Friday, May 8, 2009


its amazing the things life throws at you. Wat is it tht they say.. when life throws lemons at you, u can either plant a seed or jus make urself lemonade...!to date, all i hv been doing is looking at teh easier, faster way out.and now, i realise, it can never be tht with relationships. they are long. All consuming. Demanding. and as addictive as a drug could be. even more so.and this has to do with all kinds of relationships. with parents. with siblings. with frdns.and rite now, i guess i am toiling away at my hardest to date... and its amazing teh strenght the person has to put up with all my bull shit, stay wid me unwavering, spoil me rotten - stay inspite of my attempts to push them away, watch me be an ungratefull little wench and still come hug me... and make me love them all teh more.i dont know how my mum does it. but i love her for doing it. truly.
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