Friday, April 3, 2009

so what...........??????????

do u ever curse urself for wat happened?? do u ever feel..wat yaar y did dis happened to me?? do u ever let others perception pound on u to the extent u just don't like life anymore?? do u ever think dis way.........
yaar mujhko lagta hai..sab aisa karte hain..sochte hain kabhi na kabhi in life... but wats in cursing oneself?? pata hai kitni energy barbaad hoti hai?? kitni negativity a jati hai apke andar.... I say when u feel dis way......say to urself, dude.."SO WAT??" .. wat..if dis happenend.. so wat , if someone think dis abt wat??? u can't change everthing in a wink.... all u can do is be more cautious n say..So WAT... I'll handle it anyway..........!! Chanelise ur energies in doing ur work with faith n believe in urself... maybe double the belief u had in urself earlier.... for sure u'll be a happy person soon enough....
Wat's more important is - wat u think about urself ..truly..!!
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