Friday, April 30, 2010

No Title

I am thinking – when i can go for a long vacation and roam the world doing random things, a new day, a new routine , that way i'll never be bored
I said – a lot but I don't quite remember anything
I want – the best. If you aim for something then it better be the best or don't aim at all
I wish – for the impossible.
I miss – school
I hear – the ringing in my ears, the keyboard and a lot more
I wonder – about mathematics and why I couldn't be better at it.
I regret – sometimes.
I am – a genius.
I sing – to myself, all the time.
I dance – slowly to begin with and then through the night.
I am not – a compulsive talker but you may get the feeling at times.
I write – because I want to be express myself .
I hate – people who think they know everything.
I confuse – emotions.
I should – stop being so lazy.

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  1. hey thats vry nice really nice but iska title toh do