Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A scene in Telephonic Interview


Is kahani ke saare paatra "real" hain.Inka vastavikta ke saath "poora"
sabandh hain.

Satya Ghatna par adarit.

Interviewer: So Abhishek, How Will you rate yourself in core Java.
  Abhishek: 6.
Interviewer was astonigh at his reply, he though what a confident candidate
out of 5, he is rating himself 6.

Interviewer (Impressed) :Abhishek so you rate yourself 6 out of 5 inCoreJava.

Abhishek(Quicly) : I rate myself 6 out of 10.
Interviewer(relieved) : Why Abhishek, why so less.

Abhishek(Immediately) : Abe pehe question to pooch, yeh less bhi tujhe more hi lagega(man me bola)

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  1. hahaha..... kahani filmi nai hai aisa kiye to laat mar k bhaga denge..... :P