Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hieeeeeeee dear!!!!!!!!

most of us hav now begun our summer vacations..... n i jus wanted 2 remind u that these can be really interesting..
these days there's a lot of craze 4 summer camps.... certainly they help u grow up n hone ur talents.... but also add a lot of confidence tooooo.

but m actually talking bout, those students... and / or proffessional... who 2 r psending their time @ home wa8in 4 d recession 2 get over!!!!!

i think , let us not allow these days jus pass by coz we probbly make a lot of addions to our resumes and profiles by doing some summer jobs, doing some extra courses, by learning some add on skills. this 'll not only help u get better options after this dark span is over but also u'll b able to fight back d depression if ne... though i think it is not required.another advantage would be the smart answer u'll have as to how creatively n positively u have utilysed ur time.

m i rite???????????
wat say????????

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