Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally Came To Kno!

Something in my life for the first time i felt,
like taken aback from all my strength,
Some feeling struck me for the first time i guess,
like pushed down upon to the deepest darkness,
Tears rolled down my eyes for the first time i knew,
that made me almost cry not actually knowin what for they are,
Joy abonded my days for the first time i've seen,
that left me pain worsening my condition to death,
Searching i sat all the day for the first time as never before,
not even knowing for what i was searching for,
Thinking i was all my way for the first time i think,
not even knowing what to think about,
Dreaming became my routine for the first time in my life,
knowing even that they don't come true,
Worrying i stay all throughout for the first time ,
knowing nothing wrong will happen...

Time slowly passed away,
Days started going on,
One by one leaving me all alone,
once again bringing all these things back,

i groped all my way,
wishing to kno,
why actually they happend
what actually they mean

Finally making me helpless,worried,lonely n hopeless...
Came the answer from my heart saying...



  1. your friends always be with u bcoz u r the dearest frind evr

  2. yup she's rite......:-)