Monday, January 3, 2011

A Journey to dream city Banglore !!

Once again Sorry Guys and Gals! Did not post anything for quite some time now. But am back from the hibernation.

Have lots and lots of things to write, but it would really take some time to express every thought in my mind right now.
Ok so finally i am in banglore in hope of  full  of expecatation and  with lot of  desires. Planned to came here from past two month but due to corrupted indian Railway system failed to get reservation easily.

So after lot of frustration decide to choose different route from kota to Mumbai(Dadar) via Golden temple and from Dadar to Banglore by udyan express in adition to kota to mysore -Banlore route. so finally got reservation in waiting for 14th december 2010 which confirmed after lot of mindteasing on IRCTC system. Want to say thanx to MR. Raja shah jain  my jiju and Chits (Abhinav) my friend both who helped me for reservation.
SO from 14 noon to 16th morning i was in train cant express train expreince here.
Finally reached at madhvi di home from Banglore-SBC to jp nagar 5th phase via prepaid auto taxy (seems quite funny na!! prepaid auto taxi damned crazzy !!:D). But here in banglore this is system which managed by Railway police of karnataka for control the  spontaneous loot by auto union.
Ok after 11km travel finally i found out the home of madhvi di. Madhvi di whom i never meet before (Looks like a educated and higer class lady ) recieve me with affection. It was quite surprising for me that  i will gonna stay in banglore  tomadhvi di's house(who was not in my relation she was just only my sister's friend.)till then  i wouldnt found a suitable regidence like paying guest for me. finally entered in house Flat no. 203 which was well furnished everything was well  managed. Took bath and did little conversation with di met to  her cute baby samyak (6 months old). Everything was excited for me even you can say its my good fortune that i met to these lovely people. ok finally she offered me  yummy  and tasty lunch with full of affection . Before meeting to her i was lil bit afraid for there reaction on me (because i was similar like bin bulaya mehmaan , jaan na pehchaan). but feeling relief after meeting to her she was quite affectionable for me and treating me same like her lil brother. Oh thank you god for helping me and giving me such fortune. After eating food i took some rest for half an hour and become active atonce for finding a suitable pg for me because on the same day madhvi di and  Abhishek bhaiya ( her husband ) had reservation for 4 days trip to kodaknal hill station and rameshwaram thats why it was more necessary for me because i am hesitating to live alone in their house  ,Made Call to one of my senior and told them that i am in banglore please arrange a suitable  accomodation for me . He replied in my favour that come in jp nagar 5th phase i will show you pg. So finally meet to him and saw his pg accomodation which was in quite funny situation so decided to search out myself and started walkin on the roads of banglore and found some pumplets for mens pg made call them and saw some accomodation which was giving me imbalance feel (Dirty and room size like bathroom). Finally tired back to di's home drink water and told her to my exact situation. She suggested me for do google (Great idea by a educated and aware  lady ). So According to her suggestion did google find some accomodation made call them but all are once again quite funny because they didnt know hindi and english they only knew kannad a local language of karnatka. So once again decided to walk around streets once again made call by lookinf puplets which  was attached to light poles.
OK JOURNEY BEGUN.....tring tring with kannada ringtone like rama rama rama re....
Hello who is this ??
me: hello i am finding suitable pg for me . can you show me i am standing here.
A man came on spelender after waiting of some time....
Hello  me veeru tum pg search karta.....
ME: Yes sir.
He: ok lets come with me on byke. came to dollar layout .
(He shows me a good room which was well furnished  also he promised me for internet and tv in room which was 2 seater.I like rooms and decided to move here from dis house but still have some confusion like transportation, food and etc etc )
Veeru introduced me to some guys who were already living in pg. they told me about transporation and nearest restorant for food. so i asked veeru to drop me once again at di's home which was on only 1/2km distance. Veeru droped me at my destination seems like he was a gentle man (otw aaj k jamane me apna petrol kaun bigadata hai ).
Now in di's house told them that i m confused for pg.i  want to move for guest house. She replied me dont move stay here its your own home and when you will find then move. but i am forcing them to move. So after half and hour both husband and wife forced me to stay in house  alone . I am accepted  there proposal and stay hold to house in night. night was spent with good sleep because  i was tired from 4 days. in the morning i wake up 8 am and once again call to veeru to show me the pg again . The gentle man once again recieved me from my destination and i gave him fianal reply that i am comming in the evening . finally he told me rent and some conditions which was apply on all .
I was agree decide to move in evening . and then shifted to my pg in evening a destination of my dream and desires. Food was quite good for starting days after that i bored with these south indian dishes like idli, dosa, upma etc etc because i got smail of coconut oil from all these products which they made. Still eating same food. :D.
ok guys want to sleep now the time is 2.28 pm. soon updating one more post about anwesha's bday .
till then keep rockings...


  1. he he he he he he he he gud one abhii about ur journey well wish u Gud luck for ur desires..... samyak is really soo cute :) n finally u like the south indian food :-p n now learn the language also :-D he he he hhmm anyways nice 1 :)

  2. soo nice..literally u r a fab writer!!!