Tuesday, May 18, 2010

post no.100 and a question to myself

The most important things with this post is that i completed 100 posts on my blog  and this is a great achievement for my self . i never thought that i can write ..and people will  read my posts . But from 2008 many peoples support me for writing ..and appreciating me with there ideas and comments . thanx to all of u and i love u alot .

A recurring question??
Why do I write a blog? Why should I waste my time writing, when I am not sure whether nebody will read this? Why, at all?
Is this wastage of Mental Effort? No, not at all.
Reason being......

" A Blog a day,
keeps the psychologist away;
since writing a blog,
clears the smog and does not let your mind clog;
of the ideas that are crazy,
and this makes your day as lovely as a "daisy"!!

Hope this answers the question :-)

Will keep on writing more!!!!!!!

Till next time,
Good Bye
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  1. hey!! congrats 4 100th post..n keep on writing like this....wish u luck 4 future...:-)