Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Deleted my last post after reconsideration

I deleted my last post "Running after.......a dream" because i realized that this post was dont have any sense for people like me who have lot of Dreams in life. I was demotivated after unfair treatment by my University. Last night my friend lalit pinged me on chat the some parts of our conversation is here..
Lalit :blogger bhai
aaj tera blog padha
4 saal mein pehli bar after engineering
bada frustrate hua pada hai
Me: ku kya hua
yar samaj sakta hai tu
hard time for me
Lalit :are yaar
aayega tera time bhi aayega
Me: bas tu hai na ...tu bhi na...
tu khus karta rahega sale
3 idiot k Rancho ki tarah apne dosto ko
Lalit : What you wrote on your blog, I am not agree with your post. You are demotivating readers and your friends who love to read your posts.
Me: This post was just for .....
Lalit : What just for ..??
Me : Aiwee hi yar....
Lalit : What aiwee hi..after reading your blog my mind is blank now ..thinking about you.
Me : Its just a blog post...
Lalit : What just a blog post, you are demotivating people and its wrong ...i am not agree with you and your post. Even i was demotivated after reading.
Me : Wait 2 minutes ( Reading my last post again )
You are right i realized my mistakes accepting and deleting this post now.
Lalit : I am happy now. You are not only one who is puzzled with mismanagement of Education system. We all know about it. You need to move your minds towards different side. Dont waste your time to think about future. Do something good for be happy like watch movies, videoes, join gym do something extra and be happy. Dont care about people that what are they thinking about you. Live your life with hapiness.
Me : Lalit thanking you for motivating me...
Lalit : post something good like videoes , Jokes and anything happening which have source of smile ...

Conversation end here and i deleted my last post from my blog..

I found my self lost in thoughts and lost in time. when task is failed it seems like i am "losing the race of life".At time of failure i am rapidly losing control on myself , my mind and my soul and after reconsideration of my fault i have decided to kick the darkness of light till it bleeds in daylight everytime. Hope my life will take U turn and God will bless me for success in life.....


  1. Kya baat h ladke,,,,,,,Mast blog likha h,,,:)

  2. Hmmmmmmmm nice one always be true with urself