Monday, June 21, 2010

two different people

Am I just writing cause I am bored?? Really don't know now. There was a time when I blogged like crazy. Am I going back to square one? Who knows .... maybe.

We are two different people
In very different worlds that never meet
And yet we like each other's company
And take care of each other's needs

How is that we understand each other so well
And no one has known me better than you
How is it that I have never felt happier
Than when you are beside me

You love to keep talking
I can spend all my time listening to you
You can be very moody
I have the patience to stand in the rain and let the storm pass

Sometimes you dress up like a gypsy
Something that is quite alien to me
But deep inside it makes me smile
Cause that's something I have always longed to do

I can't win an argument with you
Nor did I ever want to
But this is something I cannot take
That two different people cannot convene

It's like two sides of a coin
Very different, very apart
And yet really they are the same
And wouldn't the coin be useless, if both sides turned out alike ?
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  1. i feel d same u hv written 4 me n my bf...we both r really 2 different really a good job dear..u hv explained it vry well. keep it up.

  2. very interesting one...nicely written and fabulous with the feelings involved...quite right u r "seems two souls having separate lives and den sharing everything in unison" d best 4 d future works...u rock dude

  3. wow yaar....sahi mai mast likha h....u r gr8 abhi.....:-)