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Anwesha's bday !! 2/1/2011

Hello everyone ,
                        As i promised in last post i will be going to post about Anwesha's birthday celebration. Ok after new year night wakeup early in the morning on the date 1/1/11. Calling to anwesha's father ...jingle bell...jinge bell(caller tune)
Abhi bhaiya :Hello..who is speaking?
Me: Happy birthday to you Anwehsa .
He: dude anwesha have her  bday on next day. you are wishing in advance dont forget wishing my daughter next day. and make ur presence next day before 2pm. And will take lunch and dinner with us.
Me: Oh its ok. but my cellphone reminding me from last night for bday of anwesha and sorry i am unable to come for lunch.
He: dont make me fool  and dont try to reject my offer. Otw its against ur di's respect.I dont know anything you will be comming finally and no more exquses.
Me:Ohk i will try . But not giving commitment.
So made call to meenaxi di (Hey madhvi di is inviting me on anwesha's party for lunch and dinner. what to do? ).
Meenaxi di : you should to go. They are not others.
Me: But is it ok to be close very early .? what do u think? She is your friend and i am your brother.
she: whatever dont think so much go and enjoy. This is a good chance for you to meet people of bengalooroo. go go and enjoy.
Me: ok. Thanx.
Made call to dady . what to do ? should go for lunch or not?
dady: go.
so finally next day wake up 9'O clock . The phone is ringing . Rise up...rise up dont fall down again..(my cellphone ringtone).
Me: Hello who is speaking. Abhi tak soye ho kya.
she: Me madhvi . Me:yeah hello madhvi ( thinking like some one calling from job consultancy) .
she: i am madhvi di . uthja abhi. And come before 12'O Clock i need some help for managing party.
Me: ok . i will.
so finally took bath and purchased a present for Anwesha from "Mom & me" mall.
Now time is 1:30pm and finally in Anwesha's home sweet home. Di offered luch with tikkad(bazra+jo+chana=One type OF Rajasthani chapati) , dal and carrot halwa which was yummy and become more delicious due to their affection and love for me .
So now bhaiya asked me to download some theme and dancing music from internet for bday party .I did. And now di gave me a task that suggest some ideas for games for kids and for adults. I suggested musical race, truth and dare, exchanging game, baloon dance, bolly, spoon race etc etc. So finally started to decorate roof by baloons and ribbons after 1Hr roof is completely ready for bday celebration.
party started with kids games and some Rajasthani snacks samosa , kachori, waffers , chocos. After 8pm we decided for cake celebration. Anwesha did it with knife and now she is completed 6yr of her life. we all wished her with claps and bday theme  music. Anwesha offered cake (black forest ) pieces to eveyone. after celebration we offered dinner with dominos pizza and colddrinks. after dinner everyone started dancing on partymix music  which is downloaded by me ( call me, rise up, saturday night etc.)with baloon dance steps. The whole atmosphere become completely ryhtmic. finally party ends with ice cream and cold drinks. Return gifts are given to kids by madhvi di. In the end susmita di sung a song for kids. Everthing was well managed and everyone praising for this celebration. Party was awesome . Finally di packed some snakcs for me and bhaiya dropped me at my destination. Gave thanx to bhaiya for inviting me and make a part of this lovely family which was unexpectable for me in present. On that day i undestood that how social life have a importance in our life. Have to write lot of from bengalooro...but now i want to take bath.  thanx for appreciating me for my blog post...more experiments underway, the results will be displayed as and when concluded... abhi phir se fun time , so plenty of opportunity to experiment :D
tab tak, stupid  ABHI signing off...
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