Sunday, May 24, 2009


With i-pods rocking in our ears and moblie phones buzzzzzzing in our pockets we think we are the GEN-X. Riding a cool bike with a hot girlfriend we think we are the GEN-X. Wearing low waisted levis jeans with an adidas tee we think we are the GEN-X. But unfortunately a poor boy doesn't wears an adidias tee but barely manages a shirt without patches. A poor boy doesn't rides a cool bike but walks barefoot on the roads, his future leading to nowhere. Should'nt we be ashamed of ourseleves. But no, we arent, infact we proudly call ourselves "YOUNGISTANIS"... Aping the western world we have become so much selfish that we don't even have regards for our own culture. Trying to fit in the shoes of the west is not a big deal but we should keep in mind that we are indians after all. In earlier india a woman had an undue respect, but today she is seen nothing more than a "thing" for enjoyment. The rising rape cases have put a question mark on the freedom of women... And what's the reason for this?? The younger generation women feel that wearing short skirts, see-through tops and all that stuff will make them look modern and fashionable.No doubt, we should move with world... we have every right to look modern..but everything has a limit. There is no road after a deadline. And not only the gals but we guys should also know one thing... " Ek ladki ek khoobsurat phool ki tarah hoti hai, usko saraho par khuclo mat"
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