Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ever wondered...

(And I'm not cribbing here, just stating a few observations;)

  • Why when you are waiting for Bus A, Buses B would come in every minute and when you happen to wait for Bus B, the Buses A would flow by, and when you catch an auto both will overtake you?

  • Why everybody comments just on the latest post of a blog? Even the last but one fails to get a new reader's attention...

  • Why we fight with the neighbourhood vegetable hawker over a rupee but gladly pay a premium in some restaurant without batting an eyelid?

    Had planned to stretch it to some more questions, but the mind refuses to think

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    1. hmmm...aise ques mere dimag mai bhi bhut aate h n spcly tht 1st one....i also go through this situation manier times......:-)