Thursday, September 24, 2009

confusion ...confusion ...confusion

Some times i go in critical condition. Some times m thinking about situational drama.
Now a days m passin through a critical condition which is very big problem of mine from my childhood ..its only name "confusion ka keeda". Yes this confusion ka keeda always making me seek. M always confused ..when i decide to do soomething new, at the last last time m reaching at the condition where i have two solution of my problem and m really confused for choosing better one.What to do ..i know..."right time pe right decision making ....make a man perfect and success" .But m not a Mr. perfectionist . M a mango people "aam janta" ..who waste his time in thinking..
god plz help me....plz give me the suitable solution of this kind of problem.(vaise maine ajkal sochna band kar diya hai...implemet karna suru kar diya hai sochne k "jo hoga so dekh jayega")

something like happen wid u den tell me...m waiting for ur comments . Before two days ago some one mail me a poem for abt confusion which m pasting lets check out..

How far is confusion-night from Illumination-light ?
It is as far as man's doubting mind and man's loving heart.


You want to escape the confusion
That you see before you.
I tell you, you will never be able
To escape the outer confusion
Unless and until
You have escaped the inner confusion.
And the inner confusion
Is your continuous doubt-indulgence.


Confusion-night boasts,
Aspiration-day cries.
Realisation-sun destroys confusion-night
And manifests God-Height
On earth.


All live in the selfsame


If you want to solve
All the confusion-problems
Of your mind,
Then resolve to live
Inside the illumination
Of your heart-sky.

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