Tuesday, May 25, 2010

once again

oh no!! it seems like just yesterday  that our exams got over,and already v hv the new datesheet in hand..wonder when all this is going to end..or even more importantly..if i m going to last that long! as one of my fren says.."exams hi to hain,kaun-sa kumbh ka mela hai jo 12 yrs baad aata hai.."..so y worry, and btw this time is our final sem and have only 4 papers ! then again..there's the father's of all positive sayings.. "examiner marks hi to katega, gala to nahi!" (the examiner can do only so much as cut marks, not our throats!!) hmm..that's another positive way of looking at exams! hope i can just remember all this when the D-day does arrive!


  1. oohhooo.... lagta hai poori padai hoo gayi tabhi ye sab likhna hoo raha hai :D

  2. hahahaahh so... dese dayzz new funda of loking at xmzz... b optimistic.. cool :) All D Bst