Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of my friends who has few relatives in Mumbai
had written few words in respect to the ppl who hav
lost their lives during recent terrorist attacks there.
She wanted me to write her words in my that
they reach u..below are her words...

My Talk With Nature

When I'll be gone, the sun will shine ;
But it'll never shine on that tender grapevine.
When i'll be gone, the rains will fall ;
But it'll never fall, on that eucalyptus so tall.
When I'll be gone, the birds will sing ;
With a weird guilt on their wings.
When i'll be gone, the flowers will blossom ;
But they will never manage to look that awesome.

'Coz if it matters to none, I know it matters to one ;
I'm child of the nature and nature's dear one,
And it's the nature that'll miss me,
'Coz one day it came and on rosy cheeks it kissed me ;
And said, "No matter if I'm sad,
From the sound of guns in the air ;
And everybody knows thats its not very fair.
But My child, when u'll become My part ;
I'll miss you, miss your being apart."

What I cud say ;
Was this way,
"There is just one thing ;
That my dear one should know.
You'll find me at this place I show,
On the diamonds of the dew ;
I'll always glow.
And now my soul will be at ease ;
'Coz it merrily floats in the Eternal Peace."
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