Friday, April 2, 2010

My Brain and its ideas

Hi kaise ho ji ...

I was just thinking that now that I have started my blog post , there should be things that make it a good read. My mind kept coming up with weird ideas.
1. Write book reviews! - For that Ill have to keep reading many books. Rejected.
2. Write Bollywood Masala and gossips - too common on blogs! Rejected.
3. Write latest Political updates - If they read what I write, they will do my encounter. Rejected.
4. Put Beautiful Natural Pictures - Boring. Rejected.
5. Write my feelings and emotions - I dont think anybody else, except me would be interested. Rejected.
6. Write my daily routine in detail - Will take lot of time.Rejected.
7. Put in pictures of cockroach (yes that did come to my mind). Eeeuu.... Rejected.
8. Write something interesting that I did today. umm.... well...... ok..... done. Accepted.

So from today onwards, I will write say about 5 lines on something interesting that I did in the day and if i dont get anything interesting to write i will write something computer suffs! hee hee! At least it will add to my archive of daily activities for my own future reference. So my next post is on what I did today. Have not really thought about that as yet. Anyways enjoy reading!



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