Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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  last time i wrote a post on "OPTIMISM ,REALISM  and PESSIMISM..." and one of my frenz or blog visitor swati suggest me for more explanation so i am writing here more..not sure that this is too much good ..i love when visitors read my post and mail me for expecting more from me for write better ..

Am in search of!!!

Its absolutely situational and short lived. The art of positive thinking they say, and at times the art of consoling n lying to ones own self –that’s what I say.
Ask those optimists, have they tasted the bitter failure, if yes then must have experienced the joy of success as well.

What if u find yourself in dark unending tunnels.
Of course you’ll try to tunnel out of the dark; but how long …there’s a limit to everybody’s patients …………
I’ve been trying though haven’t yet succeeded
But yeah!! The dark has tunneled through me, turning me into a pessimist.

CHANGE- that I’ll never was what I was determined of…
Though outwardly I haven’t yet ; the same old happy-go-lucky natured, confident, strong, ever smiling character for those around me, but I can feel changes cropping inside me.
One, who never believed in luck, destiny, has now stopped believing in hard work ‘cause hard work is rewarded at-times n not always. It’s your fate….how long it takes to journey till you reach that one desired end…
What matters is not talent but luck, what matters is not dedication but the final result.

EXPECTATION-is the root cause of all heartbreaks,
I being an ordinary man can’t stop expecting though.


- A philosophical statement with not an inch of practicality in it.


Being of a technical field, am into the habit of categorizing everything into distinct sections…………so are OPTIMISTS, exactly of 3 kinds-

First are those- born in luxury, riches, for them SUCCESS is a thing to be bought.
Second, being the luckiest ones (in my view), their life has been a perfect balance of bright summers to gloomy autumns to romantic monsoons. It’s they who say-keep faith and you’ll surely get it…everything will someday be fine…

I envy you, your fate my friend…

Third being the liars, sad at heart…. knowing nothing’s going to be fine but still consoling self saying goal is hiding behind the next U-turn.

I won’t lie, and the first two categories isn’t for me…

Pessimism (as you’ve termed me to be) gives me happiness, yes it gives!!!…’Cause it has taught me the way to live life to the fullest in no matter how small the triumph be…

PESIMIST-one who looks to the darker side of everything, every happening, but then the little success that they get gives them eternal bliss…this one hope gives me the inspiration to continue counting the shadows………..there again I’m hoping, expecting………….

Yes, I can’t stop expecting, but I’ve changed …I’ve started expecting the worst ……that’s the reason they call me pessimist…

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  1. i must say very nicely framed post....quite interesting definition of pessimist.......seems like being pessimist is far more good then the optimism........all i want to say is "raahen agar ho mushkil to kya un par to phr bhi chalna hi hai,
    chaand chupa le suraj magar raat ko ek din dhalna hi hai"
    one who can feel this can truly make out his way from everything.........i appreciate ur thoughts and your way of writing......quite agree too..........keep it on.....al d best .......