Monday, September 28, 2009


usually successfully avoid writing self obsessed blogs..but then once in a blue moon its ok..

so as the title suggests i am about to tell you the 10 things i hate..

1. well educated, polished people littering in public..CCD ki coffee peene ke baad paper mug ko apni honda city ki khidki se JLN marg par phenkna is just so disgusting

2. people pretending to be humble but actually not losing a single moment or opportunity to massage their own egos..grow up and let others help you out in this dept.

3. jo log mandiron, kirtano, jagraaton mein jaatein hain yeh dikhane ke liye woh dharmik hain, aur wahan baithkar all they discuss is kareena kapoor saif ali khan duo..come on yaar..mandir mein ho show some respect or get out

4. healthy food that besides being zero fat and low on carbs is also zero taste and low on temptation scale

5. Double standards..people who have a seperate yardstick for themselves and others..cheating cheating!

6. People with zero sense of humour, jinke saamne har baat sambhalkar bolni padti hai, pata nahi kis baat ka bura maan jayein

7. the human broadcasting machines..people who talk to you only to get some information out, manipulate it and spread it like mad forest fire..beta kisi din bure phansoge..your past victims will surely have the last laugh

8. Random people asking personal questions, a very very weird and bad must know their limits

9. I am always right attitude..tumhe kya bhagwaan ne kaan mein aakar bola tha ki jo bhi bologe woh bhagwaan ki aawaz hogi, hain bolo bolo

10. roz roz college jana
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  1. wow looks changed...looking soooooo gud now....:-)

  2. hhmm gud work abhii... english achi h hehehe :-p

    aur num 6 mast h...:-p