Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hppy Marriage Anniversary to mom dad

Love and marriage
has been a long and difficult road.
Faith has been your carriage,
God has lightened your load.

Together you have progressed
to your 29th year,
with the words of God
whispering in your ear.

Your one life together
has you both united,
but the joys to come
have just been sighted.

I love you both
for being young at heart
and making an oath
never to depart.

You belong
side by side,
your passion strong
with nothing to hide.

God bless you two,
Mom and Dad.
Happy Anniversary!

song of the moment : dil ku mera shor kare ..idhar nahi udhar nahi , teri or chaley 


  1. nice one gr88

    kuch inspirations lo iss se

    wish a gr8 aniversary to ur mom n dad

  2. hhmm its nice..... happy wedding aniversary to uncle and aunty ji...:)

  3. happy anniversary to uncle aunty!!!