Friday, February 20, 2009

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They say marriages are made in heaven, I am sure they are..but the way they are 're-arranged' on earth is no less than going through hell..and I mean it..

If you are reading this blog you have either gone through this hell yourself which is so lovingly called ARRANGED MARRIAGE (in which case you have my deepest sympathies) or you are curious to know.. as to why have I picked up this topic today

Ok..maybe you have not noticed but my relationship status is single,but mom is looking..

And she is with her utmost sincerity

Just like any other daughter's and son's parent she also wants that the apple of her eye should be commited to somebody else's fruit basket and soon.. but the stories narrated by my friends scare the hell the out of me
If Yash Chopra and son misled us about love and romance.. Rajshri Productions and Suraj Badhjaataya are to be blamed for painting a rosy picture about arranged marriages..

In the movies comes a dashing young man-rich affluent and yet cultured enough to follow his parent's instructions with full dedication. His father sees the cultured beautiful decent looking daughter of his childhood friend (because how can the son look at the girl first in sooraj badjatya movies)and then and there decides to make her his daughter in law..son being the obedient baby says yes and no questions asked they get married without a hitch..

Now lets zoom out from the movie and focus on the real life shall we..this is not possible in real know why? I tell you why..because first the bio-data would be exchanged between the two families..if they like the girl on paper only then they would take the matter a step meeting the girl..if the girl is fortunate enough she would also get to meet the guy in question otherwise this is a major possibility that only guy's parents would come to check her out..

Cut to the day when a semi baaraat from the guy's family comes to visit the girl..

Everything from her looks to her education from her speaking skills to her hobbies would be tested by a volley of questions from one and all.. after that the girl can sit in any civil services interview and get selected with flying colors (after such a grilling practice session how can she not get selected duh!!)

Then they would ask all the questions from how much the girl earns..when is the next increment due..what are the she a religious..homely..professional and in short a superwoman.. if not..then the project would be terminated then and there..

If the girl clears this round..there is more to come..for weeks there maybe no answer from the boy's family because they are also 'considering' superwomen having greater powers..

And suddenly one fine day they will call up and insist on meeting the girl again..this time also with a semi baraat from the guy's family but ofcourse with different members..

The whole process again-volley of questions- superwoman test etc etc..

Again no answer for weeks and this time the girl should figure it out herself that "baat baithe nahi"..they would not have the courtesy and tell that themselves

Reason could as foolish as- ladki ke qualification theek nahi lagi..which by the way they knew even before they met the girl for the first time courtesy the biodata..

And the horrifying part is, that the girl and her family needs to go through this over and over again.. these were based on the experiences of some of my very close friends whose names have been purposefully kept under wraps..and here is my experience..

So to conclude I would request suraj badhjatya to make a movie about arranged marriage and this time based on wait if they intend to show the reality behind arranged marriages then the projects needs to handled by ramsay brothers the horror movies specialist



  2. hiiiiiiiiiiiii...........well i appreciate ur effort ..........yaah tat movie was very nice ...and it showed eternal love ....wich is quite hard to find now a days.........