Friday, February 20, 2009


It's a movie with a lot of irregularities..also it is guilty of being over the top..and is definitely illogical in more than one ways..
But still I loved the experience of watching Ghajini..if you haven't watched ghajini here are some reasons why you should watch it

1.although it seems an action packed movie for which aamir had to go through rigorous workouts to justify all the dhishum-dhishum..Ghajini is really a love story at the core of it..a very refreshing..soothing and pleasant love story

2. many people who have seen the movie would tell you that "bahut violence hai yaar" and they would be right..the violence is not only a big part of the movie..its also brutal and 'can't watch it' types also.. but once you understand the relationship between aamir's character and asin's character..the depth the sweetness of their believe that any person would get this mad after losing such a wonderful lover..i am not justifying the violence..but lets just say in filmy eshtyle 'movie ke demand the' :-) it if you are an Aamir khan fan..he is looking awesome..seriously it if you want to know why is everybody talking about the actress Asin it for the songs they look amazing in the film it to find out who or what is Ghajini after all

7.and once you watch it let me did you find the movie..I clearly loved it

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