window. 2) you can edit the created picture by writing on it with a kind of paintbrush I think this is another one of life's lessons: The answers are ALL there... you just have to know the right people! To present my best side ;) little discoveries the ideal convo what if?
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