Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, y will u go 2 watch this movie :

a) itne awards mil rahe hain, kuch to baat hogi
b) india ka brutal depressing side dekhna hai
c) dev patel's amazing
d) SM ka matlab pata lagana hai
e)isme chote jamal ka rol jis bacche ne kiya hai really wo mumbai ki juggi basti se hai....or itna gajab ka act kiya hai bande ne ki mera bas chale to use me oscar dedu....amir kaha adta hai yar..
Hello ji,how r u ?

I saw SM , and felt to share with u, that 1 scene which will make u weep is ,when this gang of bad guys make a liitle orphan boy blind, so this he gets more sympathy, therefore more beekh (alms).

I was torn to see the brothel business, the poverty, the under privileged kids, the mad bad people but what gathered my spirit was the power and strength to survive.

Watch SM to feel "V R BLESSED"
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