Saturday, April 3, 2010

mOODy ,unhappy mOODyI

I am really unhappy really moody about my body, my health...
I dunno why? I just feeling unwell feeling something wrong on my body almost a week !!

Fever, last Saturday but gone.

But still............. WHY????

WHY, I still feeling dizzy??
WHY, I still feeling extremely tired??
WHY, I still feeling extremely sleepy?? some more can sleep almost 24 hours! (excessive! really excessive!!)
WHY, I " wee wee" and " big big" bleeding lot???

What's wrong actually happening inside my body??
"Doctor", the person I scare the most to visit. I gotta checking body but no dare to accept what doctor got to tell me... ><
I crying hard. Because I feeling that I lost my way... ... ... ...
I need someone beside me to accompany me! I no dare to do my ownself, alone... That's really scary~

I dunno what else could I share on my blog, but I got to stop here.. ;(

GOD BLESS! take care....~