Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bengalooroo... 2 words,  food and pubs.i know it for a fact that everybody here is sick of my "i dont like bangalore" song, and i am sure all of us will be so much happier if only i could go back to North !!*sigh* granted, that this place does have its good points too, and has accepted me with open arms, still, i cant help but miss home :( if asked to list out my anti-blr points, my top grudge is that this place has a serious dearth of party places, if u dont consider all the pubs dotting the streets.if u want to go out, and do some headbanging on good ol' rock numbers and come back. sounds fine for a week, but after that, someone like me really starts to miss the rocking bollywood and punjabi numbers, to which i could sing along and sway with abandon!
my second grudge is fm radio :( being the radio aficionado that i am(rather... was), it was a cultural shock for me to listen to Radio Mirchi in kannada (sakath hot's hot)!!all the stations i listened to rarely in jaipur form my main listening now, be it radio city or big fm. only fever is the same as before.. good 40 mins of non stop music :) hmm..ok, there is a new station here 91.9 fm, radio indigo does play international music , and is my favorite station for now.. so i guess i have actually nothing to complain about ;)

but i do so miss my Rajsathani  frens!! my bus/auto/pg/sec 10/jaipur circles.. endless fun :( ok, granted that i do have chits  frens also now, plus my Jaipur's frens whom i have met up with here, plus my Community  frens *grin*. Moreover, my Jaipur's frens are here   now mostly, and lot of drifted apart for higher studies .. so now instead of one phone call to talk to a whole group, i have to place so many calls(  )... in a way, it was good that i came when i did!!
in conclusion, i still vehemently "dont like bangalore" for all the reasons listed above, and no matter what all reasons are given to the contrary, i wont change my views!!
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  1. good i thnk thoda tym lagega adjust hone d main thng s u r still happy n 1 shud adjust in evry circumstances...
    keep writing..

  2. iss situation per mjhe kuch nhi khena