Friday, October 9, 2009

bacche man k sacche

Na Bache mann k sacche Na Parents iss game main kache !!

You know what I mean.. We think we are so smart, so clever, so shaitaan.. and our parents realize NOTHING ?

All the time you bunk college and say you are the most sincere student !!!!

All the time you are on the phone till midnight !!!!! WINK ;-)

All the time you go on a date and tell ur parents you went to a friends house .....( watta joke;-) ) !!!

All the time you are depressed after a break up and when caught crying you say u have a cold ...( LOL) !!!!!!

Dude!! wake up! your parents know everything ! everything ! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HIDE.. (rite)!

But they are sensible enough to ignore certain things and only interfere when they think is absolutely essential !!

Now tell me... Are you scared? Which is that secret you never want your parents to find out ??

Keep It Wicked ( thats ABHI'S funda) :-D
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  1. kya topic hai yaar....mast :-P
    is post ka to mujhe sabse aacha topic hi laga...:-P

  2. hehehe nice one actually reality yahi h..... and hum log yeh bhul jate h unohney humse jayada lyf dekhi h... :)

  3. bro wat a mind blowing topic yr boht acha likha ha aap ny
    i like ur way to write n to describe ur thinkings