Saturday, February 21, 2009


HOW R U....??????????

Last time when i was spenting my holidays at my home.....i hve more time for.....anything. so i started watching the daily shop show on starone "miley jab hum tum" and really wht a gr8 show which is touching my heart..... .Its first time when i am starting watchedout tv serials.
Its a first show on television which is completely different from .....all other saas bahu bak-bak..

"miley jab hum tum" is aromantic comedy show set in the most conductive enviroment of the big city college with five very dinstinct characters providing both the clash of
personalities and also a mix of cultures.

Woh pehla crush, woh ragging ka darr

Canteen ki cutting chai, lectures and professors ki hai hai

Exams ke din rona, aisa humare sath kyun hona?

Miley Jab Hum Tum showcases the spectacular journey of 6 young people, their anxieties, their insecurities, their apprehensions to fit in the college crowd. Above all, the show also gets the 6 new college goers to experience first love and the joy of being in such a situation. Love in college being the central theme of the show, the twist comes in with the clash of cultures and growing of love between the cool Mumbaite crowd vs. the modest small town crowd.
The story line begins with Dia, who is the diva of the college, finds out that her small town cousins Gunjan & Nupur are coming to Mumbai to join the same college as hers! The news is not taken well by Dia while on the other hand her two cousins are really excited and awaiting for the challenge of the big city. Little do they know that her cousin along with her brother Uday, are planning a different kind of welcome for them. Adding to the excitement, the cute boys of college fall in love with Gunjan & Nupur leaving Dia"s not only furious but very revengeful!

What will happen when the small town girls arrive to the city of dreams- Mumbai? How will they cope up with the snobbish behavior of their cousin? Will they be a fit in the college? Will they be allowed to share their affection with the boy?

Grab the excitement, dhamaal, masti, emotions on the brand new show Miley Jab Hum Tum. A story that brings out different elements that shapes the destiny of the 6 protagonists.



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