Thursday, March 18, 2010

thanx alot!!

this post is just 2 thank all those ppl who hv taken the time 2 go thru this blog ..splly those who hv encouraged me with all those comments..some of them hv posted it on this page itself..and some of them gave me their feedback either personally or thru messengers n mails..and thanx r also due in large measure 2 my dear roomies and my familiy who allow me 2 hv the lion's share of time on the sys........ all this gives me more confidence 2 voice my thoughts, and b more true 2 myself....thanks again!!
vaise, surfing generally, at least i formed the impression that there r mainly 3 types of professionals who r majorly into blogging.. ppl related 2 journalism,advertising n s/w professionals...mayb it's just coz i hv been 2 only such blogs..but i hv yet 2 come across a doctor's / scientist's / painter's / advocate's/engineer's blog...... i mean..there r sooooo.... many professions ... then how come all bloggers turn out 2 b from one of these 3's not as if these ppl r "vella/lukha"(--> free,with no work 2 do, that's what T told me this word means ) hmmmm... reasons..anyone?? :)
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  1. Amiable dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

  2. abhi,ur blOg iz vry intreztin nd appreciating.....i lyked it!

    keep it up!